Friday, November 21, 2014

déjà vu , bon appetite, repeat, reality


If a Tree falls in a forest without any one to Blog about it does it make any sound?


I may have written that before, I’ll have to check some time.




sensitive issues, whats hot ,the web

The Blog title was what I was calling My Path in ADF , Our Own Magic.

Don’t need to get it, to know, it gets you!

Personal traditions as a guide or scout of the Frontier of a re constructed and reformed Neo Pagan, New world, New York and New Jersey, Metro-Druid Grove.

Group Traditions are Sensitive issues with or without transparency .

There is what is, what was,and the stories they inspire.

My Mad -Trad was  to be my storybook ,a richly illustrated Map of the safer relationship with the multiplicity of Spiritual Others that share Our same Space, Place,World. at times.

I moved away and it became  folders and portfolios occupying space in my attic.

I had no idea that print,publishing and distributing information,knowledge were to become digital and accessible all day,all night, almost everywhere.


Sacred texts and Search engines

what a strange distorted perceptual dissonance

Imagining the world outside the window,and within the screen

What of the scribes and clerics?

Last hold out Priests and petty bourgeoisie of bronze age bovine hierarchies?

No more middle man? as if it were safe to browse and graze, nibbling and sipping at what we are instantly served, Life as a collection of menu choices.

Recipricosity is a gift of the Hunter Gatherer Economies.

Value to the Work, Luck ,Magic in access to a resource.

This Blog, this computer network medium is a very new form of human expression.

For Me an extension of Sketch book, Magic Journal practice , It is a funny mirror,

an odd companion. strange to see and share

outside the window, inside the screen

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fasting and Feasting,dynamics of digestion

 Life Speaks

Life speaks a language of Food.

Organic beings

Everything has to Eat, has an appetite for something special.

We have unique tastes.

We have the ability to exercise self regulation and control of what, when and how we eat,as well as the where and why

Most often it has to do with well being

Feast status

What do we get out of it?

What is absorbed and taken into our being?

Are we fed by the care and attention?

The preparation of the meal?

The Spirit of intention?or alignment?

Is it the rate of consumption or retention that makes us feel satisfied?

Perhaps the flavor is not in the dish.

The recipe and ingredients not responsible for the way the meal sits with us, the drink is not the reason we raise our glass.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Soul Food for Thought Spirits, traditional comforts

The Web to the Left of My Computer

This is what you see if you look left of my computer.

The Web

It was not part of my Cosmic World View

Knot even on My RADAR


Friday, November 14, 2014

Extra dimensional Form and Shape



We are aware of the physical material plane that we occupy

this World

this Dimension

with its’ invisible worlds of gas exchange, electrical fields,

Life and Death, Days and Nights,solids,liquids and vapors .

Our place in it all

 Twisted Branch ,choke cherry strangeld by grape

There are the things I return  too,

Honoring , Loving , Respecting

The Earth Mother ,Mother Nature, This Planet that we are part of.

The Kindred Spirits, an overlapping group of different spiritual entities of various forms and names.

Giving Thanks

Gratitude as a practice seems to shape things.

An instinctive grooming urge that fosters the future.

A Magnet to another dimension.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Are Words like Masks?

All of the knowledge we share about Soul and Spirits and Gods and Goddesses is in Human Language.

This was much more obvious in oral tradition,

It becomes confusing to the literate and literal.

The Experience is at best secondary to the language used to put it  into words .

Is Everything Subject, Verb, Object= Meaning?! Understanding%

I had found an explanation of the place name of the Mountain I live on.

I read in a book that Mombaccus  was Dutch slang for Tree Face, or Tree cheeks.

The Mountain on the western frontier of the Dutch settlement on the river ,had Faces carved on the trees.

This past Spring I attended a talk from a local Author who spoke to me about the place name.

He said that the Name came from Mummers and Bacchanal, in reference to the Ecstatic Mask Dancing .

The  faces on the trees were of   Mesingw .  an Algonquin Word.

A  Spirit in the form of a Mask who instructs, and judges skill and fairness.

Luck is given or taken by this referee of place who speaks the language of the Hunter and the Game…..        My words, 

I do not remember the Authors’ words even though he spoke English.

I took notes in My journal and read more on line,

Painted this Mask Painting,

and spied upon the dancing words description…...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paleolithic premeditated preassembly pantheistic perseveration polymorphic polytheism persists

I recognize the Divinity in you.Most  Ancient Mother

A greeting roughly translated.

People telling People that they see in each other an expression of the Divine.


We are raised in a Culture that encourages the Worship of People ,   

  Bow and respect, superiority ,authority,

Maybe it is Human Nature to Idolize

personal idols and idle persons

Our Betters, Heroes and Celebrities, those that seem to have more Divine presence.

A predisposition for placing the bright and shiny up on an Altar.

or glorify and  associate with the Winners.

. We are Natural Fans, responding to awe with excitement and fanaticism , we have also been reared and groomed to be obedient and subservient  to Human Masters.

Perhaps it is ancient habit to see the Human Potential as the focus of it’s worship.

and Pray for each other ,and the Gods and Goddesses , to have a presence in our Bodies 

Our Flesh a residence,.a Home or Temple.

We are  material conduits , Lenses  for the passing light

Both formal and familial

changing relationships between extended boundaries

extended generations.

Seniority ,Status in the passing years

Our Prehistoric patterning unaffected by an Ice Age.

Our Body , Our Mind,Our Mortality


Looking to other Humans

Prayer, Plea,or Promise