Wednesday, July 11, 2018

transient technology depiction truth trade

see what I see?
The written word evolved from the drawn symbol.
The ability to record light and sound is a recent achievement of humanity.
with it came the magic of , time trap, trust trip,
 impression of the keeping.
a thing that can be looked at or listened to again and again, whenever you want.
a posession
-consumer driven popular imagination-
+majority rule contemporary fantasy+
a product made, for you to spend some time with.
a creation that has associations with " belief ".
a predictable definable experience.
a direction of the awareness of another unknown.

very different than
the independent existence of "races"of ancient spirit beings
 that are part of Our Environs naturally - normally unseen
they have the power to make things,including themselves " appear" other than they are.
A description of a unusual phenomenon, a non-human intelligence.
the lucky or unlucky circumstances, coincidence ,consequence, characterized.
"you wont believe what happened." 
encounter with unexplained sights and sounds
story shared discreetly , or sensationally ,
 attributed to activities of  moving spirits
a direction of the awareness of another other unknown.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

traditional representation enclosure

Artificial limitations, conceptual borders that have come to be recognized.

the process of claiming space and associated meaning.

symbol-metaphor - portrait - name - category
appearance - ownership-safe keeping
 contents - containment - control - cornered

proportion parallel person property power placement  possession pallet privatization
what is inner or outer
sacred divisions- frame work- dimension
surrounding definition habit
self image and identity, place in relationship to composition
to be part of the form, a body of light and shadow,
mystery exercise of surface illusion mastery.

Monday, June 25, 2018

regularly repeated referencPEACE of multitudes over many years

Add captioPEACEn
ritual performance appealing to the good humor of others
clowns that teach, fools who  forget comedy and cruelty are close cosmically.
jokes can heal,or hurt.
levity is often an expression of defiance of ill circumstance, or the control and containment culture - class oppression,religious persecution,spiritual counter revolutionary, free thinking freely spoken ilk. 
transposing thought through technology and technique  of the time.
FUN and FUNNY are fairly claimed feel good magic powers.
They exist outside of our sense of personal self boundary. yet tickle or touch a feeling within our inner body or mind.
Our Spirit
Our Soul
a pathway of feeling exists between us.
lets keep it gentle, 
learn from laughter.
enjoy the play in how you pray.
finding joy
comfort, blessing ,knowledge

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

special sympathetic synchronicity saturates surrounding symmetrical synthesis

                    sure, somehow, symbiotic sharing supports systems structurally, spiritually 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

fulcrum foundation fertility

free will - fate
agency  - order
choice - chance
individualization - design
 balanced perception involves,
 - a point -
 of reconciliation between extremes, real and imagined.....

"no springs- honest weight"

There are those that seek to tip the scales...
those that set the scales...
and those that make the scales...

seeking leverage - socioeconomic  pry bar brawl basis - simple machine -seeks to flip structure
undermining the individuals belief that they have the ability to judge what is center,
 view point control is mind control, illusion and manipulation.control of center sense.

footsteps in fringe and field
that which interconnects  out of body , held in hands
balanced ,barefoot,briefly,burdened,
 on the
body of this
 our Earth.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

knowing - to - get

Seems to me, that there is a flip side to the magical gift exchange that is ,

" getting - to - know ".

A process of feeling,and familiarity that is most directly related to the memory and unconscious discovery, not the willful directed intelligence of the present observer.

The intention is reversed when a party is seeking knowledge, expecting to attain a preconceived outcome for a reason.

something in the "atmosphere " of the encounter has reversed spin, like high pressure and low pressure.

Culturally we respond to one with a sense of loss , the other with gain.

selfless sacrifice - self interest

Marketing and Mortality
Magic and Manipulation

Thursday, May 24, 2018

hold on - let go - welcome - thanks

Encourage the repeated habit of direct observation for genuine understanding.
Assist in the coupling of connection,
 and promote the appreciation and gratitude expressed for that relationship.

The formation and circulation of knowledge is a matter of time...
Many accumulated experiences, many perspectives,
The changes, the challenges, the currents, the coincidence, the consciousness.

A prearrangement for rearrangement
getting - to - know