Saturday, February 28, 2015

Appropriate Apotropaic Anthropomorphology

Anticipate approximate     awareness of unwanted attention.

The Simplest and Tiniest of life distinguishes between associations of harmful or helpful Things in their surrounding space.

Micro-environmental Wild life without nervous systems that we know of  have a sense of Danger,Food,Group .

There is competition,comparison,collective ,conscious, communication , circuit, conclusion commitment   common shared reality

a Group Dynamic of the Swarm, Herd ,Flock or School. A Self Defense Strategy

An Us and Them mentality of the group Mind, outside of the individuals control.

The  Context, the complexity is a creative construction an  interpretation of  much more than We can Know

The way We See Things

What rubs Us the Wrong way.

How We respond

paisley paramecum parade

Authenticating  antipathy appreciating apprehension axioms acknowledged atypically 


The Dirty Look        The Baleful stare    The Evil Eye


practice  preventative personal protection politely