Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother that is Matter

Our Earth Mother v2





As an instinctual Animist I tend to associate movement with life.

Things like eggs and seeds are Holy lessons in the hidden life that is within things.

This is a Material existence that our senses inform our awareness of.

How is it that we find our selves in fleshy bodies in this world ?

perhaps there is more to personification than a quirk of human understanding.

Maybe there are no inanimate objects,

spirits inhabiting stuff.

Why assume things have no feelings?

The weather is often experienced and described as if it were a human emotional response.

Mother Nature is a passionate and temperamental Being.

Character qualities come through in a language  and tone that are understood by some,

The living Earth  is our Home,and our food.

We are children of the Earth.


for shelter, habitat,or community is a natural part of living awareness, and Identity.

Before any thing is self aware it is responsive to it’s perceived environment and it’s relation to it’s appetite.

We are born hungry,seeking comfort from out side of ourselves.


In recognition , we begin toward respect and better relationship..

thankful for what we have been given and to be part the turning.

Inside and out,part of the larger living being,that feeds, and feels.

Our Earth Mother.