Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our impact on others- awareness and unawareness

I was driving down a familiar road close to Home, a routine route easily traveled with little traffic.
My attention on My vision, movement, Life on either side of the road up ahead.
I live in a wonderful place, the sight of Neighbors walking their dogs is becoming more common place as the area becomes more populated with People.The variety of Wild life is amazing, groups of Deer,
Wild Turkey , Crows and Buzzards commonly pass or cluster in the places that People have claimed for Themselves.
Bear,Fox, Coyote,Fisher Cat live with Porcupine ,Opossum,Raccoon,Beaver,Woodchuck, along with Toad and Turtle, a sampling of community, road kill scattered in Our territory.
Sensitivity to the actions, habits and behaviors of other Living things Spiritually enrich Me.
  Feeds My Soul.

My Attention and awareness was pulled from the event horizon unfolding before Me.
A  Grey Squirrel had been foraging out in the field,  far out and ahead,  on My left,
 the cautious and deliberate zig- zag abruptly stops ,
It sits Up,  Looks directly at the Prius, and seems to make eye contact with Me.
It was an Impossible distance, and a uncharacteristically Squirrel ,Rabbit, Mouse  long straight line  endurance dash..
Yet I could see in that Squirrels eye the look of a person hoping to catch a bus, There was a clear telepathic exchange between Us at over a hundred Yards. My No!! , don't you do it!!! was rebuffed with an explosive break down the hill and across the field, directly at Me. I had Time to brake and slow,not believing what I am seeing as this Squirrel races toward Me, undaunted by the expanse of terrain between us.
It was determined, despite all of My will and skill with My technology, doing My Best to control My vehicle and avoid a collision,bringing My movement to a temporary rolling crawl, to no avail.

Some how The Squirrel got beneath Me, made contact with one of the back tires .
I told the story to my Son, driving back from school that day turning to night.
Slowing down at the place, with My high beams on, showing him the form of the winner of the race, the contest of wills.There was nothing gruesome about the Body, no sign of injury, the pose was more athletic, heroic than tragic or accidental.
 As common as the experience  is, what you take away from it drifts into the uncommon. I had barely sketched from memory the, Grey Squirrel dead on the Road in My Journal the next Day when I started the Watercolor Painting. It's a habit of Mine. It has to come out of my  Mind- Body-Spirit,My way of sharing what is going down,  to Get it Out.

I had My Wife post a picture of the painting from Her I-phone on Social Media when it was finished, the place where people find contact with others these days, unfamiliar territory for Me,I haven't raced or placed the roads of activity and behavior as routinely as Most People .My Son has grown up in this same Home on the same road yet he has been interacting with an electronic reality , A Environmental awareness that The Squirrel and I are unaware of,or otherwise oblivious to.How essential is the reflex to return to the safe place?
To combine urgency, alarm,preservation, action,movement. what is random? what is predictable?what is Habit? Where is Habitat? Instinct for seeking security-comfort is second nature to what We All do.

Creating a forum to assess if a work- experience or event is of consequence or relevance, It's " Impact". is a
drive down collective prejudice, the right of way blinders of  being that are built into a precognitive response attached to a nervous system and inner voice, Dream- Dreamer at one end ,and Discovery at the other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

nutrition repetition cycle

information and source,  taste and appetite, dietary divisions,  food and distribution, water and life
wishes and prayers

Monday, November 21, 2016

witness-collaborator-non local conscious

Paradox of circumstance
It seems impossible for the observer to not have an influence on the apparent actions of a subject of it's attention- expectation-association.
The third person objective view point is a projected out of self feeling or sense, out of body awareness.
The vision of the imaginative inner eye seems to draw from the well of memory.
relating to what has been , what is , and what will be.
Story is the medicine
 Self is a ghost           

More than body and mind we are pattern.                                                    

Thursday, November 17, 2016

autonomous assembly - hetrogeneous non physical Spirit forms patterns

Structural anatomy of the the formless, fluid,moving,spirit, energy. attention awareness simplified

Monday, November 7, 2016

Memorializing Human Sacrifice of Life, Winged Goddess of Victory , Soverignty and the State in symbol and spirit.

Collecting the souls of the brave from the battle field .
There is a socially reinforced concept that Our life, Our Soul or Spirit takes on a unique character when it is given up for something more than individual self interest.
Dying for a cause, martyred for a reason, things that carry with them a special sacred gift of intent and purpose, will and direction,
A lingering action and affect on the world and the living that needs to be remembered, recounted.
Give Thanks
Show Respect
Honor Peace

Thursday, November 3, 2016

" Offer Up Praise! "

Wayland abducting Beahilda,  in flying Bird apparatus.
The Shared directional mode of delivery,
 in Sacred Space, of the Practice, of the Organization, that calls Me a Priest,
 is one of uplifting expression, kind words about a broad and perhaps unknowable diversity of Spirits.

At the Heart of the matter is not knowledge or mastery of various Spirits or Ways, but the intent and desire to  avoid putting down, insulting and offending in the Name of Our Sacred Practice,Space, Organization.

Or in My case,  Sacred Habit that I picked up from the Organizations Ritual Behavior.
A Neo Pagan Positive Attitude.
The Earth does not seem to Love or Believe in her Worshipers any more than her detractors
The Sun, Like wise shines on all! it will continue to rise without  devotion.
I'm OK with that, I love them all the same..... maybe more
I do not seek to judge the reciprocity of relationship as a Sacred Ritual Binding Practice .
The trick truce trip of trust to trap.

 Love is not based on the rational principals of obligation, but the deep seated inner urge to express appreciation for Things!
The unanticipated complement, unexpected bonus are Magically Special and significantly different than the fulfillment of some social contract.
The Message being, that offering good intentions in kind words of simple recognition can have a significant affect on others and how we all get along, regardless of what one expects to receive in return for their contribution.
It is a Voluntary gift! an offering, not a paid fee....or even suggested donation,
Free         no strings attached.         Special            Sacred               you can do it all the time

Ironic that the organizations Priest Programs are promoting the objectifying  of Sacred Ritual Performance abilities into quantifiable and qualify-able data for comparison and analysis .
An association of critical judgement by authority/ group and Sacred purpose in examining and declaring the unworthiness or irrelevance of contributions, or offerings of others.
keeper of Group Spiritual Standards
Authorized inspector general.
Protection? Profession?Profusion?    Positive behavioral reinforcement?
           It's not praise, I don't feel it is priestly,
 in the way I have come to that concept,  through participating in the Organizations Sacred Ritual Practice, with others, for many Years.

In fact, the thought of bringing people together and combining group acceptance and individual testing,
" putting people on the spot," in the name of Religion,  or the Holy,  making people feel uncomfortable,
  or unworthy,  is the opposite of the Neo Pagan Positive Public I associate with,
 the driving force that powers our Ritual activities- what I have learned to believe is good and makes things go.                                      

     A Spiritual Foundation in  the Showing of Respect

A reverent creative worship of inspired action, prayer, ritual appreciation.
Promoting and encouraging the expressions of the beauty blessing and benefit we find outside of our Selves. 

Myself, I am extra sensitive, Personal Safety and the collective construction of Odometers for the Spiritual Journeys of others is potentially or essentially risky and wrong, to make someone trust as a test of their devotion or loyalty to an Organization is a common mechanism for group bonding, a special relationship within the group, an old part of the negative neo pagan private that has not been part of the Spiritual Energy Work or Religious Training recognition I have been involved with.
I have heard rumors in the dark. Groups that get together, to Worship the Group, each other...

The difference is in the coupling,  the joining,  the bond, the integrity

The Making and the Taking
force and flight

Peace , Love and Learning

 seasons greetings

Friday, October 28, 2016

between seperate realities

Light house stairwell remembered
 Been Before Been?
 Interior passage,Spatial Temporal Memory movement,
consciousness ascending - descending awareness attention,
floating perception,suspended disbelief.
controlled ordered steps continuing one after the other
Directed action, One of Two ways....
Up or Down
Vertebrae stacked connecting one to the other
Spirit Signals, Polarized Path
safety rails
 view ports
All around View
Waking Birth Primal Memory?
Guided Meditation?
A common shared perception that singularities have ends ?
Opposite sides, a fact of Nature, Symmetry the Language of Life?/Death?
 A forgotten memory of the feeling of the first question?

"where am I ?"

Familiar Instinctual Cosmic Autopilot has a Spirit level that has a bubble that separates up from down.
A  sense of Balance, Fairness, direction.
Out of Body Navigation is related to our physiology, As our Will is related to our Body and its directed action,
 The Spirit and Soul complex that We individually embody is a largely subconscious,or predestined form.
It certainly is not to be confused with how we feel about ourselves and our lives, or what legacy we leave behind.
Within every Body is a Spirit that is so intimate as to be unknown, untouchable.
A Returning Being Within
Vertical  Axis