Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paleolithic premeditated preassembly pantheistic perseveration polymorphic polytheism persists

I recognize the Divinity in you.Most  Ancient Mother

A greeting roughly translated.

People telling People that they see in each other an expression of the Divine.


We are raised in a Culture that encourages the Worship of People ,   

  Bow and respect, superiority ,authority,

Maybe it is Human Nature to Idolize

personal idols and idle persons

Our Betters, Heroes and Celebrities, those that seem to have more Divine presence.

A predisposition for placing the bright and shiny up on an Altar.

or glorify and  associate with the Winners.

. We are Natural Fans, responding to awe with excitement and fanaticism , we have also been reared and groomed to be obedient and subservient  to Human Masters.

Perhaps it is ancient habit to see the Human Potential as the focus of it’s worship.

and Pray for each other ,and the Gods and Goddesses , to have a presence in our Bodies 

Our Flesh a residence,.a Home or Temple.

We are  material conduits , Lenses  for the passing light

Both formal and familial

changing relationships between extended boundaries

extended generations.

Seniority ,Status in the passing years

Our Prehistoric patterning unaffected by an Ice Age.

Our Body , Our Mind,Our Mortality


Looking to other Humans

Prayer, Plea,or Promise