Saturday, December 31, 2016

Threes of lots

"Contrary to opinions in some quarters, genuinely nasty spirits are rare, but ones with weird senses of humor are fairly common!"
Isaac Bonewits, Authentic Thaumaturgy,  page seven under the column" Some fair warnings" .

this, that, other    
Free Will, Attention, Awareness, Focus, Caring
together with
Fate, Destiny,Karma, Circumstance
Life, Death, Rebirth


Thursday, December 29, 2016

part of the infinite and eternal

phone camera pic- bare feet on penthouse terrace with sketch filter

places and spaces
inside outside- real and imagined

interior exterior
World View is not our own
most knowledge is not first hand experience
Wisdom a collection of stories, truths and discoveries of others.
perspective and picture, presentation and perception
polarized program persists promoting people place private public parts protection payment problem
primary promissory prayer power play puzzle propaganda protagonist placement particulars propagate
preposterous punitive pressure perverts possibility potential progress prerogative property pattern  
It is not direct contact with the earth and what is natural, - what we think we know.
Artificially formed and constructed place we identify with, closer to where we think we are.
borders and orders, overlays and lines, profound pretend popular planning produce personal picture
point of reference, part of it all     

old embossed dictionary of  U S history cover

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Turning and returning- site of convergence-Temporal Spatial

 Behold! Remember! Discover!
Tangent cylinder in motion within

ascending azimuth localization pathway
medial nucleus of the trapezoidal body
awareness    attention   idea

Hello              again
It is good to see you
It is good to hear from you
It is good to feel you near.

Friday, December 16, 2016

crave coherent cryptic candor

ᛔᚱᛇᚨᚾ ᛈᛖᚱᚱᛁᛀ

Sunday, December 11, 2016






Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our impact on others- awareness and unawareness

I was driving down a familiar road close to Home, a routine route easily traveled with little traffic.
My attention on My vision, movement, Life on either side of the road up ahead.
I live in a wonderful place, the sight of Neighbors walking their dogs is becoming more common place as the area becomes more populated with People.The variety of Wild life is amazing, groups of Deer,
Wild Turkey , Crows and Buzzards commonly pass or cluster in the places that People have claimed for Themselves.
Bear,Fox, Coyote,Fisher Cat live with Porcupine ,Opossum,Raccoon,Beaver,Woodchuck, along with Toad and Turtle, a sampling of community, road kill scattered in Our territory.
Sensitivity to the actions, habits and behaviors of other Living things Spiritually enrich Me.
  Feeds My Soul.

My Attention and awareness was pulled from the event horizon unfolding before Me.
A  Grey Squirrel had been foraging out in the field,  far out and ahead,  on My left,
 the cautious and deliberate zig- zag abruptly stops ,
It sits Up,  Looks directly at the Prius, and seems to make eye contact with Me.
It was an Impossible distance, and a uncharacteristically Squirrel ,Rabbit, Mouse  long straight line  endurance dash..
Yet I could see in that Squirrels eye the look of a person hoping to catch a bus, There was a clear telepathic exchange between Us at over a hundred Yards. My No!! , don't you do it!!! was rebuffed with an explosive break down the hill and across the field, directly at Me. I had Time to brake and slow,not believing what I am seeing as this Squirrel races toward Me, undaunted by the expanse of terrain between us.
It was determined, despite all of My will and skill with My technology, doing My Best to control My vehicle and avoid a collision,bringing My movement to a temporary rolling crawl, to no avail.

Some how The Squirrel got beneath Me, made contact with one of the back tires .
I told the story to my Son, driving back from school that day turning to night.
Slowing down at the place, with My high beams on, showing him the form of the winner of the race, the contest of wills.There was nothing gruesome about the Body, no sign of injury, the pose was more athletic, heroic than tragic or accidental.
 As common as the experience  is, what you take away from it drifts into the uncommon. I had barely sketched from memory the, Grey Squirrel dead on the Road in My Journal the next Day when I started the Watercolor Painting. It's a habit of Mine. It has to come out of my  Mind- Body-Spirit,My way of sharing what is going down,  to Get it Out.

I had My Wife post a picture of the painting from Her I-phone on Social Media when it was finished, the place where people find contact with others these days, unfamiliar territory for Me,I haven't raced or placed the roads of activity and behavior as routinely as Most People .My Son has grown up in this same Home on the same road yet he has been interacting with an electronic reality , A Environmental awareness that The Squirrel and I are unaware of,or otherwise oblivious to.How essential is the reflex to return to the safe place?
To combine urgency, alarm,preservation, action,movement. what is random? what is predictable?what is Habit? Where is Habitat? Instinct for seeking security-comfort is second nature to what We All do.

Creating a forum to assess if a work- experience or event is of consequence or relevance, It's " Impact". is a
drive down collective prejudice, the right of way blinders of  being that are built into a precognitive response attached to a nervous system and inner voice, Dream- Dreamer at one end ,and Discovery at the other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

nutrition repetition cycle

information and source,  taste and appetite, dietary divisions,  food and distribution, water and life
wishes and prayers

Monday, November 21, 2016

witness-collaborator-non local conscious

Paradox of circumstance
It seems impossible for the observer to not have an influence on the apparent actions of a subject of it's attention- expectation-association.
The third person objective view point is a projected out of self feeling or sense, out of body awareness.
The vision of the imaginative inner eye seems to draw from the well of memory.
relating to what has been , what is , and what will be.
Story is the medicine
 Self is a ghost           

More than body and mind we are pattern.                                                    

Thursday, November 17, 2016

autonomous assembly - hetrogeneous non physical Spirit forms patterns

Structural anatomy of the the formless, fluid,moving,spirit, energy. attention awareness simplified

Monday, November 7, 2016

Memorializing Human Sacrifice of Life, Winged Goddess of Victory , Soverignty and the State in symbol and spirit.

Collecting the souls of the brave from the battle field .
There is a socially reinforced concept that Our life, Our Soul or Spirit takes on a unique character when it is given up for something more than individual self interest.
Dying for a cause, martyred for a reason, things that carry with them a special sacred gift of intent and purpose, will and direction,
A lingering action and affect on the world and the living that needs to be remembered, recounted.
Give Thanks
Show Respect
Honor Peace

Thursday, November 3, 2016

" Offer Up Praise! "

Wayland abducting Beahilda,  in flying Bird apparatus.
The Shared directional mode of delivery,
 in Sacred Space, of the Practice, of the Organization, that calls Me a Priest,
 is one of uplifting expression, kind words about a broad and perhaps unknowable diversity of Spirits.

At the Heart of the matter is not knowledge or mastery of various Spirits or Ways, but the intent and desire to  avoid putting down, insulting and offending in the Name of Our Sacred Practice,Space, Organization.

Or in My case,  Sacred Habit that I picked up from the Organizations Ritual Behavior.
A Neo Pagan Positive Attitude.
The Earth does not seem to Love or Believe in her Worshipers any more than her detractors
The Sun, Like wise shines on all! it will continue to rise without  devotion.
I'm OK with that, I love them all the same..... maybe more
I do not seek to judge the reciprocity of relationship as a Sacred Ritual Binding Practice .
The trick truce trip of trust to trap.

 Love is not based on the rational principals of obligation, but the deep seated inner urge to express appreciation for Things!
The unanticipated complement, unexpected bonus are Magically Special and significantly different than the fulfillment of some social contract.
The Message being, that offering good intentions in kind words of simple recognition can have a significant affect on others and how we all get along, regardless of what one expects to receive in return for their contribution.
It is a Voluntary gift! an offering, not a paid fee....or even suggested donation,
Free         no strings attached.         Special            Sacred               you can do it all the time

Ironic that the organizations Priest Programs are promoting the objectifying  of Sacred Ritual Performance abilities into quantifiable and qualify-able data for comparison and analysis .
An association of critical judgement by authority/ group and Sacred purpose in examining and declaring the unworthiness or irrelevance of contributions, or offerings of others.
keeper of Group Spiritual Standards
Authorized inspector general.
Protection? Profession?Profusion?    Positive behavioral reinforcement?
           It's not praise, I don't feel it is priestly,
 in the way I have come to that concept,  through participating in the Organizations Sacred Ritual Practice, with others, for many Years.

In fact, the thought of bringing people together and combining group acceptance and individual testing,
" putting people on the spot," in the name of Religion,  or the Holy,  making people feel uncomfortable,
  or unworthy,  is the opposite of the Neo Pagan Positive Public I associate with,
 the driving force that powers our Ritual activities- what I have learned to believe is good and makes things go.                                      

     A Spiritual Foundation in  the Showing of Respect

A reverent creative worship of inspired action, prayer, ritual appreciation.
Promoting and encouraging the expressions of the beauty blessing and benefit we find outside of our Selves. 

Myself, I am extra sensitive, Personal Safety and the collective construction of Odometers for the Spiritual Journeys of others is potentially or essentially risky and wrong, to make someone trust as a test of their devotion or loyalty to an Organization is a common mechanism for group bonding, a special relationship within the group, an old part of the negative neo pagan private that has not been part of the Spiritual Energy Work or Religious Training recognition I have been involved with.
I have heard rumors in the dark. Groups that get together, to Worship the Group, each other...

The difference is in the coupling,  the joining,  the bond, the integrity

The Making and the Taking
force and flight

Peace , Love and Learning

 seasons greetings

Friday, October 28, 2016

between seperate realities

Light house stairwell remembered
 Been Before Been?
 Interior passage,Spatial Temporal Memory movement,
consciousness ascending - descending awareness attention,
floating perception,suspended disbelief.
controlled ordered steps continuing one after the other
Directed action, One of Two ways....
Up or Down
Vertebrae stacked connecting one to the other
Spirit Signals, Polarized Path
safety rails
 view ports
All around View
Waking Birth Primal Memory?
Guided Meditation?
A common shared perception that singularities have ends ?
Opposite sides, a fact of Nature, Symmetry the Language of Life?/Death?
 A forgotten memory of the feeling of the first question?

"where am I ?"

Familiar Instinctual Cosmic Autopilot has a Spirit level that has a bubble that separates up from down.
A  sense of Balance, Fairness, direction.
Out of Body Navigation is related to our physiology, As our Will is related to our Body and its directed action,
 The Spirit and Soul complex that We individually embody is a largely subconscious,or predestined form.
It certainly is not to be confused with how we feel about ourselves and our lives, or what legacy we leave behind.
Within every Body is a Spirit that is so intimate as to be unknown, untouchable.
A Returning Being Within
Vertical  Axis

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

transitional nodes,ambiguity and possibility, uncertainty and potential

The basics of My learned reference to  Neo Pagan Sacred Ritual Group Mind,
 is one of sharing the intent of worship, over the thoughts, and affairs,
 of a unfocused accidental gathering without purpose or Goal.

I was introduced to Sacred Space with the suggestions of,
 relaxing - finding comfort- feeling safe.

The intentional setting aside of anxiety, worry and concerns for the Ritual Time.
Suspending Judgement and critical appraisal of aspects of experience in the normal way, so as to better,- be in the moment- and absorb of the whole.
Momentary Neutral  thought,
calm  peace   rest
dark  cool quiet
returning to the place of dreaming
inside and outside of all being
Through the Earth and Ourselves.
It is Natural - It is Here - It is Now - It has always Been.
Helping Spirit find acceptance-Home- Destination
The restless to  find  their place.
settle down
We are part of  cycles of definition and clarity, of borders,boundaries and contracts,
a more rigid fixed  idea of how things work Controlled Group Awareness..
The Other Side
The Unknown
A more fluid movement of changing pattern of sensory stimulation, that is the response trigger of perception and feeling . the seat of radical innovation..Freedom, rebellion, Action without regards to consequence or outcome , an unthinking, yet responsive group Mind. Collective subconscious.

Energy fields passing through flesh,generate around the Body, beyond the Self.
Animated Matter perceiving and responding to various senses and nerves.
Breathing, Drinking, Eating - living -
Naturally with Day and Night,  activity and rest.
Great cycles of Life and Death , generational intermingling with Place.
This Place We are part of.
As We Are Dimensional Visitors, like those before us.
We forgot to remember, and never knew.
Guest at My garden shed

" who cooks for you?"

Thursday, October 20, 2016

esoteric echolocation

What are the habitual spiritual energy expressions we subconsciously repeat and orient ourselves by?
It is easy to become focused on human symbol language of group ritual, creating an insider culture,of shared associations.
Forgetting that the wild and uninitiated respond intimately, innately,without schooling or training, Navigating,Migrating.Souls
Finding their way
a signal response association that is built into the Being, yet seeming to emanate from  outside of the individual, as a collective memory-Voice- director.           
 Mystic  Map
Is it the echo of the ego of another?

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Resonanceout and in  where to begin?

A synchronous vibration between neighboring  Objects.

Where it all comes together.
Some thing Sacred 
the connections, the coupling, 
The fit
The Harmony
Time = Trip

 Is  opposition to Tyranny a natural Moral Axial Polarity of those in tune with Harmonious relationship?
When is that principal compromised for the sake of enduring structural integrity,lasting service and function?

Spirits, People, Place,Past,Personal, Private, Pairs, proximity,patterns,predispositions
Intention + Repetition
Profound peripheral presence, perspective 
Paranormal , probability- possibility, potential, placement perhaps?
Precognitive persuasion? poly-dimensional pressure constants
high to low, hot to cold
My last Blog Post had Me processing recent events in relation to "LUCK" and the,

Venue, Host -Place - Space
The Event Organizer-Producer-Program
The Guest-Ticket holder
travel, transportation. - to and from
Heroes , Legends of "Sound - Feeling "
Family- Humanity-Group- Appreciation

A couple of Posts from last year, a foreshadowing, premonition,Fun House Mirror,
No way of knowing that,
the places and people, the subjects and objects written about in Journals,
drawn and doodled in Sketchbooks, Published in Blogs , Posted to Lists are recordings of,
- Time and Place-  the Perception , the Emotion  and  Artistry,
 unique not only to the Creator, but the Environmental context of the...... Moment of it's Making.
Where - you - are at------What is going on.
The Atmosphere,  "The Vibe" ,    ( The Mood ) ,
present in the work.   It is a Attitude or Spirit---Association.
A Psychic Fastener and Cosmic Bonding Agent that is present beneath awareness and attention.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Spiritual Navigation - reverence for the unorthodox- people and placement- balance and the inner ear

Water color painting, of the other side of the street, of last years school bus stop, on the other side of the Reservoir,set on it's side

My last Blog post transportation theme continued to travel in My Personal-family-Human-Arts- life.
After hearing one of my Heroes, sing- live, on a news radio show recorded in the city, I wondered if My Hero would be up in My neck of the Woods.
I got on My Computer....
Turns out He was, standing room only at an intimate Venue that is the studio of a legendary local Hero.
We made it a Family event, My Wife drove.
sitting in the car, waiting in line to get in, responding to the beware of  Bear Sign, My Wife would suddenly point and say " BEAR!"-----" I Made you look!", My Son and I fell for it again and again.
It was after We parked the car and before the Line to Enter the Studio that My Wife had the foresight to purchase the CD of , " SHINE  A  LIGHT, field recordings from the great American Railroad"at the merchandise booth, next to the community snack table.
It was then that I found that My Hero was Performing with Another Artist, who Produced this Project .
My Wife Posted a Family picture of us waiting to get in on Facebook.
As some of the last ticket numbers to be called to Enter and go up the steps, I could not believe My Luck, when I spotted a unoccupied Soda cooler converted to sofa, just out of the line of sight of the performance.
I got to sit and snuggle with My Wife , and Our Teenage Offspring could interact with his electronic screen.
There was an occasional view between the rails on the balcony, when someone wasn't standing two or three people back, peering over shoulders to look down on the fore heads of the Performers.
This was Theater in the round,
Different than the big stage at the revival where We heard and saw, (sort of),My Hero play a few favorites to a festival crowd.
This was a Special collaboration between two Artists,who had made a road trip on rails to record from Train stations singing together, playing acoustic guitar, songs and their stories as they relate to Trains ,Train Stations,Humanity, The Hum of the rails...

( This performance shortly after the only Train crash in the only Train Station that I have a print of, hanging in My House- old bathroom.)

My Hero was on top with his banter with some comment relating the current popularity of " gender fluidity" bringing more acceptance to Artists" genre fluidity" .
I was satiated beyond expectations by the end of the performance, My Son had made the Exit, I was approaching what was left of the community snack table when My Wife calls Me over, where she is standing. where the line is forming, to meet the Artists.
Again, My Surprise! I was not expecting an autograph opportunity .
Star struck, stunned , I could not believe it when My Hero pulled My Wife behind the Table,went back stage to pull out some young man,( perhaps the Other Artists Son?) called Me back to have this Guy take Our Picture !

My Wife posted that picture on Facebook the next morning.

I played the CD in the car the next.afternoon as I drove back into town to attend a Workshop at My regular favorite Bookshop back room where I have presented in the past.
I had pre- payed in cash with wrinkly singles and two fives a few weeks earlier while waiting on Pizza and Calzone in town after picking up My Son from school.
I knew next to nothing of the workshop presenter, other than his involvement in the design of " the bell of awakening" which I acquired at the Local Chimes Annual Warehouse sale this Summer .
I am stupefied by the richness of tone, the oscillation of over tone, the persistent accumulating resonance.
 It is A Magic object, Mad science, I wanted to find out more, meet it's maker, buy his book.
I had no Idea that I would sit in a small room, with a small group with such an unassuming Genius and a plastic model Brain and find sense , making sense, sound and association- memory-Vibration, Buzz-energy cycle,frequency,transportation, Soul in Sound.
I got an autographed copy of " HUMAN TUNING, sound healing with tuning forks", and a" C" and a" G" to add to my" Bell of awakening" with the slightly chipped Mallet stand!

I felt so good that I drove My Wife and Son back into town later that day so My Son could see his friends in the "Rock Academy" perform at the local Playhouse.     Half way there, listening to "Shine a Light", He freaks out in the back seat, realizing the show has started, upset that he was wrong on the time.
I try to chime in and be reassuring that it will work out fine in the end. He had pre- purchased a ticket, from a cast Performer, Months ago, having it tacked to his bedroom door.
I could hear the band playing from the parking lot as I dropped him off at the ticket office of the Play House, looping around to see that things were OK, and head across the street to the Bank.
My Son is turned away with his Ticket by the Venue, My Wife gets out of the car, up to the ticket window and is turned away- the Playhouse saying to take it up with the " Rock Academy" .My Wife is on Facebook in the parking Lot, has a reply when she comes out of the Bank across the street, We return to the Play House Lot and a "Rock Academy"Person pops out a door and takes My Son up front to see the rest of the show. My Wife and I drive Home, text the Kid, turnaround and drive back and forth.
listening to "Hobos lullaby."

All of this is resonating with an unusual overlap of information, alluded to in the central title of this Blog Post,
Themselves the opening titles of Two Blog Posts of Last Year, that have relevance and significance to what is ahead.  

Friday, September 30, 2016

Optimising corresponding cunjuction conjecture opportunity enhancement- Dragon Dowsing

The Real Deal

I had painted the landscape with the actual land of the place I was depicting, at this place , late Spring, with the last class, from across the river, with the program of the Organization, named after a Wooden Sail Boat. that did not have it's annual Revival this Year.

I returned to this place, wanting to do it again, on a larger scale, as part of an Event , in support of the Organizations land based Education Programs there.
My  Wife and Son, have traditionally been volunteers serving with Me and Education at the Annual Revival,
Making Art under the Tide line discovery tent.
This Year-  We were here,  Me, My Wife assisting the making of the "festival favorite"
 " Art on a stick"
"It is Mobile! Make it!, and take it!' with you!",under a pop-up, next to the Pavilion, acting as a stage, that replaced the education center, My Son and I had painted a Mural in,before being flooded,after the hurricane, a number of years back.
Late Summer is not the Time of Year that I am familiar with the Mud Flats of Esopus Meadows.
Hot and Humid, Low Tide, the water surface choked with a net of invasive Water chestnuts introduced over a hundred years ago.
My Son chose to stay in the air conditioning,in the Car, in the parking lot, charging and interfacing with his I-Phone.
I had woken him up early that day, made him wait in a long line, next to a surviving World Trade Center Path Train, to buy tickets, for a deck tour of The Worlds Largest  Viking Ship sailing in modern times!
It had crossed the Atlantic and some how ends up docked outside of the Museum, that has the Boat Barn and winter port of the Wooden Sloop that shares it's name with the Environmental Organization that has the Educational Programs at the location, before the Hurricane,and the floods, many, many tides ago......  now Painting with it's Sediment.
 A portrait of Place
Made of Place


An adult Dragon Fly on My Mud Painting

I was surprised by the fortunate parking spots My Wife had acquired at the Viking Boat on the Rondout, and at Esopus Meadows.
There were a lot of volunteers set up, that I was unfamiliar with.
I got the opportunity to buy the 2016 " Hammers and Hands, Float the Boat" T-shirt, in support of the Sloop.
I found that algae mats are fantastic applicators of surface film ,as well as reservoirs of very fine sediment with a faint hint of chlorophyll pigmentation.
The thing I am not so certain about is adhesion.
We were not obliged to stick around at the event,beyond the Time we had volunteered for.
I saw that Roger the Jester was going to perform, and I appealed to My Son, that we hang around to see him before we leave; as we annually see him at Hudson River Revival.
His Mother, My wife, found that the Car would not start, We got a jump from  the car parked next to us, who was the Volunteer  I bought the T- shirt from.
My Wife drives  our Son to a friends House to spend the night and returns to pick Me Up, afraid to turn off the Car.
She pulls up and I jump in after witnessing a Rainbow upstage the showcased performer, Former Captain, Current- Roger the Jester broke with his juggling Mime with the Kids to point it out, take out His I- phone and take it's picture.
reflecting in the water, at about the spot, I let My Dad's Ashes Drift ,away , back a few Years ago.

The Dragon Boat I made,  photographed by My Wife, with her phone,  from the Dining Room Table, sent to My Son, upstairs in his room, on his phone who added the copy right water mark.

In the Time before Digital Photos and I-phones.
The wood was Cedar cut from shingles that I used as backing for Photographic prints of paintings I had made of Gods and Goddesses on one side and a Bryan Perrin Studio Pagan Product Division Label glued on the other ,Altar Cards for Polytheist apartment dwellers.

The Materials are Sacred Scrap made Whole and Holy- a Vessel!
No Kit!   No Plans! just the ideas and drawings found in a treasured Old Book.
I learn with Making.
I seek to understand better with creating.
I find the attention and effort exercised in the crafting of objects to be a relationship with  other Spirits.
The forms, the shapes of thought, genius of design are communicated through the Buried remains of Old Boats--- as much,or more---- than the Words, of Sagas.
Encoded in the structure, the Function, The Living Body.
Transit and Transition
Who says the dead no longer speak to us?

Cradle for My Son
Made on the Other side of Jersey City maybe seven years later.
I responded to the anticipated birth of a child by putting wood in the shower.
I let the P O box in the Old Jersey City Post office- home of Bryan Perrin Studio, Bryan Perrin Studio Pagan product Division,Metro Druid Nuz, Green Man Grove ADF, and the last home of the cancelled Druids' Progress expire.

the journey , the voyage, the passage , environmental sensitivity-empathy- traveling awareness
The rocking and swaying, the sense of directed movement.

Soul Holder

There seems to be a fundamental need for the expression of security and containment
Order and Symmetry, Protective and shielding, worthy of trust.
Some things you  grow out of, some things you don't.
My Son , has his learners Drivers Permit in the Mail, and I got to hear the first speech, in English, of the Captain of the Draken- Harld Harfarge, the North Atlantic Crossing and the embarrassing surprise question about Sailing in the Great Lakes.
The Coast Guard Fined the Captain and require Him to have a expensive pilot on board to navigate Our Waters.

Dragon in Dock

mobility and metamorphosis, change and range, serpentine and Dragon like- Strange
What to Make of it?
What to hold on to , what to cast off?

Dragon Fly Larvae
row  row  row your boat
gently down the stream
life is but a dream

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cardinal Virtues- tripartate division , outsider omission, trifunctional hypothesis of social class, tripartate definition of knowledge , the fourth estate

Almost finished painting of the four cardinal Virtues

Concepts of 
The "State", Estate, Order are based upon Social Realities of inheritance- what is passed on- a continuation.
Body- Soul-Spirit
Belief-Truth-Justification ,  Plato's"Knowledge". 
  Rational-Spirited -Appetittive , Plato's Tripartite social divisions
Sovereignty - Military -Productive
Three of the Virtues are representative "Favorites" of one of the Three Groups, with the Fourth equally Neutral.     Justice wears the Crown.
The basis of value judgement,,,,,,,,,,,,thumbs up, or down, authority of , fair or foul?

The Three estates of the realm,
Oratores - those who pray -  Clergy
Bellatores - those who fight -  Nobility
Laboratores - those that work -  Commoners

Lords Spiritual
Lords Temporal
The Commons



The notion of the border , the body, the realm is not only one of ownership, but descriptive of its function, its cycles and workings, Trade groupings,structures,ways of life.
More than descriptive physical Objects.
The Social opportunity Manipulation of Class System
is how the Ruling Order has imposed Tax .
A Traditional Tri-functional  way of assessing the worth and value of something for Monarchs.

Three rival castes brought together by a unifying Lateral symmetry!
The Stuff of Legends!
The necessity of Governance!
The Mythic Origin of Hierarchy !
Justice - Judgement- fairness from above- Rule and Right.
Not  a part of the Body, but directing it,
whispering in left and right ears.......

What about the Homeless? The Slaves? The Out laws? The Nobodies?
Societies Unseen ,Excluded Class ? Upward mobility?
Flamen - Brahman - Druid - Priest the referees of competitive warrior aristocracy of  ancient regimes.
The age of Republics is one of urbanization, Empire, The Cardinal Virtues, expanded with the Theological Virtues are promoted in Religion and Lodges.
Deism , Common Sense, Society of the Jacobins, friends of Freedom and Equality.
Thermidorian reaction.
They say past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior,
Trying to live a Virtuous Life.


Standing with the Sun on My Back, and a Poster between My Knees, I held My Phone above My Head

Stand Up against Oligarchy!

Friday, September 9, 2016


 One of My contributions to the collective volunteer Newsletter" Metro-Druid Nuz", 
The fairly regular publication of Green Man Grove ADF in the early Nineties,
My Druid Priestly point of reference is centered primarily on the time spent participating in Seasonal Group Ritual.
The planning and facilitating of worship service - group are not to take priority over the giving of Our attention to.......... The Real Deal.

It is a Mistake to think that Administration and policy making are Spiritual goals for everyone.
It may be wrong to encourage, the Idea that Art and Religion are about Self Expression.
Self Identity and ego get in the way of things, like interpersonal gnosis,or trans-dimensional osmosis.
We are the creators of Our Contributions.
Our Care and attention must be focused on intent, arrangement and composition.
We are bundling words, Making associations,putting it out there.     Offerings
Feeling as though others must consume, and respond, as you direct them to,  is not the way;
 Sorry to those that think it's their calling, or worse, their duty.
The Limitations of Sacred Time and Space restriction is what provides definition of what is, and is not.
Our opinions,comments,have nothing to do with it.
"It", being the actual content of Our contribution to the collective Dream-Prayer-Wish.
" It" not seeking the validation of numbers to make change, find mass acceptance,or gain popular support.
" It" has a select audience, free to accept or reject or ignore "It".
"It" is not comfort in conformity or constructive criticism, communication compromise.
Comparing the concepts of the  Crown and the crudity of common a Cosmic context.
Archived computer communication does not reflect the "best" of our thoughtful and passionate relationship with..............The Real Deal.

Friday, September 2, 2016

reclusive exclusive

" Law is the science which inoculates the difference between right and wrong,
which enables us to assert the one and to prevent, punish,or redress the other;
a science that employs in its theory the noblest faculties of the soul;
and exerts in its practice the cardinal virtues of the heart;
which is universal in its  use and extent,
and accommodated to each individual but adapted to the whole community."

The Right Honorable Louis "honest" Perrin, .....I  think.

A search engine self search took me to a digitized copy,
 of the Saturday,January seventh, nineteen o five edition of,
The Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal.
contained within the name Sir Bryan Perrin
Mark Perrin, the eldest son of Louis Perrin
"had never married and his Title and Family Property devolved
 upon his next Brother now Sir Bryan Perrin."

obituaries.......... and the internet, the Lorentz Force and telepathy
Lie'nard - Wiechert potentials, and  Time travel?
Strange relationships.................I think.
What about the cardinal virtues of My Heart- the faculties of My Soul?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

arbitrary awkward advanced alliteration affectation

 accommodating accusatory alarm awareness awakens awkward antipathies.
antagonist adversary administration adulterated audience addresses airing atrocities arrangement.
alternative announce anterior axioms adventure arouses angers asymmetrically around average art argument!
 alienating authority as antiquated,  arrogant arbitration army attacks apotropaic anomaly anticipated! activists acquire aura armor annually attracting algorithms atonal appetite allegedly  appearing apoplectic apparitions addicted allergic associations accumulating agents articulating arguments altruistic aid advise augmented augury analysis anatomy alters alignments alleviate apprehension administer autocratic alibi approve adjourn approach appeal    

autodidact abolitionist  advocating acceptance affection attention  application all around! Amused?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

wheeley <> dealey

It has been speculated that the root of Pagan Religion is relating to the natural cycles that routinely take place.
Knowledge and comfort were found in the expectation of preparedness of the coming Day or Season.
A regular rhythm that sets a standard of notions of activity , productivity , progress.
How things work.
The way things are.
Continuity of wisdom, in cycles of inter relatedness.
yesterday and tomorrow.
Experiential bite sized morsels , that life is designed to chew on and digest.
This sense of order- purpose- meaning was not based upon artificial constructs.
 but an observation of Naturally reoccurring phenomena.
 A common, shared, built in responsiveness, to our environs, activity and rest.
Reaffirming this understanding, provides the basis of  well rounded characterization,
 Being and Wholeness, coupled with appreciation.
 of the depth, texture,subtlety,variety, possibility  of every thing and every moment.

The connection between stimulation and information extends beyond individual beings .
The security of first hand experience,  of the familiar,  or common occurrence,
 is inseparable from the sharing of story about the unusual or fantastic.
 It is this indirect account of Mythic, Mystic.Magic experience that the odd and eccentric  shadow of unexplained unknowing is recognized as existing .  Sympathy of the Strange.Rumor and Religion
Often extravagantly improbable,
 apparently willful intelligent forces  that manipulate the long and twisted threads of indirect connection. avoiding and evading the comparative language of size and shape - time and space,
 It is weird , and we are in the middle of it,
   it is in the middle of us,
 or so I've been led to believe,      in a non linear way


Friday, August 19, 2016

plant prescient place power purpose

Up and Down,  and all around.
Within and without.
Life force
Love and Caring,  as aid to growing . 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

service soviergn host

It gets tricky.
Hosting Pagan Rituals.
I don't know any thing directly,
 only My perception at the time,
or more accurately,
 My Memory and reflection of thought.
Bridging People and Place,
Love the Life of the Land.

Friday, August 5, 2016

to bring drink to a King

An unconventional Head of State, refreshed in the end - the Sacred Kings champion in service,
 from The Destruction of Da Derga's  Hostel!

Above all else,  avoid insult.

 Whom do you serve?
How do you serve?
What do you serve?
Old , Old , religious, Loyalty ,Allegiance ,Fidelity, Vocation, Questions.
A thirst for Trust,
Trying to do what is right.
for others.
Seeking Self service is a new commercial, marketing, persuasive,trick.
In a Time without clear and obvious forms and functions, roles to play, imposed upon people by societal structure , order , and tradition,

 Company loyalty is to share holders.
People are valued more as investors, than as facilitators ( labor, management)
Everything is reduced to individual private contracts.
Everyone an independent private contractor.
Searching for financial liquidity.
For themselves,     to stay alive.

Monday, August 1, 2016

continued cultural carbon class climate contrary corporate conflict commerce coments

It seems an ancient part of the cult of skill and mastery is the vilification of the wild!
 untamed ,  uncivilized , uncultured .uncouth.
How ironic,  that Clever Arts and Sophistication in intelligent discourse are rooted in the " put down".
Life is a game- a gamble of risk for reward. you can make a difference , you have to try.
The seeking of advantage, exploitation of opportunity,continuing a tradition of contest, a system belief in the order tied together with work and struggle , and the right to Win,! - as long as you play by the house rules.
The Game is rumored to be Skill and Luck..Choice-Change-Connection
It must follow rules, it must appear to be fair, .so others will join in.
The less experienced are at a disadvantage internally as ranking player members,
 but gain
 relationships as resource , a sense of how the game is played, the outsider and the insider.
confrontational debate, adversarial antagonism- hoot and holler!

When a choice is forced upon you , is it still an expression of informed consent?
 Free Will ?
, voting rights or privilege?
Moral obligation  ?     the way it goes......down.
 Or is it how things are being presented to you?
An illusion rooted in deception ,             there must be a loser,
 a contrasting opposition masquerading as the collective representational agent of Place?
  law of the land.- will of the  House.
Is it not how it has always been?
Power -Control- Game
Who is responsible for the environmental atmosphere of our" skilled culture" and it's" sophisticated" weather forecasts?
science  sell out- it isn't about challenging assumptions and questioning, it is about sponsorship.
 the wild card may exist outside of the game.
Systems may be rigged but everyone is not a cheater,
 as in the ignorant wisdom of troglodyte dances ,of hairy hermits and their club as imagined long ago.

Monday, July 25, 2016

erroneous effigial egregore,anthropomorphic acquiescence,ethnographic epistemology eclipse

 Point of view
We are part of an Ancient Human Habit of giving Things  Names.
Faces and Identity so that We can Share the concept with one another,
 part of a social cycle of recognition and shared understanding and awareness.
this artificial representation takes on the collective influence of those that associate word, form. meaning


It is recognized as foreign, alien, other  .unintelligible, unthinkable,
 not making sense,
outside of what seems to be real, ( reinforced representational symbolism)
 The Power of the Word- Idol-Label-Brand-Party-Concept is in its recognition.
The value judgements associated with it, the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and archetypes
strangely part of the spiritual syntax of a language that has a primal split between
 Good and Bad,
Friend and Enemy,
 Lucky and Unlucky .

I do not promote giving attention to Things by giving them form as a Group when it is not from an appreciative or loving heart.
It is dangerous to have a belief in collective creation that may be indifferent to the hurt and suffering associated with it.
Or feed from it, growing ,
Language of disrespect ,
a contagion of consciousness.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

linguistic determinism , Terroir of touch screen , vestigial vocabulary

Spirit communication between .....different beings, different states of being, different worlds

As a Human practice this becomes a cultural expression, An artificial language, of subjects and objects, describing things and ways as We perceive Them,  in Our environment.

Much of My Feeling of " Pagan " Religion-Spiritual practice is based around Oral Tradition.
The Communication process is more than a collection of words , it is a participation in a event.
The Magic of breath and voice , listening with more than your ears, seeing the expressions of subtlety and nuance that reveal the character, spirit, and meanings of the words.
the emphasis is not in the exact recitation of what words are spoken ,
but how they are spoken.
In a Time before commonly written words each gesture, each presentation and arrangement was significant in meaning.
An appeal to Interpretation and understanding. a live, a living thing.
Story Tellers and  story.

My NeoPagan Spiritual Development does not owe much to an ancient word of mouth tradition, or direct contact with divine beings,
 but ,has grown from two public cultural institutions.
Parks and Libraries            Sharing is their reason for being.
Public Education has only been available for a few generations, the Culture that I am part of -  is profoundly modern- related to more than the language of a People from a particular Place, it is related to the Economic History of Peoples .
Access to space for interaction, collecting and distributing, ideas, promoting inquiry are not part of the ruling dominant class order of the Old World.
These are not part of the Privatization and control mechanisms imposed on society by the Wealthy.
It is not commerce as religion, market as temple.
It is a recent product of a print media culture of literate readers,  responding to the variety of thought, opinion, expression that can be found in the same Language.
Reading and Writing changes the way We Think.
It triggers an old " Us and Them" sense beneath our conscious mind and collective psyche.
There are those that " get it", and those that don't.
Gone is the wink, or nod of recognition.
Commercial Media is Tied to the perpetuation of the Commercial State.
A particular type of story telling that is not based around " truth" and understanding, but persuasion and influence.
The  view that conflict and competition is to be glorified, is not informing the public about the way of things,
It is not a bridge between,  It is a divider.