Thursday, December 20, 2018

access egress

The way between interior and exterior dimension,
 reflection on surface ,door,home,mind

connector container,
 open and closed,
enter and exit,
 in and out

Friday, December 14, 2018


Best to begin with the idea that there is more than one thing to express reverence and gratitude to in this life.

The Gods and not gods that make up the group honored as Kindred Spirits most often exist outside of normal awareness,imaginations or beliefs of  worshipers.

They are not beings as wished for, or a chosen group of favorite things to own and direct.

They do not require sacrifice devotion or recognition to be  naturally occurring spirit family.

Their individualization of will, Their thoughts, Their actions, Their voice are their own.

There is no need for implied contracts,swearing of oaths, making vows and keeping promises.


 An imperfect connection with imperfect knowledge exists,  that some how,
 acts of Appreciation - Kindness- Love - Caring are able to cross space and time.

spirit encouragement has value between beings, between worlds,between ages.

The sincerity of the source of expression is the vital element of the form and composition of the energy spirit feeling exchange flow.

Complementary resonance may or may not be reciprocated with the free will and unique styling of  Kindred Spirits or other spirit agents.

Important to mean what you say, and say what you mean without words, if the expression compromises or corrupts the authentic exchange between spirits -  distorts intention from affection to influence or entrapment, the imperfect connection with imperfect knowledge is itself not respected.


The holidays,  the religions,  the rituals,  the words ,
 the practices are not the original expression of  individuals, but the habits of groups of people.

It is not in an of itself the direct full experience of personal connection,
 but a socially acceptable stylized approximation,
 a reminder that becomes tradition ,collected, bundled  and passed on as group thought,group action, group voice, group will.

With it claims of special  access or favor by participating and contributing to sustaining the standards of the tradition.

  The importance of the "deal" as part of group spiritual practices is more about  human understanding and comfort than a specific near perfect exclusive relationship dynamic with the spirit world.

    Claiming to know.


I find myself identified as a priest in a religion that to me is about,     "Getting to know".
I focus on repeated group holiday ritual experience as being the opportunity to reintroduce,  remember...

It begins with Loving this Whole World.

All of the planetary anatomy and composition, layers of minerals, numerous gases, moving waters.

All of the Life and Living that takes place , that has taken place,


All the struggles, All the storms, All of the centuries, Home for us all.

It is an honor to live, to move about on this land, to breath the air, share of it's water.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

above- below/ahead-behind

 Appreciate the control of  attention and awareness.

 The foundational principals of human perception and behavior are not based upon agreed  rational logical conclusions of learned authority,
 but the basics of human physiology and the individuals sense of self mastery in the limitations of circumstance and mortality.

the gift we have been given.
by the great givers.
an inner mind and personal will.

Sun-sleep - soul _ spirit
Untouchable sources, moving energies that transform reanimate relocate.

Predestined outcomes may be linear , in the sense that you  end up over there,
  between  now and then are  directional conscious and unconscious influences on paths around and through the apparent singularity of a living growing ageing  bodily experience.

promoting appreciation  kindness respect through simple acknowledgment and recognition,
offerings of attention and awareness of relationship between things,within things, around things.

relating subjects and objects to one another
sacred observation
ritual devotion
expressions of reverence and returning to the sources of blessing.

Friday, November 30, 2018

stones and stars sing subtly but persistantly

The oldest remains of peoples actions are the deposits from the manufacturing of stone tools.

Early settlements are often determined by what they left behind, signs of habitation, fire pit, butchered bones.

People developed special ways and places to make a resting place or home for honoring and visiting
peoples bones.

The spaces that remain,
 of a time generations removed from the language we understand,
 were orienting their subterranean construction,
 by watching the sky.
The same sky, the same land exist before there are eyes that have grown to see it.
The same sky, the same land witness our life effort as part of our being.
We share Time together.
They will always be around.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

repeating myself

Inside – outer wear- there

Resting places, returning points, occupational standards for life forms in three dimensional spaces?

Or anatomical features of a living system that we inhabit?
 In the Habit of inhabiting
Are all observable objects and phenomenon not accurately described in whole,
 if we consider them  as being encapsulated by the perceptive field of the beholder?
More than meets the eye.
The Eye that meets the More.
Not just the habit of looking, but what and  how you look,
as well as how you think you look to others while looking at things,
and your awareness of that aspect in a social cultural context can alter and affect what can be seen in a object or subject.
Experience is more than the sum of time and space and sensory stimulation.
It is the shared awareness of the responder from within.
This involves context the third person unseen, environmental influencers, feelings associations
Understandings, unconscious habitual patterns that can be confused and characterized as part of the body that is self identity ego unique person hood and recognizable spirit  

Discovery is not the same as finding what you are looking for.
Things are not appreciated honored or respected when they are expected to appear or behave as you wish them to.
The natural world as quantified and qualified in description and relationship is real .

Light clear understood safe / dark  possible  wonder dream
( not all that is real )magic realities exist,unexplained uncanny unknown persist.

Science is real, science is physical projection of thought and mind into theory into places we cannot directly access, except through imagination , a process of testing novelty against standards.
A Life Spirit of it's own,as practiced by people, as a discipline and focus for work, the crafting of attention and caring.
 looks like a religion to me, certainly a temple of veneration.learning, what an idea!spirits of invention.

A Love of the describers of the described? A passion for description. Resonating with a sense of truth beyond one’s own observations, an externalized decision  judgment facility – displaced spirit seat of the beholder
The explained rational comforting truth and trust spirit antenna is traditionally oriented to the sun and the day productivity work industry agriculture manufacturing, trade commerce accomplishment achievement agenda awareness with its collective concerns for contracts , promises prayers reciprocal symbol gift exchange and the special nature of the deal. the encouragement  of belief or faith in system order or class of animal vegetable or mineral its worth determined by its use, subject to weight and measurement contents labeled and prepared for distribution and eventual consumption. 

Material world belief is based around what humans can make from spirit less or useless material.
The technological is the super natural made reality, so is ART.
not easily understood by its appearance but what it can do.
Human expression
the sacred  tool and what comes out through it, 
The Habits and ways of coming into being,
where out comes, are unseen.
Magic in  work.
surprise inside.
sunrise outside.
Spirit World
no experience necessary
apply within 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I asked as an afterthought

I asked as an afterthought, as she was packing up to leave.
“Do you still have the bag, that you brought His ashes here, with you now? “
Taking her down the weird basement stairs,
 Narrow awkward individual brightly colored steps,
The wooden treads paint wearing away in the center.
 Careful to tell her,
“Don’t trust the hand rail! It’s loose at one end.”
Passing by the dusty old marimba, the drum kit and stray cat poo,
My personal private magic work place, Lies just ahead and below.
A mass of objects and offerings,
A heap of devotional stuff piled up in the corner,
Composed and arranged, aligned and configured.
Tools and traps, bottles and boxes, vessels and containers, not presented for ordinary display.
Erratic particulars reassembled tangled transposed trophies of my temple of one.
Layered activity, legacy of deposit, idols that are not idle.
Many shelters within shelters, homes within homes, worlds within worlds.
The place of my monthly mound journeys of late, and the special healing prayers that pop up.
He never posted to the private list about his personal experience, but he contacted me personally about what I had shared, and how I was sharing on the private list.
I greatly appreciated what he had to say to me, it encouraged my sense and sensitivity of sacred sharing.
The substance and subject embodied in ceramic caricature,
Crystal spheres, copper wired in the sockets of my oracular head of the ancient wise.
She had come up for the equinox this year, his memorial was last.
She had left bits of his ash in a few of my sacred spots developed on the land,
Now I hoped she would rub the bag on the top of the head, pointing out the inter locking circles of Isaac’s magic, doing my best to explain the additional patina and luster this offering- this action brings into being.