Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Are Words like Masks?

All of the knowledge we share about Soul and Spirits and Gods and Goddesses is in Human Language.

This was much more obvious in oral tradition,

It becomes confusing to the literate and literal.

The Experience is at best secondary to the language used to put it  into words .

Is Everything Subject, Verb, Object= Meaning?! Understanding%

I had found an explanation of the place name of the Mountain I live on.

I read in a book that Mombaccus  was Dutch slang for Tree Face, or Tree cheeks.

The Mountain on the western frontier of the Dutch settlement on the river ,had Faces carved on the trees.

This past Spring I attended a talk from a local Author who spoke to me about the place name.

He said that the Name came from Mummers and Bacchanal, in reference to the Ecstatic Mask Dancing .

The  faces on the trees were of   Mesingw .  an Algonquin Word.

A  Spirit in the form of a Mask who instructs, and judges skill and fairness.

Luck is given or taken by this referee of place who speaks the language of the Hunter and the Game…..        My words, 

I do not remember the Authors’ words even though he spoke English.

I took notes in My journal and read more on line,

Painted this Mask Painting,

and spied upon the dancing words description…...