Monday, November 25, 2013

Sparkle Shine in Shadow Shape of Substance , Form from Frost twinkle and transition


frost and shadow

There is a unique clarity to crystalline structure, a punctuality and Order expressed in fixed, frozen and rigid form . What is between the physical body and the vaporous mist that invisibly withdraws from the warm light of the morning sun?

The Frost clings to the shadow,

A timely grounding of the atmospheric in relationship to energy

Minutely reflective and refractive surfaces or planes.

Prisms, Drum heads, Sails

Catching wind,bending light,resonant transient

Dusk Moon 4 clouds


Water and light are both travelers.

Responding to one another

altering course

Waves and currents

Cycles of frequency,

Vibration or excitement ,a buzz, beat or rhythm .

More than Meteorological Mysticism 

There are Specters in the Spectrum


We love their shine

dusk moon above branchs

The light I see from the Sun setting Sky, enough to tell the difference from branch and Tree from cloud to Cloud

I get a sense of objects and reality

distant energy stimulating inner imagery


I cannot tell how far away the things I see are.

There is more than  the Energies of Light and heat involved in these Atmospheric analogies of Spirit and Water.

There is also Gravity.

A   Feeling

Weather is Emotion

Self portrait in Raven mask reflected in hallway mirror

There are plenty of energies we are unable to sense,know or hope to understand,.

We got lucky with Fire.

And there is People Power of many sorts and kinds


The electric power that is lighting this screen and sharing these images and thoughts now, Where did it come from? How does it effect us?



Raven head on tree, Cerridwen Mullien delta T

Where does Energy come from? Life and Fossil fuel, Atmospheric activity?

There is  deception about connections

Our feelings about comfort, are mirrored by interior atmospheric moods

Psychic weather we hope to shelter or insulate our selves fromRaven mask on tree out back

Hydrological sense adds up.Sun and winds and falling rain

It is not a simple matter of temperature and climate, Carbon and Cash.

It is about inner warmth.How close are we to the Energy.,and our sensitivity and responsiveness to it.

Fire is a consuming process ,its light and warmth have a source,

A Place that it originates from.

What we call fuel is a Home,

or was a body  of some living thing or collection of things mostly vegetable that lived for Sun and Rain.

Smoke and spirit fly and drift as clouds

A load suspended in the sky above, with a destination of precipitation

Released before Returning

Ending before beginning