Saturday, February 28, 2015

Appropriate Apotropaic Anthropomorphology

Anticipate approximate     awareness of unwanted attention.

The Simplest and Tiniest of life distinguishes between associations of harmful or helpful Things in their surrounding space.

Micro-environmental Wild life without nervous systems that we know of  have a sense of Danger,Food,Group .

There is competition,comparison,collective ,conscious, communication , circuit, conclusion commitment   common shared reality

a Group Dynamic of the Swarm, Herd ,Flock or School. A Self Defense Strategy

An Us and Them mentality of the group Mind, outside of the individuals control.

The  Context, the complexity is a creative construction an  interpretation of  much more than We can Know

The way We See Things

What rubs Us the Wrong way.

How We respond

paisley paramecum parade

Authenticating  antipathy appreciating apprehension axioms acknowledged atypically 


The Dirty Look        The Baleful stare    The Evil Eye


practice  preventative personal protection politely

Saturday, February 21, 2015

People Love Treasure People Treasure Love People



Treasure Love People





When it comes down to it ,

ritualized worship in groups, or solitary ,is based around People.

Religions are a Human creation, an interpretation inspired by story and vision.

I don’t believe there has been or will be a singularly correct practice and belief in any one place or time.

People have  cultural, generational and remarkably individual variations of Human experience.

My proposed  Proto-Pagan Priestly Premise,

What People are attracted to, what they care for, What they Love,and how they love it.

The collective value expressed as Treasure and Treasuring.

The reflex to protect and shelter viscerally connected to Safety , Comfort., Security

Hidden treasure, Batteries of Abundance.Reservoirs of Hope. Traditions of Spiritual connections and influence..

Some People inspire, some conspire.


I am attracted to the multiplicity of polytheistic group worship expression potential in a Grove of Spiritual Specialists combining, contributing, creating an environment that was reflective of the Social dynamism and interplay that is the make up of the Cosmos and Community and Our Selves. Appreciating Diversity Publicly as a Sacred Act.

Possibility in Place Practice with People Prayer. Groupings of the different.

A Religious Left that is not political or commercial.

A Neo Pagan Local alternative age experiment.composed of People , Time, and Magic.

Principals of Human nature are what they are.

The Comedy and Tragedy,Horror and Romance.Myth and Fairy Tale

The love that people treasure, and the treasuring of Peoples’ Love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is it all in My Head? getting ahead?


Snow is not so remarkable for the  mass volume of frozen water that it holds,

but the air trapped within..



Some of the comments on the amended proposal to the Bylaw changes on the Clergy Counsel list triggered a distinctly irreverent spiritual revulsion, deep within Me,

My Psychic Gag reflex,spiritual directors and intuitive Hygiene telling Me that I was responding to a perversion of what I find Holy and A- holey ,a corruption and miss-use, A contagion of funneled thought,Forced thinking. channeled  and polarized into being in support or against things as presented.

  I  choke back My words in that company

The Drama built up on line and within Me.

The Old Head calling a point of Order awaiting the Chair to respond.

The New Head mentions My first name twice in explaining the two third vote needed on his birthday.

I am on My first  absence from the council since it was formed over a decade ago.

I was in the Hospital six months ago, I requested  Medical Time Off ,


I Was not going to be able to complete the essays of the required “Crisis Response” course as I had promised I would a few years back, when I got  My Stole from the new Head by the dead line of this Samhain.

If I had  not kept up with Study Program Standards I would have been the latest person Dropped- Un-Clergy-X-Revved.

My Priestly status being a matter of my continued active involvement in the Open ended curricula creation company as Religion!

Some where along the way the emphasis has changed from a group of people who share spiritual relationships with a plurality of Spirits,celebratory seasonal ritual and our Earth Mother to proving your worth by Essay writing and program development.

A new wave of people who were attracted to Priest, Clergy and Reverend were offered Free passage to that end.

I would have been a special sacrifice one of the “grandfathered” Originals, I pray to sticks and stones yet have not sworn an oath to the Program! made to bow down to the latest committee of volunteer experts and conform to their proposals.

Just as Likely to have disappeared unnoticed by most of the council trying to judge the new applicants for Priest hood by Augury of Essay ,without knowing or seeing the person in person by a person.

I am feeling Priestly pressure during my non- voting recovery time that I can share here.

My Experience , overseeing Sacrifice,Sacred  enclosure,Accepting creative contributions for a cause an effort, communicating with soul to souls..

Tick bitten Prophet, Barn Yard Beatnik, Senior Priest of ADF has this to say!

Do not mistake enrollment and attrition as progress or purity

Don’t let it go to your Head

It is not what You think, It may not matter what you Mind

Inflated sense of Self and Self Importance,Ego tripping, Sacred Missions ,Titles, roles we try to fill are often part of the sense, the experience of Spiritual growth , Organization and development., They are  also traps and distractions from what our Work and Identity are.  Status and Prestige are the default social collective Language when presented as such .

Group Identity, And feeling empowered to speak on behalf of More than Self ,

is a Head Trip.


oracular Head Ancient Wise