Monday, February 25, 2013


Suibhne GeltSeasonal Green Man




Instinct and madness

Crazy insight

Weird perceptions and uncanny abilities

Communing with nature is integrating with environs.

Where artificial is in the Natural because ,

Nature is an Artist

A  pan cultural poly hybrid of what is wild and speaking

Natures Voices

Outsiders and insiders,Faces and Masks

Most often unintelligible

A reason and logic of their own

What is deciduous, what is cast off?

What is the passing thought? 

Flight, a disturbance and movement.

Leaping from branch to branch,

An unexpected event with an unanticipated message. 




Thursday, February 21, 2013

traditions and boundaries

fire thru the portalspring 07 001spriral waterfal nematon


There are ways of approaching relationships that are passed on and meant to be shared.

Symbols of agreement and understanding.

A definitive ordering to avoid trespass.or miscommunication

8 times a year I reaffirm my connections, mend and make new.

My habit of keeping on track and in step with the season.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we are in the middle world


It is hard to see  from where we are,

there is a world above and beyond

and one below and beneath

Our world is the overlap


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Microbial Metaphysics, Inaudible Glossolalia

lichen worldThe language of appetite can be understood by those who do not speak, and those that are not seen.

Every thing is food, and food is in everything

Spirits feed,           Gods and Goddess love to feast,

It is a dynamic Cosmos that we are part of, nothing is truly static.

All surfaces are porous, All boundaries permeable, It is a mater of scale.

Some how coordinated change takes place, Digestion, A conversion and transformation of  the spirits of one body into the sustenance of another.

There is a reordering, a new organization a recombination that is magic as well as metabolic.

Everything's got to Eat,

Everything has its own tastes,

Its own sense of what it likes and dislikes.

Its own will.

Nothing seems to have a knowledge of how its body knows to extract nutrients from its surroundings, that it knows it’s needs intuitively.

To Feel hunger is to be part of a spiritual current and flow with direction and course.

The Body becomes a vessel for a spiritual voice, A message,  a signal, a mission.

Later it craps.        This is Earthy religion

Finding comfort in regular movements is the basis of worldly comfort and good humor.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Bio mystic Communion


dancing tree heads

All Life is related.

Each life has a Body that is an assembly of integrated parts

Each part has a unique essence or spirit that animates it and accounts for its character and disposition

Each Part is a composition and collection of sub visible Life that is organized and cooperative as part of a whole that is beyond the awareness of the Body.

The Body is a Host of Life

Life is a shared experience.

We are part of a huge and Ancient Family of many Bodies

Who are Born, and Die.

Between, we live together

Breathing, Thirsting for the Waters of Life.

We share special times of peace,and rest.

Special relationships

Complex and diverse communities of moving geomagnetic fields, overlapping
Oscillating frequencies, Cycles, Seasons, Migrations, Habitats

Environmental sentience, Group Mind, Collective unconscious with a regional twist.

A sense of Home, Safe Space.

Spirits have a special relation to Place

Space is needed to Host Spirits.

We are both a Host and a Guest in a world full of Spirits of endless subtlety and variation.


A part of the Whole with a lot of Neighbors.

It is a challenge to try to conceive of a self image or identity that is truly self generated and not a reflection of our environment and relationship with surroundings

Perhaps Ego, Instinct,Thought, Creativity and Memory are not things contained in protein tissues, but an energy field out side of the body.
It is our interface with an exterior environment that we tune  into and receive signals from.
We are autodidactic antenna, tuners and receivers, part of a vast network, sharing a common language of feeling.
A vibrational synchronization or resonance,


Atmospheric pressure, mood, emotion and our ability to orient ourselves and navigate the unknown. A passionate directional sense
Our souls, Our Spirits and Dream Selves don't belong to our body,
they are perfectly at home and safe out there,
uploaded and downloaded  to an experience reservoir data storage
in the cloud.
Our intelligence, Our Genius is not truly Ours alone.
It visits or enters our mind, it passes through us.
It is an external intelligence that we access.

full of strange attractors and unseen directors

A precognitive lucky sense that is amazingly specific and precise, that is wrapped up in the psychic abilities of Trees, the Telepathy of Protists.and the Karma of Worms.

Nature has an Eidetic memory.

Weather is life energy

Life energy is Spirit

Spirits have feelings too,

Hydrological events are manifestations of  the relationships between Land, Sea and Sky; the Body of Mother Earth

The Lightening strike is split second intuition- connectivity above and below instantaneously, what had built up as polarized field charges find resolution. 
I've wondered who plays cupid for dormant spores in electromagnetic micro worlds, rumors of Tetrapolar Hetro Thallism  and Soma Togamy  in the dark wet.
I cannot pretend to comprehend the energy exchange event that takes place between worlds that inspires the development of an organized fruiting body with millions of nearly weightless Spores to leave its Micro static- Hydrostatic Mini reality to try to catch some wind,
carried up in the clouds.
so far from home.
Guess I'll call it Love, a trans dimensional portal of time and space, crazy numbers, huge distances, crappy odds, for millions of years living organisms without nervous systems display the ability to make behavioral choices that are responsible for their own survival and future generations

Millions of volts, millions of spores, millions of Miles, a Micron at a time.
It makes sense to be integrated with your environs,to know how much foresight and design go into the reproduction of a re-composer.

Principals of bonding in the wild untamed life that we are part of.

The Spirits we share our Homes and bodies with are part of a closer Domestic symbiotic cult of shelter,comfort, food.

Hospitality and caring is a Heart resonance, a Vibration or beat,
a syncopated groove 

An appeal for cooperation and support,  compassion for a little space to be.

room to breathe.
Everything wants food and a home.



within and without

Earth Buzz