Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

destination - destiny

Spiritual - Spatial - Navigation                   Special Trade Relationships                          

Sub- Sensory stimulation response- part of Life behavior.
Outside of questions of intelligence , awareness, domination.
Things seek comfort.
Things move over time,
Space perceivers
motion detectors

The distribution and spacing of individuals, clusters, groupings.....

stress placed on the population in decreased market opportunity habitats.
fracturing support networks, undermining sustaining institutions, organs, communities.

Reproduction ritual is an elaborate and costly effort and risk in display.
the critical phase in the generational existence of a individual life form,
 is not in the existence of the individual.

The continuance of a fertility association between the ability for a range of space to be able to provide sustenance and well being for the future generation.
a rate of exchange governed by climate and season.
It is not about thought , ideology, rational or reason.
agents and agency  influence and action ,

 Transceivers of terrestrial bound life response to extra terrestrial energy
Part of a extra dimensional distribution complex.
Community of indirect correlations,conspicuous coincidences,
curious coordination,creative continuity, communication craft.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

upward mobility ,achievement progress

observational awareness
 directional sense of where you are at -- where you have been
seeking to better the condition
improve upon the situation
perception and vantage point

I was reminded of the ( Kiss principal ), " keep it simple stupid "by the original Arch-Druid of the organized religious group he had founded, when I last saw Him, as He was living his last.

That was some time ago.
I knew him some time before that.

Group and Grouping
Perhaps the essential directive, in the habit,  of Neo Pagan Druid Ritual,
 that I have chosen to associate with over the years,
 is one of sharing and display of respect and appreciation,
We do not have to do it.

We Like to do it,    it brings us closer


A group formation or shape based on function,
 inspiration as opposed to obligation.
It is not about requirements,or being made to conform in word , action ,belief or understanding.
It is not about gathering in a singularity of rightness or truth and purpose.
 It is not about Domination.
It is not about membership.
.It is not about certainty.
Ownership or control.
Comparative competition,responsibility ,ranking or privilege 
Seeking institutional  recognition of superiority, advantage is not the way to encourage group

 Safety and entrapment

The Way Out



Free to care,  to focus attention and love,

 Free to come and go.

Voluntary Contribution
Gift - Sacrifice- offering


Monday, May 29, 2017

directional movement observed

                           How things stand now
                                                                               Look in depth

Friday, May 26, 2017

acquired associative representations " acquiredassociativerepresentations"

Courage / Convenience
contrast - climb - clarity
Claim Celebration
Culture Connection
People Place Protection
Home- Land
Group Identity
Slippery slope of self conscious styling to conform to social stereotype.
Synchronous sentient search serendipity  
Language Location Love
continuous threat assessment of the collective cultural subconscious
 resource awareness, selective sympathy , social anxiety, nurturing protectionism,
seduced by simplistic separatist or supremacist spiritual schisms ..
Out of the way,  hard to find, difficult to get at
Pride - Place - Person hood
Sense of belonging
Service- duty- function
in irregular outcroppings
 particularly peculiarly prominent
Share  and know Natures Love symbols ,avoid society's symbols of Hate.
traveling tokens of connectivity
Bloom and bunch and being
Emphasis on the up.
Discovery in the heights.
placed on Heart or Head.
carried with you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

targeted empathy

Getting to know
special attention
simply repeat
regular reach out
focus and feel

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Up Keep

to care for
A collective  cultural belief in the magic of mending, of weaving, of fixing and joining.
The ins and outs- ups and downs,
Regular rounds,
Repetition Habit,
relating to the Honoring of the connecting point shared.
in touch