Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cardinal Virtues- tripartate division , outsider omission, trifunctional hypothesis of social class, tripartate definition of knowledge , the fourth estate

Almost finished painting of the four cardinal Virtues

Concepts of 
The "State", Estate, Order are based upon Social Realities of inheritance- what is passed on- a continuation.
Body- Soul-Spirit
Belief-Truth-Justification ,  Plato's"Knowledge". 
  Rational-Spirited -Appetittive , Plato's Tripartite social divisions
Sovereignty - Military -Productive
Three of the Virtues are representative "Favorites" of one of the Three Groups, with the Fourth equally Neutral.     Justice wears the Crown.
The basis of value judgement,,,,,,,,,,,,thumbs up, or down, authority of , fair or foul?

The Three estates of the realm,
Oratores - those who pray -  Clergy
Bellatores - those who fight -  Nobility
Laboratores - those that work -  Commoners

Lords Spiritual
Lords Temporal
The Commons



The notion of the border , the body, the realm is not only one of ownership, but descriptive of its function, its cycles and workings, Trade groupings,structures,ways of life.
More than descriptive physical Objects.
The Social opportunity Manipulation of Class System
is how the Ruling Order has imposed Tax .
A Traditional Tri-functional  way of assessing the worth and value of something for Monarchs.

Three rival castes brought together by a unifying Lateral symmetry!
The Stuff of Legends!
The necessity of Governance!
The Mythic Origin of Hierarchy !
Justice - Judgement- fairness from above- Rule and Right.
Not  a part of the Body, but directing it,
whispering in left and right ears.......

What about the Homeless? The Slaves? The Out laws? The Nobodies?
Societies Unseen ,Excluded Class ? Upward mobility?
Flamen - Brahman - Druid - Priest the referees of competitive warrior aristocracy of  ancient regimes.
The age of Republics is one of urbanization, Empire, The Cardinal Virtues, expanded with the Theological Virtues are promoted in Religion and Lodges.
Deism , Common Sense, Society of the Jacobins, friends of Freedom and Equality.
Thermidorian reaction.
They say past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior,
Trying to live a Virtuous Life.


Standing with the Sun on My Back, and a Poster between My Knees, I held My Phone above My Head

Stand Up against Oligarchy!

Friday, September 9, 2016


 One of My contributions to the collective volunteer Newsletter" Metro-Druid Nuz", 
The fairly regular publication of Green Man Grove ADF in the early Nineties,
My Druid Priestly point of reference is centered primarily on the time spent participating in Seasonal Group Ritual.
The planning and facilitating of worship service - group are not to take priority over the giving of Our attention to.......... The Real Deal.

It is a Mistake to think that Administration and policy making are Spiritual goals for everyone.
It may be wrong to encourage, the Idea that Art and Religion are about Self Expression.
Self Identity and ego get in the way of things, like interpersonal gnosis,or trans-dimensional osmosis.
We are the creators of Our Contributions.
Our Care and attention must be focused on intent, arrangement and composition.
We are bundling words, Making associations,putting it out there.     Offerings
Feeling as though others must consume, and respond, as you direct them to,  is not the way;
 Sorry to those that think it's their calling, or worse, their duty.
The Limitations of Sacred Time and Space restriction is what provides definition of what is, and is not.
Our opinions,comments,have nothing to do with it.
"It", being the actual content of Our contribution to the collective Dream-Prayer-Wish.
" It" not seeking the validation of numbers to make change, find mass acceptance,or gain popular support.
" It" has a select audience, free to accept or reject or ignore "It".
"It" is not comfort in conformity or constructive criticism, communication compromise.
Comparing the concepts of the  Crown and the crudity of common a Cosmic context.
Archived computer communication does not reflect the "best" of our thoughtful and passionate relationship with..............The Real Deal.

Friday, September 2, 2016

reclusive exclusive

" Law is the science which inoculates the difference between right and wrong,
which enables us to assert the one and to prevent, punish,or redress the other;
a science that employs in its theory the noblest faculties of the soul;
and exerts in its practice the cardinal virtues of the heart;
which is universal in its  use and extent,
and accommodated to each individual but adapted to the whole community."

The Right Honorable Louis "honest" Perrin, .....I  think.

A search engine self search took me to a digitized copy,
 of the Saturday,January seventh, nineteen o five edition of,
The Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal.
contained within the name Sir Bryan Perrin
Mark Perrin, the eldest son of Louis Perrin
"had never married and his Title and Family Property devolved
 upon his next Brother now Sir Bryan Perrin."

obituaries.......... and the internet, the Lorentz Force and telepathy
Lie'nard - Wiechert potentials, and  Time travel?
Strange relationships.................I think.
What about the cardinal virtues of My Heart- the faculties of My Soul?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

arbitrary awkward advanced alliteration affectation

 accommodating accusatory alarm awareness awakens awkward antipathies.
antagonist adversary administration adulterated audience addresses airing atrocities arrangement.
alternative announce anterior axioms adventure arouses angers asymmetrically around average art argument!
 alienating authority as antiquated,  arrogant arbitration army attacks apotropaic anomaly anticipated! activists acquire aura armor annually attracting algorithms atonal appetite allegedly  appearing apoplectic apparitions addicted allergic associations accumulating agents articulating arguments altruistic aid advise augmented augury analysis anatomy alters alignments alleviate apprehension administer autocratic alibi approve adjourn approach appeal    

autodidact abolitionist  advocating acceptance affection attention  application all around! Amused?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

wheeley <> dealey

It has been speculated that the root of Pagan Religion is relating to the natural cycles that routinely take place.
Knowledge and comfort were found in the expectation of preparedness of the coming Day or Season.
A regular rhythm that sets a standard of notions of activity , productivity , progress.
How things work.
The way things are.
Continuity of wisdom, in cycles of inter relatedness.
yesterday and tomorrow.
Experiential bite sized morsels , that life is designed to chew on and digest.
This sense of order- purpose- meaning was not based upon artificial constructs.
 but an observation of Naturally reoccurring phenomena.
 A common, shared, built in responsiveness, to our environs, activity and rest.
Reaffirming this understanding, provides the basis of  well rounded characterization,
 Being and Wholeness, coupled with appreciation.
 of the depth, texture,subtlety,variety, possibility  of every thing and every moment.

The connection between stimulation and information extends beyond individual beings .
The security of first hand experience,  of the familiar,  or common occurrence,
 is inseparable from the sharing of story about the unusual or fantastic.
 It is this indirect account of Mythic, Mystic.Magic experience that the odd and eccentric  shadow of unexplained unknowing is recognized as existing .  Sympathy of the Strange.Rumor and Religion
Often extravagantly improbable,
 apparently willful intelligent forces  that manipulate the long and twisted threads of indirect connection. avoiding and evading the comparative language of size and shape - time and space,
 It is weird , and we are in the middle of it,
   it is in the middle of us,
 or so I've been led to believe,      in a non linear way


Friday, August 19, 2016

plant prescient place power purpose

Up and Down,  and all around.
Within and without.
Life force
Love and Caring,  as aid to growing . 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

service soviergn host

It gets tricky.
Hosting Pagan Rituals.
I don't know any thing directly,
 only My perception at the time,
or more accurately,
 My Memory and reflection of thought.
Bridging People and Place,
Love the Life of the Land.