Friday, August 19, 2016

plant prescient place power purpose

Up and Down,  and all around.
Within and without.
Life force
Love and Caring,  as aid to growing . 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

service soviergn host

It gets tricky.
Hosting Pagan Rituals.
I don't know any thing directly,
 only My perception at the time,
or more accurately,
 My Memory and reflection of thought.
Bridging People and Place,
Love the Life of the Land.

Friday, August 5, 2016

to bring drink to a King

An unconventional Head of State, refreshed in the end - the Sacred Kings champion in service,
 from The Destruction of Da Derga's  Hostel!

Above all else,  avoid insult.

 Whom do you serve?
How do you serve?
What do you serve?
Old , Old , religious, Loyalty ,Allegiance ,Fidelity, Vocation, Questions.
A thirst for Trust,
Trying to do what is right.
for others.
Seeking Self service is a new commercial, marketing, persuasive,trick.
In a Time without clear and obvious forms and functions, roles to play, imposed upon people by societal structure , order , and tradition,

 Company loyalty is to share holders.
People are valued more as investors, than as facilitators ( labor, management)
Everything is reduced to individual private contracts.
Everyone an independent private contractor.
Searching for financial liquidity.
For themselves,     to stay alive.

Monday, August 1, 2016

continued cultural carbon class climate contrary corporate conflict commerce coments

It seems an ancient part of the cult of skill and mastery is the vilification of the wild!
 untamed ,  uncivilized , uncultured .uncouth.
How ironic,  that Clever Arts and Sophistication in intelligent discourse are rooted in the " put down".
Life is a game- a gamble of risk for reward. you can make a difference , you have to try.
The seeking of advantage, exploitation of opportunity,continuing a tradition of contest, a system belief in the order tied together with work and struggle , and the right to Win,! - as long as you play by the house rules.
The Game is rumored to be Skill and Luck..Choice-Change-Connection
It must follow rules, it must appear to be fair, .so others will join in.
The less experienced are at a disadvantage internally as ranking player members,
 but gain
 relationships as resource , a sense of how the game is played, the outsider and the insider.
confrontational debate, adversarial antagonism- hoot and holler!

When a choice is forced upon you , is it still an expression of informed consent?
 Free Will ?
, voting rights or privilege?
Moral obligation  ?     the way it goes......down.
 Or is it how things are being presented to you?
An illusion rooted in deception ,             there must be a loser,
 a contrasting opposition masquerading as the collective representational agent of Place?
  law of the land.- will of the  House.
Is it not how it has always been?
Power -Control- Game
Who is responsible for the environmental atmosphere of our" skilled culture" and it's" sophisticated" weather forecasts?
science  sell out- it isn't about challenging assumptions and questioning, it is about sponsorship.
 the wild card may exist outside of the game.
Systems may be rigged but everyone is not a cheater,
 as in the ignorant wisdom of troglodyte dances ,of hairy hermits and their club as imagined long ago.

Monday, July 25, 2016

erroneous effigial egregore,anthropomorphic acquiescence,ethnographic epistemology eclipse

 Point of view
We are part of an Ancient Human Habit of giving Things  Names.
Faces and Identity so that We can Share the concept with one another,
 part of a social cycle of recognition and shared understanding and awareness.
this artificial representation takes on the collective influence of those that associate word, form. meaning


It is recognized as foreign, alien, other  .unintelligible, unthinkable,
 not making sense,
outside of what seems to be real, ( reinforced representational symbolism)
 The Power of the Word- Idol-Label-Brand-Party-Concept is in its recognition.
The value judgements associated with it, the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and archetypes
strangely part of the spiritual syntax of a language that has a primal split between
 Good and Bad,
Friend and Enemy,
 Lucky and Unlucky .

I do not promote giving attention to Things by giving them form as a Group when it is not from an appreciative or loving heart.
It is dangerous to have a belief in collective creation that may be indifferent to the hurt and suffering associated with it.
Or feed from it, growing ,
Language of disrespect ,
a contagion of consciousness.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

linguistic determinism , Terroir of touch screen , vestigial vocabulary

Spirit communication between .....different beings, different states of being, different worlds

As a Human practice this becomes a cultural expression, An artificial language, of subjects and objects, describing things and ways as We perceive Them,  in Our environment.

Much of My Feeling of " Pagan " Religion-Spiritual practice is based around Oral Tradition.
The Communication process is more than a collection of words , it is a participation in a event.
The Magic of breath and voice , listening with more than your ears, seeing the expressions of subtlety and nuance that reveal the character, spirit, and meanings of the words.
the emphasis is not in the exact recitation of what words are spoken ,
but how they are spoken.
In a Time before commonly written words each gesture, each presentation and arrangement was significant in meaning.
An appeal to Interpretation and understanding. a live, a living thing.
Story Tellers and  story.

My NeoPagan Spiritual Development does not owe much to an ancient word of mouth tradition, or direct contact with divine beings,
 but ,has grown from two public cultural institutions.
Parks and Libraries            Sharing is their reason for being.
Public Education has only been available for a few generations, the Culture that I am part of -  is profoundly modern- related to more than the language of a People from a particular Place, it is related to the Economic History of Peoples .
Access to space for interaction, collecting and distributing, ideas, promoting inquiry are not part of the ruling dominant class order of the Old World.
These are not part of the Privatization and control mechanisms imposed on society by the Wealthy.
It is not commerce as religion, market as temple.
It is a recent product of a print media culture of literate readers,  responding to the variety of thought, opinion, expression that can be found in the same Language.
Reading and Writing changes the way We Think.
It triggers an old " Us and Them" sense beneath our conscious mind and collective psyche.
There are those that " get it", and those that don't.
Gone is the wink, or nod of recognition.
Commercial Media is Tied to the perpetuation of the Commercial State.
A particular type of story telling that is not based around " truth" and understanding, but persuasion and influence.
The  view that conflict and competition is to be glorified, is not informing the public about the way of things,
It is not a bridge between,  It is a divider.