Friday, November 29, 2013

Auric Field and Stream Forms, Foreshadowing , Hydrocarbons and Ectoplasm

It was impossible to capture the vaporous emanation with a camera.
Unable to shoot into the light,
Requiring a dark background
Giving it something to contrast against.

It doesn’t look the same, It doesn’t feel the same.
It’s silhouette reveals  movement but lacks the depth of field of vision that give the Spirit  its dimension

It is not the light or heat or glow of plasma  that are obvious and vital, essential aspects of the soul of life
it is the breath.
The moving atmosphere.
The respiration of space
The spirits occupying place.
expressed outwardly  as shape.

Particles suspended,excited
Moving with a liquidity ,curvilinear contours of subtle temperature differences.
Flow and twist and spin in a Pranic Pantomime.


A pine incense stick over  irregular stocking warn Hemlock floor boards in my trippy house.
The wood grain and knots  a chronicle of the Weather and Life of a hundred years ago.
The carbon pulled from the air and fused into solid form by the Tree.
The tendril of smoke composed of similar material freed  from its’ fixed form by fire
The wood is the host for the guest.
the guest of our Body is our Ghost

Apparitions of a presence.
A Being , A connection
A moment I asked My Son  to Photograph
Spirits existing amongst us,around us,within us
Moving ,
Sharing our Spaces

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sparkle Shine in Shadow Shape of Substance , Form from Frost twinkle and transition


frost and shadow

There is a unique clarity to crystalline structure, a punctuality and Order expressed in fixed, frozen and rigid form . What is between the physical body and the vaporous mist that invisibly withdraws from the warm light of the morning sun?

The Frost clings to the shadow,

A timely grounding of the atmospheric in relationship to energy

Minutely reflective and refractive surfaces or planes.

Prisms, Drum heads, Sails

Catching wind,bending light,resonant transient

Dusk Moon 4 clouds


Water and light are both travelers.

Responding to one another

altering course

Waves and currents

Cycles of frequency,

Vibration or excitement ,a buzz, beat or rhythm .

More than Meteorological Mysticism 

There are Specters in the Spectrum


We love their shine

dusk moon above branchs

The light I see from the Sun setting Sky, enough to tell the difference from branch and Tree from cloud to Cloud

I get a sense of objects and reality

distant energy stimulating inner imagery


I cannot tell how far away the things I see are.

There is more than  the Energies of Light and heat involved in these Atmospheric analogies of Spirit and Water.

There is also Gravity.

A   Feeling

Weather is Emotion

Self portrait in Raven mask reflected in hallway mirror

There are plenty of energies we are unable to sense,know or hope to understand,.

We got lucky with Fire.

And there is People Power of many sorts and kinds


The electric power that is lighting this screen and sharing these images and thoughts now, Where did it come from? How does it effect us?



Raven head on tree, Cerridwen Mullien delta T

Where does Energy come from? Life and Fossil fuel, Atmospheric activity?

There is  deception about connections

Our feelings about comfort, are mirrored by interior atmospheric moods

Psychic weather we hope to shelter or insulate our selves fromRaven mask on tree out back

Hydrological sense adds up.Sun and winds and falling rain

It is not a simple matter of temperature and climate, Carbon and Cash.

It is about inner warmth.How close are we to the Energy.,and our sensitivity and responsiveness to it.

Fire is a consuming process ,its light and warmth have a source,

A Place that it originates from.

What we call fuel is a Home,

or was a body  of some living thing or collection of things mostly vegetable that lived for Sun and Rain.

Smoke and spirit fly and drift as clouds

A load suspended in the sky above, with a destination of precipitation

Released before Returning

Ending before beginning

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kinetic Traditions of Traction and Transit, Portents, Paths, and Portals



Movement and Dimensionality , Divisions of Space are a continuation of the ways we get around,and hope to get ahead.

Our steps, our contact with the Earth.How we make our way, The choices, direction,speed,Style and Fashion.,

Our Shoes are a metaphor of Life's Journey, and the traveling nature of Spirit and Time.

My Son is sporting the High Top Converse and the tails of a Trench Coat in the upper Left. My Wife's Crowley Tarot below him .

We are part of a culture that has a Retro- traditional, appreciation, respect.

A gratitude, trust and love for what fits, and works for us.,

My Left foot is in the lower right in the sacred Space of Our ritual of Summers end.

A Holiday that is not about the now,but the endless then that we emerge from .

It is about the passing and the passage.

A special magical Time of unknowing, between Worlds

Unaware of the impressions we may leave behind us.brunch%20with%20a%20couple%20of%20computer%20guys%20(8)

The patterns we follow or the ones we trail behind.    

I wanted to walk in the shoes of long ago this Summer, and I did.

I marveled at the life that grew from the sole of My Hob Nailed Brogans, Uncharacteristically oblivious to their effect on my crafted domestic interior.

The floors of my Home will never be the same.


Myriad countless depressions, points of contact,pressure, strain and weight leaving the marks, indentations on the soft woods grain,

An interruption of the plane or flow of what had been.

A journal of pace, A connect the dots Diploma of dynamic diameters

A map of My meandering That may spell out the old Druid favorite “ Walk with Wisdom”

A million Sacred Centers of My Making some how not revealing themselves to my hyper aware vision , till the shift in seasonal light.

Constellations on my floor

Between the dew and frost is the shape of being.

We are Change and changing.

Masking and Dancing to some ancient Agronomic Clock.

Troops of disguised door to door travelers.

Eccentric costumes of our own assembly.

We relate to one another from a different perspectives or vantage points.

Our form as a moving pattern as seen from a distance over Time is a real thing forever beyond knowing.

We can be aware of the certainty of culture as a shaper of how we perceive the world and our place in it .

We may not have the kind of impact on our surroundings that our culture has prepared  us to look for and value.Our foot prints are what we leave behind.

Some how there is a unseen record of our activities .A compressed mark we leave on the fiber of Cosmic Order  that is related to our own directional sense and what is right.

Differences we make that we are unaware of that have a causational relationship to the space and tone and forms around us.

We are significant, in a small but integral way.

Our actions  make a difference.

Surroundings      Respond

Our Thankfulness for what has been,

Helps us to recognize and better appreciate where we are and what we have.

our extra-dimensional impact,part of a twisty intertwined symbol family .

Bigger than We can Imagine

Broader than We can Believe.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiration from Expiration,Regenerative Reflex




I am a Neo-Pagan, A New- Pagan, A Now- Pagan.

Meaning that I am Free to Explore My spiritual relationship with the Worlds as I choose, in My  Own  Pagan Fashion.

Part of a Mystic Vanguard that Acknowledge That Much of the Old ways seem to have been Horrible.

Some things should not be repeated,or played with or profited from.

Just speaking about them can draw their  attention  and feed their Being.

Evil Folkways do exist.

They may be Dead and left behind and hidden by our Ancestors for Good reason.

We can never Know

we are not meant to see, the covert slight of hand,

The subtle pass off From Overt distraction, The moment has been taken.

The pulse revealed,the exchange has taken place, it is a beat

Presto- Change-O


Transformation, Transportation

Beyond the originator

New from Old is NaturalIMG_6787

We are part of that

Currently engaged in a spiritual World of discovery.

Ancient Belief is not as important as direct experience, and current practice.

We are Here to Worship as we are , while we are here

From blossom  to fruit to seed.