Tuesday, April 26, 2016

within a dream within , directed by the unseen outside

"Try to catch the light on the water!"

Who ? What ?  When ? Where ?
I see fingerprints in the shaping of  Personal Destiny
The circumstance of meeting.
The curvature of fate.
guiding and placing
moving influencing
Around Everything

Touch it back, if you can,

or point at it,  on occasion,  and say, " thanks", or "wow," or nothing at all.
It Exists without  acknowledgement or tribute.
With a little basic respect and good intentions wonderful Magic takes Place.
To share that Secret Knowledge with People, to point that out,  is a habit of sorts.
Born from instinct.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Self interest and Sacrifice

Self interest and Sacrifice are contradictory conceptual motivations.
Self interest is considered the usual, normal , expected behavior.
Sacrifice is unexpected, unusual, special and weird,
Actions that stand out and apart as being intended for the benefit of another.
Spiritual growth outside of the Box

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tree of Worlds within Worlds within unfinished

                           We, the Living, have a limited experience of what we think this World is.
Some how,  inside of Us,  is the Knowledge of the Para-sensual dimension beyond Birth and Death,
a Place within a Place,    a Home within a Home ,   a Body within a Body, a Space within a Space.
                                                              as well as
A Space outside of Space,  A Body outside of Body, A Home outside of Home, A Place outside of Place
                                                               as well as
The Ways Between, The vascular continuity and connectivity, Spirit - Soul ,    Travel-Communication
                            Energy pathways, currents of thought, moving, returning
                                 a network of caring we exist within. Naturally

Friday, April 1, 2016


Re-Emergent Rhubarb, replanted, remaining on the Property from the previous Owner.

I have come to find that Ritual Performance and  Religious practice  are more of an exercise in Persistence than Precision.
More in the spirit of " the show must go on!"  than " I hope I do not  get it wrong!"
Both involve a form of nervous energy. Psychic intent.Magical Theatrical Legacy.
Paranormal polarizing  Pressure- Stress- attraction and repulsion leading to the action - movement- direction sense - guidance seeking, Worship reflex. .
We are propelled away from things as much as We are drawn in.  Growth

Is Our  Special caring attention Love focus ability compromised or corrupted when combined collectively?
The bigger the deal,the more fuss, the easier it is to miss the point?