Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Gifts



Gratitude is key

To give and forgive,

To get and forget,

We are forever’

part of a Greater Being a Greater process,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

source of Birth Hidden beginnings


Our hidden Origins.

Before anything materializes or manifests in this world it has a pre- existence in some immaterial conceptual or spiritual plane,

This belief in the Mystery of origin and the hidden beginnings of things a religious pursuit.

Druids are Detectives as well as philosophers poets and judges.asking

Where do things  come from? 

If blessed by it. we seek to honor or revere the source.

Make it sacred, protect it, Honor the Return

This becomes a challenge when they are beyond our reach as beings of the Earth .

The light and warmth of the sun are part of all the life of this world.

Yet they lack the Substance we can hold onto.

Energy passing though us.

Constantly moving and changing




The Mistletoe is a plant that has no roots

It is the embrace that is missing. the holding  on that needs to be perpetuated.

The restorative power of Good will, compassion and Hope

Bringing things together,, conceives new things

fertility is future things reproducing , replicating , overlapping

Time and space being at the right place at the right time

Circumstance and Luck.

Energies that pass through us, that give us an eye for the shiny and attract weird connections, and marvel at the funny ways of things.

You should be mind full of what you do with your mouth when standing beneath poison berries.We are material beings as well as spiritual ones.

It is the Exchange, the well wishing in passing, a certain appreciation of crossroad or intersection that reinforce courtesy ,and being  neighborly.

It is an energy that passes through us , the perception of the momentary  existence

suspended above the unaware  the most ungrounded of plants.


Before people spoke of energy they spoke of Spirits.

The qualities and disposition  of various things  .behave in a regular and characteristic way

Spirits are what make things go…………Light and Sound, Time are the same thing .

Spirit is a moving presence.,an animating principal…..A shared feeling.

Rising and setting, where does it come from?

Where does it go?

Another hidden  World that intersects with the Mother Earth we Know.


Where and when things enter  the world is a Mothers knowledge.

The place where life emerges is private and personal yet ,we are not born of ourselves,but another.  We are barely witness to our own emergence. This is our mothers story not ours.

It is the miracle and mystery of  the nature of beginnings, that we are witness to.

The limit of the cycle before it repeats, The longest night was a big deal before electricity.

Our ability to flip a switch and access instant energy has changed our appreciation of how the natural world behaves.

It has effected the worship of the Sun as the great Energy Spirit that is yearly reborn.

Celebrated with  Fire      and   good cheer. and our wonder of where it comes from?




.  .




Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dead reckoning, traditional hindsight


We are often unaware of what attracts us to things, yet we have a direct knowledge  and certainty of what we find unpleasant, or turn away from.

Why do we sense that we don’t really appreciate something till we are confronted with it’s absence?

Is it the Eyes ability to sense light

or the shadow that  give definition order and form to what we see?

Or imagine we see.

I find that the beginning in ending is the source of story telling,

and story telling is the origin of a special class of folks with a special reverence  for truth.

There is something in the recognition of passing, the distance, the void of what was, that pulls us into the magic of memory. 

The nature  of Afterthought and the relationship of hindsight and insight.

Turn and re-turn,  Member and re-member , Tell and re-tell,  Call and re-call

Perhaps a perceptual loop that presents preference for the reflex or habit of perpetuating patterns ,We are Mimics, before we are tool users or language masters.

we are carriers of  tradition of re-cognizing . Accessing meaning from experience.

Engaged in process of reflect and review and relate that is  a ancestrally passed on perception of the world, and our part to play in the Here and Now. 

more important than the active recording of all  that is_

Is the unconscious editing  that we do.

Our Aim, the judgment to select, being right and true, the strait and level playing field, plainly speaking,and honestly searching.

Learning from our mistakes may be the key to wisdom in the nature of our thought full selves,Can there be understanding without error?Knowledge without surprise?

What is intelligence without wonder? memory without appreciation?

We should have awe for our genius .

Helping us to take careful aim, giving us foresight and reflex that is directive and relative

A reaction to the now, interpreted from the experience of many  then,

Few things remembered ,most forgotten ,more unnoticed.

This is the way of things,people,stories.

In Hero worship

There is something in the reanimation of the spirit of what has passed, of it’s life, awareness or attention being pleased or invigorated by reverent sharing of inspiration drawing from it’s  life stories.

Believing in the ability to communicate with the dead or speak with spirits is Older than the worship of Gods.

Writing has its  magical origins in the  Art of drawing’

  It  later became associated with word and language magic of storytellers.

Both are  defined by the breaks or absence in space, that enable us to separate the this from that, discriminating letters,grouping words,,beats, notes, dots and dashes the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

representations arranged and ordered becoming a doorway of thought and emotion.

mnemonic memory aids, channels of communication depending  on the pause , the rest, the other.

Is this the vacuum that must be filled by our effort to care or understand?

Is this the gap that necessitates invention? creation?

What inspires us to fill in the blank, and be afraid of the dark.

Pulling at a desire to  see how things will unfold,

So it is,

our best judgment, and the advantage of distance and perspective is in knowing

how things work out has a lot to do with how we  have viewed  things.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancestral Debt


feast hall

Our lives are not totally of our own making, we are part of language and social behaviors we did not personally invent or chose.

We are born into it. We are not the source of our own response, it is deeper than our conscious will and sense of self.

The currents that are channeling humanity and human existence on this planet are not the same as the forces of nature.

We are part of the ruling ambitions and plans of the Wealthy dead and what they wanted to live on and last. It has to do with Empire and Legacy and what lives on Forever.

Artificial spirits that feed on people and their labor. immortal Revenue generators.
Man made monsters that don’t respect the value and worth of man hours as much as capital returns.

profit run amuck.

Commodification and speculation are not natural phenomena like tides or seasons.

Markets are not a function of natural selection and don’t behave like a natural environment or living community.

Where is the Hero? The Human Hope?

Mighty Dead, Great People, Ancient Wise is this Our inherited legacy?

There is not that much distance between our hearts and our Ancestors.
We are essentially made out of the same stuff.

We try to do the right thing, or at least remember to avoid doing the wrong thing, committed to Human connectivity and continuing generations.

We are witness to the death of a great age of Man.
Industrial society has reached the limits of the globe. Wage slavery will be coming to an end soon.

Money is in intellectual property- owning ideas, patented life forms and taking energy from every corner of the earth.

How do the dead feel about this?

Is this what life was for? Was this progress?

Are we to feel responsible for pride and shame that we bring to our associations with one another?

Do we owe an ancestral debt?
Is it to
try to do good and make the world a better place?
Afford a moment of silence, in tribute to the passing of a person’s life?
or to contemplate the meaning of our own.

Saturday, October 27, 2012



Fairy Mound

Mortality Awareness Drama, how do you wish to be remembered?

Human morality is something that is an inseparable aspect of our being, living or dead.

We all know how it’s going to end.

sharing that is good and decent is much different than that which is stolen.

Those that have lived before us are to be respected as beings with feelings,
who struggled and suffered to live here.

We cannot deny what we share with the nonliving people as beings who experience in a Human way.

Our spirits are closely related.

We are immature Ghosts. they are our closest spiritual kin.

We will leave our bodies. We are part of part of an intergenerational chain of being with those that have lived before us.


Human Love bridges the voids of time and space, life and death.

It is part of our package of personhood.

People of all places and times recognize signs of simple respect as the first step to a building of understanding or insult.

Good intention, making Peace, Do not disturb. Know where you know you are intruding uninvited.

Mind how you act, the dead may be observing.

Judging and meddling in our lives from time to time.

There is an implied continuance in our affects upon this world.

a wake that we leave in our passing, an effect on things around us that we are often un aware of.

Humans have time release magic.

Sensitive to the communication, the response, the Others.

the caring and respect given. Teaching us what it is to be human.

Those that have gone before us, Neighbor and Stranger.

Our lives are ours to live as a gift from a lot of people.

What we care for and how we care is as much a generational habit as it is a feeling of what is right and wrong in our hearts.

Cultural expressions of Good and Bad have been sponsored and linked to the same wealthy patrons of memorial funerary practices.

.A struggle between free will and destiny.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



The Druid at the Door

I’m guessing that there is a sense of pain in cell division.

Growth is painful in general, and loss hurts us all.

Yet life is made up of great multiples of different things.

We have separate eyes and breaths but share the loss of a common feeling of time that was.

Humans are compassionate by nature, nostalgic by instinct.

We are loving things. We become inhuman if we don’t care.

People care for their dead in a way that the other living creatures of the world do not.

It may be the first of Human Art.

Inventors of Funerals.

The first artificial marks on the ancient landscape that remain are the considerate placement and arrangement of the Dead.

The defining act of ancient humanity,

Position and orientation are considered.

The wealthy commission specialists to design and build monumental tombs.

Slave cemeteries and Paupers’ fields are also found.

The ability to separate is the ability to set apart, or make sacred.

Divisions and Orders, distinguishing this from that, the good and bad.

Law and Justice, the spectacle of Public execution.The disgraceful display

Group recognition of Bad example, a common sense of just endings.

We are held accountable for our Actions.

A message of ending, or when the end is only the beginning.

treat others with the same respect you hope to receive.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Links and Chain



links and chain


A paradox in polarity

The wand turned in on itself,

Opposite, ends coming together, meeting in the middle.

A sense of closure and security, potential in agreement

A Joining, a contract, a ring, a binding, a hoop come full circle.

Containers and fasteners are more than objects, they are ideas.

They have purpose, a reason for being, a function that they fulfill.

An agenda of holding. Opening and closing. A cyclic nature. They are born with will.

.A spirit of their own, with an outside and an inside of junction and conjunction.

Sequential beings, with the ability to couple and relate in limited ways.

Part of a continuance

An intersection.

Like us.


We share a turning World.


What about

The broken link, the bent nail, the shattered bowl?

A reminder of our mortal condition? Our transient nature, Impermanent.

Death is a disappearing.                                   Where did it go?

Is there a Junk Yard Valhalla? After Life reward for Everything?

Where do forgotten Treaties go?

Failed Efforts, missed opportunities and second chances?


Are People responsible for the spiritual life of their creations?

Slipped away, spirited out, no one will ever know. Separated and Laid to rest.

Liberated and set Free to move on to another plane

where a Ghost reunion may await us.

Monday, October 1, 2012


We are always spiritual, all moments are spiritual.
We may not be aware of it, or feel differently about a particular experience,
but the potential is there to evoke a sense of cosmic connection,find comfort, seek blessing.
I think of ritual as habit,
Group ritual is People magic, no way to avoid that, It's in our language and thought, part of our person.
The spirit world is a social world.
the Habit of coming together and sharing extends beyond the human practice,
It is rumored to have been learned from the Gods themselves .

Sunday, September 30, 2012

harvest moon twin visions


My first vision was after the new moon.

Part of a regular Monthly ritual,

At my feet was a large parchment laid flat.

I thought it was a hide cleaned to make a map.

There were no lines or drawings on it.

As I examined its surface and noticed a discoloring.

Dark spot spreading

wrinkle in the light

bursting into glow

Fire expands

Always growing out

Flaring up, rising

smoke blows away

Ember gives way to ash

Pale white cinder ghost remaining

tiny red glows franticly race on the fringe

the edge of air and energy leaving the scene.

It was raining the day and night of the full moon.

I was joining in on a special effort.

My first time with this particular working and wording.

A Unity Rite, it was suggested that it be done as healing .

What I saw in pouring out these waters and making these prayers was an inversion of my inner vision of the spreading fire of the new moon.

Dropping water wishes washing down and flowing under

Trying to find bottom, puddle bridge connecting, coming together

Liquid weight displaces and fills the hollow empty spaces, till there are none left

Spreading out level and flat it finds its limit and rises slowly along the rim.

Inching its way up, It’s volume is contained, is held and supported by a greater vessel.

Too big to carry around all the time, you can dump a lot into and out of the magic pot.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Praise Offerings

the bird

“Praise Offerings”
The term that is used in ADF Druid ritual to refer to the collective offerings of the group.
why we make Praise Offerings, how they are made, when they are made, and who they are made to
Praise offerings are an expressive Art meant to charm.
there should be sensitivities shown about respect, and a clear intent to avoid offending.
A Peace Making Promise.
A recognition, or honoring action, elevating, raising up
Praise is a particularly strong and ancient  use of word magic.
It is clearly not cursing.
It is about good feeling.
Our collective ability to create and build upon that.
Our desire to want to share, to help and do good.

Begin to own and understand the power to praise.
Maybe our most under-utilized magic ability.
It doesn't take a lot from us, yet it has a big  effect.
Sincerity and truth are important aspects to consider .
It is offered, free to be accepted, or not!

We are doing it all the time.
Not as much as we unconsciously complain.
We thoughtlessly curse as a social bonding mechanism. Our challenge is the development of special Time to exercise our ability to carefully Bless.

Beginning with the things we take for granted.
There are echoes of Class Order in the traditions of praise.
Patrons and people.
If you show proper gratitude and respect things are good.
When we are cruel and overlooking our Help,
Inhospitable in our actions, we lie to our selves.

     -from my response to Peter(with the little guitar) in NYC

I Believe in the ability to apply sincere appreciation and caring to change things, The effects of kind word and caring touch it is clearly  related to growth and health in our living companions, but is true of our material things as well.
People and Pets and Places
What doesn’t benefit from  special care and recognition?
There is power in praise, and special qualities of the delivery mechanism of the offering.

Praise Offerings in ADF ritual are not performances that are to be applauded by the assembled folk .
We are witnessing or participating in a expression of appreciation for another audience.
An appeal is made for them to accept these offerings as sacrifice,
Our Gift, Our sharing message. A language of caring.
The praise offering segment of an ADF grove ritual is close to being the potluck or open stage aspect of our group practice.
It is most often meant to be praise for that specific season or holiday.
Other ADF groves refer to the Deities of the Occasion as the chief recipients of the praise.
Meaning all praise should be addressed to them. To draw attention away from the honored guests at their own party is rude.
This is a problem when a group of people have been investing in the planning of a holiday ritual with an expectation of outcome. Often this is Their Opportunity to perform for Their Gods in Their way.
Sacred showing off is a big part of what “this” is all about.
It happens at Grove rituals, and in a long distance ramped up way at Festivals.
Some groups of folks have been looking forward for an opportunity to shine!
Contra-eclectic scape–goats are not to blame, it is in the nature of the gathered group to turn out different than imagined.
A ritual is a repeated  thing, a habit, an exercise to stretch and build.
I have led over a hundred ADF rituals,
The spirits that come and attend these rituals have not necessarily  Identified themselves as Druids or Pagans.
My holidays are attended by a few fairly regular folks, their family,and friends, It is common to have people new to group ,
I think of the people as Members of the Grove when I think they get it, when they got my back, and they step forward on the holidays..
The focus of ADF ritual practice often shifts away from Grove as holiday community celebration to study program stage time.
I don’t feel  it is a necessary experience for many .
The contest, the audiences, the pride and faith on trying to deliver on the promises of Our Meritocracy as a brand religion.
A balance must be struck between the desires of seasonal ritual construction committees and the Old Fans who drop in to return for the same good stuff they’ve come to expect .
ADF offers people access to group worship.
We encourage people .
Trying our best to oversee sacrifice that is true and not wasted.
Hoping to moderate the offerings in a gentle way that does not offend.
Not afraid to play it safe  and take our time.

It is strangely awkward to accept responsibility for our encouragement of another.
It is easy to seek the popular comfort of compliments and flattery.
Trapped by our inability to offer anything other than praise, the leader of an ADF ritual is in a socially awkward place between the worlds.
There is an Ancient tradition of praise poetry, that we are an outgrowth  of.
Vocational specialists, praising Masters for taking care of them…..
The Satirist, as the flip side of the coin of the Praise Poet, was the Poet who used  the power of words to put down and insult often involving shame and embarrassment. Both aspects of the Poet were popular among  the common folk but both were employed by the lordly class.Their work is about a worldly patron, not a struggle with an otherworldly muse. Likewise the fool is out of place without a court to function in. 
Nobility and Sovereignty are not necessarily associated with the prosperity of Place and People but often are clearly for sale. Today is an Age of Belittling, divide and conquer, an attempt to pick apart the fabric of society.  The atomization of Humanity by words that make us feel less worth or valued, less related to one another.
Social Engineering built upon the put down.
There are few great Patrons taking care of our real Poets and limited cultural communities supporting our true work.  Big money is lying to people about Everything-especially Life, Earth, and Humanity.  It is hard to earn a living from simple and honest encouraging and praising.
It isn’t inspired mystic spontaneous magic  from the ritual leader or clergy that is counted on as the power of the  group ritual.
It is the power of belonging, feeling involved and engaged. It will be a more effective ritual if  All are comfortable and feel safe with their level of participation.
We are encouraging  Authentic individual spiritual expression and empowerment.
It is tricky, in a cynical age, to try to keep it real.
Often that real is the good enough of the special combination of people, places and events,
Offerings are released, let go of, to be accepted or rejected…… they must move on.
This point in ritual is a reflection of the offerings of the Gathered folk as facilitated by the Grove Holiday.
This is made explicit in the final prayer of sacrifice .
The Omens determine if and how the offerings bundled and turned sacrifice have been accepted.
Some times things are not accepted, it is not a failure in the ritual or our spiritual purpose, it may be a fact of the nature of Offering,
Valuing the ability to chose.
Free Will.
To say what you mean.
I don’t know that it is ever appropriate to comment on perceived events in sacred time without effecting things in weirder ways.We make a point of not applauding or cheering between praise.  It is not good form to talk about ritual at the feasting after,
.It moves on in our forgotten memory somewhere else, to pop up again transformed, a reply, a response to wishes, prayers,and kind intentions.
We trust in that.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

“Is this about High Tide?”

Yesterday I was asked this question by a very famous person.

My Mother likes to remind me of how we got right up close to see him sing and tell stories when I was a Kid.

I found being an educator on the river to be the closest thing to  being My Druid self.

I’ve been lucky to have been a part of the Tide Line program for many years now, part of an organization  best known for its boat and mission as well as it’s Founder.

They also pull off this Nation’s oldest and largest environmental music festival, that became part of my family camp out tradition last year.

My first returning to festival environs since the pagan fests of the nineties.

My family was part of over a thousand volunteers at a festival attended by thousands more.

We were with education doing our Art on a stick.

Last year was our first year camping and working at the event, we were mentioned by name in the program.

Things turned a bit weird after the festival.

I had developed a project for the festival tent we were part of that included a  number of fish flags, kites, and puppet like things for display.

The largest and most note worthy a giant sturgeon.


It took days to build and was partially made with a roll of my dead father’s French watercolor paper.

holding fish  sucker mouth

It is Big and delicate, I was happily to see it survive the weekend and weather.

I was prepared to let my director off the hook for inspiring me to make this monster, but he wanted to take it back to keep at the education center that we are based out of.

I had painted a wall and ceiling mural at this place, I even pulled my Kid in on the project.

 heron 1   heron 2heron 3   heron 4     heron 5heron 6

heron 7

EMEC mural 09 014

catfisheagle ceilingfish ceilingKingfishermural detailstriped bass

the bathroom door

I thought I was to be paid from some of the big money that was raised by the big birthday concert for the founder in the big Apple.

The building and grounds are not owned by the group to which I belong.

After the festival my Giant Sturgeon ends up there.

My director finds out he can’t pay me what was agreed to.

I retrieve my precious from this place before the hurricane hits last summer and floods the place.

No hard feelings.

The place on the river was not destroyed by the hurricane or flooding, like we suggested to the classes of kids who showed up there this season, but it was torn down in the wake of the disaster.

This season I came to a special relationship with the place of  Esopus Meadows.

I asked my director if I could wade out before a program and let go of my Dad’s ashes.


Yesterday I’m in the Empire State’s first capital for River Day, and a ground breaking for a new building, A winter  dock for the boat/ education center in partnership with the Museum I began Volunteering  at this year.

I am  needed as a volunteer for the Museum and am given a White t-shirt with the Museum logo to wear-as the crew of the boat and it’s org are wearing branded  shirts.

I watch the entertainers from under a tent tying knots and applying temporary tattoos.

I know the performers and the executive directors, I don’t see my director, or recognize the Mayor .

I was listening to the speeches when I am surprised to see the Founder’s Iconic presence, he has his wife and banjo with him.

He gets his picture with his hand on the shovel, and goes back to play a few songs and tell a few stories,

His voice has not been strong, his wife ill.

Yet here he was about thirty feet in front of me with a few dozen people singing and playing.  I have been close to him, but never got to talk to him myself.

The Museum’s volunteer director asked me to help her move a photo booth from a docked barge that acts as floating museum.

With hand truck we go up the ramp from the dock to the barge. It is decided the booth is not to be moved, as we prepare to go down the ramp the Executive Director is pulling up the front of the Founder’s wife's wheel chair to come aboard.

I stand aside as the Executive Director and the Founder’s wife's aide get up the ramp and onto the barge, behind them the Founder comes up, looking directly at me, glancing somewhere beyond the hand rail, then back to me. He looks me in the eye and says, “Is this about high tide? “


I answer “you know….I don’t know” 



Friday, July 20, 2012

Instinct , Intuition, Imagination

    •   People are embarrassed by involuntary loss of physical control

    • a sneeze or fart

    • to stumble or fall

    • We commonly curse not being in command of the situation.

    • There are social considerations and cultural  responses

    • Most are about politely ignoring or offering

    • This is not about reason and rational explanations

    • It is about how we have been culturally  manufactured to feel shame at the loss of self mastery.

    • It has been going on for generations

    • It is part of our being and nature

    • It is in our bones,and runs in the family

    • knowledge of the mysteries of our inner workings is dispensed to us privately,

    • Publicly we are exposed to a sophisticated coordinated media that makes a direct appeal to  reflex reaction that  runs deep somewhere in our unaware pre decider self.

    • We are not being told to follow our hearts,

    • but follow the leader

    • We have been fed a value system that is commercial  not natural.

    • Conditioned not to look at inner beauty,and personal gifts

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

soul searching

Soul searching

I think that sentient beings are not the only things that have feelings,or a individual and unique personal spiritual essence or soul.

self awareness may be an overrated life value system .

flattering our ego  as the brainy and more soul worthy,

I suspect that the soul is deeper than awareness

perhaps below instinct or behind our dream.

Everything's got soul!

some more than others

at the bottom of our being is a truth that is genuine.

we are just passing through this world.

we are shape shifters

here for now

worlds of spirits

soul as cell. environment as body

making peace and being witness

to the souls that aren’t recognized as real, by priests and scholars.

the attraction of the bee to the blossom,or the bird to the berry.

flower power and the spreading seed,

part of an animate Earth with a soul of its own.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

anticipated return , empathy for entropy

to care

  • The Soul of Solstice.
  • Transmigration of souls.
  • metamorphosis.
  • the Larvae (ghost ) leaves behind the terrestrial Pupa shell’
  • Transformed,
  • Emergent  flying,
  • It joins others in a new home in the sky.
  • A Soul is more than breath on a mirror.
  • The Wake and the certainty  of passage
  • the Butterfly as soul.
  • Dreamer 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earth centered,Sun powered



Space and Time.

Matter and Energy,

Host and Guest

The Waters of Life!

The object of the wheel and the subject of its movement.

revolutionary understandings in the language of Nature.

  Bright and Shinning traveler ,

Thank you for making our Day!,


Three ways energy and Mater relate.

Absorption of Energy

Reflection of Energy

Transmission of Energy

Food for thought.

Part of our energy self that is mind and memory.

Our awareness is related to the energies we sense outside of our selves.

How we feel .


Movement and spirit

Our Non physical Selves ,

Our Souls,

Energy levels

power trips


currents and grounding

polarity and fertility

feed by the light

that gives fire to what we are.

the love of Sun and Earth,

Awakening the Waters.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother that is Matter

Our Earth Mother v2





As an instinctual Animist I tend to associate movement with life.

Things like eggs and seeds are Holy lessons in the hidden life that is within things.

This is a Material existence that our senses inform our awareness of.

How is it that we find our selves in fleshy bodies in this world ?

perhaps there is more to personification than a quirk of human understanding.

Maybe there are no inanimate objects,

spirits inhabiting stuff.

Why assume things have no feelings?

The weather is often experienced and described as if it were a human emotional response.

Mother Nature is a passionate and temperamental Being.

Character qualities come through in a language  and tone that are understood by some,

The living Earth  is our Home,and our food.

We are children of the Earth.


for shelter, habitat,or community is a natural part of living awareness, and Identity.

Before any thing is self aware it is responsive to it’s perceived environment and it’s relation to it’s appetite.

We are born hungry,seeking comfort from out side of ourselves.


In recognition , we begin toward respect and better relationship..

thankful for what we have been given and to be part the turning.

Inside and out,part of the larger living being,that feeds, and feels.

Our Earth Mother.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We are here to honor the Gods!

Before there was a you me our anybody else,

Before the birth of the first human,

with our dreams and thoughts and speech.

A time before us.

There exists greater Beings that are beyond our human capacity to understand.

They are not a product of the human Imagination,

A time beyond a different here there are mighty and wondrous things

Both awesome and awful.

They still live,

They exist now and here,

as well as then and there.

Of the ancient beings beings that inhabited here before people.

A group was to stand out, by sharing and cooperating amongst themselves to fight for there place here.

The Gods are specialists with tools who build and make things.

They are not the substance of all that is, but they are the shapers of human realities.

They cultivate the wild world and make it habitable for people.

They care for people, cultivate humanity

They are the shining  ones

radiant ,thought and form

They are the Givers of great gifts

perhaps all that we think we love.

and our ability to care, or wonder.

People and Gods have familial relationships that are recognized in there children,by appearance, abilities or traits of the parents  being passed on generationally as possessing the Gifts of their ancestors.  

The legitimate acceptance of the source  of any godly gift is of concern amongst the Gods as well as the people,

Here we find the hero struggling with fate and destiny

to be recognized as true to there nature, part God.

Immortal super Heroes looking for basic respect and  recognition of the  epic hardships they overcame .in a story of there life as less than a imperfect God.

The Gods shine through us

not all at the same time in the same way

There  is an unmistakably domesticated quality to most of humanity

That is usually attributed to the Gods,

They are Culture and language origins

We are modeled by the Gods

Not just as living ,breathing ,spirit inhabiting,body of a human things, but as experiential beings struggling with understanding and meaning in a limited mortal existence.

control and breath,thought and form.

Being true to center

It comes together and overlaps as our sense of  what is  real and here.

The Gods are here, and then,and in between.

Best felt present on our inside,

                       Here and Now

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finally posting

So finally we got this

All set up on this computer and family friendly.

the dream teacher