Thursday, June 27, 2013

When you Pray with fire, you just might get learned


Respecting and Expecting


Caring is the message, the habit, the point.

There are consequences in being careful, or careless .

Respect hidden potential within  relationships of cause and effect, intent and action,

Some of us find joy in creating the right conditions.


To take delight and marvel at the unseen energy hidden within a blade of dry grass, twig or branch.

Feeding fire is an opportunity to shine and transform to indulge in wonder .

Fire lives a much faster life than we do

It breathes and eats, it is responsive to its surroundings, and seems to have a passionate temperament. I believe it has feelings and may be aware of it’s own mortality.

I  don’t know how self aware a flame can be ,but they are a being like ourselves in transition,

existing in a changing growing way,,,,, for now

Attention and timing are the language taught to us by sun and fire.

We too are energetic beings, warm and glowing,  this is our time to shine in our own fashion,

Nurturing an environment that are  opportunities to discover  the light within life.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wheels and hubs, axial functioning within the carousel of self awareness.


Most of what we sense, and respond  to the world with is attached to the rest of our body  by our neck.

Sometimes we become  “choked up”

overwhelmed by emotion, unable to express ourselves

restricted or constrained we are unable to communicate

We may even feel the most vital of our connections to our souls



The problem is not one of top down  ordering , but the need for flexibility in the heads perspective and perceptions.

passing experience

nothing can be held on to

yet I enjoy painting The spiritual form





3 cauldrons

The Three Cauldrons  painted 2009, is based upon Translations of The Cauldron of Poesey.

The base cauldron  Goriath

the turning heart Ernmas

wisdom and direction Sofhis

The anatomy of a poets soul, exploring triune nature. mechanics of creative expression.


the dream teacher for web

Fire, well and Tree are portals  that are simultaneously internalized and externalized

We are a reflection of cosmic order .

We share patterns and elemental processes

The  fire is dry light and warm expression of expansiveness , dissipation, radiation with an upward orientation.

The well is the collective cool wet and dark that drains down  deep below,

Between The Tree acts as the bridge, the connective many branching  web