Tuesday, July 16, 2019

devout observational devotion observing

perceptual conditioning and group behavior are linked.
a shared quality of anticipating and wanting a future result that is hoped or wished for.

                           ! Desire I See ! See Desire I ! I See Desire !

the manipulation of the behavior of life forms by appealing to the senses of  other life forms is the stock and trade of mother nature herself.

enchantment and illusion are part of the influence of the directing other.
Some knowledge of  attraction and desire outside of the individual blossom and bee.

Some working system, integrated intelligent enveloping patterned horizon

Groupings of various things interact and settle in over generations,
learning how to live and grow ,
 due to function and form .
 an apparent axis of Tradition and Novelty in an attempt to keep up with the Times.
Communicate beyond...
Learn from the Stars,
Listen to the the Dead,
what has been...
way back when......
it goes far back.

My  work is a product of how I view the world and how I preserve and value memory.

finding comfort, knowledge and blessing,
 for the arrangements and clusters of groupings,
 that are representative and repetitive,
of  the forms and shapes ,interacting in a greater surrounding recognition of idea.

Symbol sense combination code,
 safely shared,  somehow stored , somewhere beyond single sensitivities and self.
The interpretation is relative,
The intention is key,

A true love of things as they are ,

 not  expectations.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

climate craft

Expressions of Reverence and Gratitude may be seen as cultural constructions that are an overlay of preexisting patterns seemingly inherit beneath the understandings and comprehensions of language.

Anticipating empathy, predicting interaction, receptivity capacity reacting, responding to recognition.

 A Symbol Story Structure System that is the way that sense is made of what is sensed.

A Place that exists between feeling and awareness of individuals that is raw and uncultured.

A Space that exists beyond interior wilderness and celestial indicators......

                ....... beneath identity, self, art and culture of peoples ........

The presence of a number of Spirit Agencies associated with living and dying things,

                                                                     of this world.

Religion as a Cultural Artifact is inherently a Political - Social expression.

People are Given the World and it"s Life to use as they see fit by the authority of story telling traditions that put an emphasis on human interest.

A pan cultural bias toward collectively valuing the distributor of gifts.
fixing symbol to interpretative appetite - the Spirits feed from what is Made.

Culture-Industry-Technology-Economy - Mythology
relating to super human controlling forces and influences,
and our place, in relationship to them.  

Monday, July 1, 2019

form constants and allied phenomenon

uncommon bonds
point of reference
reverence for,
appreciation of,
shared moments
spiritual company
special times

memory based , emotion associated shared thread of perception in a broader tapestry of existence.

Friday, June 21, 2019

outside - round

There are many containers, themselves made up of many containers.

Sacred - Spaces of sorts = Special things with boundaries and ports.

Limits to what they can hold within,

Limits to how much they can expand,

Limitations that unify and polarize,

Contained in the interconnections of containers.

Collectively  contrasting contents character

with what is perceived beyond,

outside of the container we find ourselves in,

unrestrained from the center we spring from.

The Limits are what hold us all together,

The Limits divide this from that,

The Limits give us something in common.

Limits give us something in common with the UNCOMMON.

                               -- " --

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The place I did not know when I began

Surprised to find myself referenced in a published book that I had no knowledge of.
Purchased used,  on- line ,
 it arrived on Earth Day.

I am identified as the Chief Artificer ,  designer of the Druid Nematon ,
on the very same page number that matches ,
 My ADF membership ID#?

Published the year that I had began a relationship with My Own Property.

The books subtitle," Contemporary Pagans and the Search for Community"!

My words first written by the, "News from the Mother Grove" editor, and placed in the context of a larger narrative work by a Language Artist  unknown to Me, a few Years later.

My concept of Sacred Space is a place that is cut off and made separate and special,
 different from normal use and activity,
unusual in that ease and accessibility,  function and utility are questioned by the unobservant.

Little makes sense and is obvious, odd home of the others, out of the way or hidden.
carefully approached, respectfully entered, realm of mystery and wonder.

Exclusive container  - Sacred enclosure

not the place for normal dealings ,with normal beings.
It can not be a space  for any body and everybody to do anything at.

Where is the normal Human Garbage from occupying the space?

The Priestly task of cleaning and clearing,
 precedes any ritual presentation and depositing of offerings,
 in the creation and maintenance of Sacred Space .

It  is not the hosting and facilitating of gathered group worship.
It is not the control of directors and programs,counsels or committees.
It is not subject to our rule,
It is not object of our possession.

 The Book was published  a couple years after My Wife and I were Married Mid Summer with community, now twenty Years passed....
 no longer a Senior Druid of an ADF grove,
a Year before I was to become an ADF Priest .
My work, My Sacrifice, My Art of Sacred Space applied at  a new Home,
growing into a fraction of what is recorded above,
The extended family, of interaction ,of playful arrangement and composition appreciation;
 an awareness of environment surroundings.
                                                        SACRED SPACE

Belonging is not in membership, but being contained within.

Friday, June 14, 2019

trying to get out of your own work

I am trying to back out of shot , about two thirds of the way through this Video,

 that my Son made for Me,  with his phone,  of My Sacred Grove,  or My Nematon.

Mine in the sense that I am the only person who has worked on making the space .

I had wanted to record the seasons new growth, untended winter into spring .

This is the place I did not know when I began .

Mountainside morning Sun

River down East

Stone up North

I alone have dug this well.

I carved the channels and ditches with my hands, shovel and pry- bar.

I raised up the Earth and stacked the Stone.

I heaped up mud and clay, sod and loam.

I planted Sweet Flag outside of the inner circle.

I have assembled and constructed  the center.

This is the place I did not know when I began.

This is  My Son's camera work ,

Beginning at the sacred groves entrance facing the setting sun.

Monday, June 10, 2019

center from below looking up


Drawing from a base broader than experience and imagination of individuals or groups,

Questionable foundations  may be the common theme in animal and plant response and movement.

Truth is deeper than our knowledge of it,

 Balance response takes place beneath the controlling awareness of the individual.

All Things can be disoriented by adjusting their perception of where they are in relation to everything else.