Tuesday, July 25, 2017

be well

above and below                            bring         balance                       the flow

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

tangible telesomatic temporal terrestrial tutorial

                                             beyond self                                     before I

outside of the individualized form,  that is thought of,  and recognized as Ones own.
 solid objectified physical being,  composed of rotating radiating exchange with,
the stuff that never was and always will be,
touched, influenced, made up by the abstract assembly,
nurtured by the unseen and unknowable,incomplete, commonplace, pervasive complexity.
unfolding within and all around , secret pathways ,silent sentient  sing- a- long,
salient sometime somebody.

 social spirit select  synthesis

 spontaneous parallel thought form wave  ~~~~

Group Mind

The main directional focus in group spiritual activity, meditation, ritual,
 is not self centered , not about you ,   self interest,   self improvement,  or being self conscious.
Loose the Ego!

Aspects of attention and social performance can draw the meaning of the sacred occasion away from the expression of gratitude and honoring of spirits .

Worship\ study groups that gather with a focus on individual progress or performance within the group  create a focus of attention and intention of events and activities and the expectations of the participants, A projected imperative for the collective effort and reason for being.
 Experience is directed. facilitating that experience becomes a mission in and of itself.
Tricky Business
playing with the offerings of others

Thursday, July 13, 2017

claim consumer culture contribution control contest continued

connective contrivance creativity  conformity
creepy command  committee conspiracy conscription

current concerns

Will my tender perennials be safe in the Priestly  Garden?
 or might they be molested and uprooted by trained Clergy Council Cadaver Dogs?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

closer to home

photo taken in front of house, by my Wife
It bears repeating,

The Real Magic is between...
 the response,
the reaction
Between forms viewed from the side.

The Secret is not in mastery and meaning.

Simply something with sensitivity, shelter, song.

conjunctions of binary pairings

perhaps too much emphasis on the vertical , with its associations with hierarchy

Spiritual relationships exist beyond our defined time and place for them.

 Our control of situation, action, intention, ceremony and symbolism is not what it is all about.

A more truthful,  and accurate,  observation of a subject , and its actions,  is made when,
 the subject,  is unaware of,  the presence of the observer.
The Secret is not in mastery and meaning.

Simply something with sensitivity, shelter, song.

photo taken in back of house, by my Son

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                   Wonder and understanding are not opposing and competing states of mind.

                                                        all knowing  or know nothing

                                                          the mix of mind and matter,
                                                      a bundle of radiating  nerve fibers,
                                                              branching network,
                                                           related to spin and orbit,
                                                                   day and night.
                                                                 excited molecules
                              Does genius equal energy?  thought Fire? feeling the Sun?
                                                                    Life Force
Is individual  consciousness a momentary fluctuation of transitional passing pressure differentials?
electromagnetic osmosis- chemical reaction, ionic exchange,
depth and width , rate of flow,volume, density, conductivity, permeability,
questions and answers, tests and riddles, games and contests,compare and contrast
A juxtaposition of self and center ,interior and exterior.
belly button as independent power place.
personal connection to the Sun!
 passage from public to private,
turning and circling. glowing and warm,
Fire works within!