Saturday, October 13, 2012

Links and Chain



links and chain


A paradox in polarity

The wand turned in on itself,

Opposite, ends coming together, meeting in the middle.

A sense of closure and security, potential in agreement

A Joining, a contract, a ring, a binding, a hoop come full circle.

Containers and fasteners are more than objects, they are ideas.

They have purpose, a reason for being, a function that they fulfill.

An agenda of holding. Opening and closing. A cyclic nature. They are born with will.

.A spirit of their own, with an outside and an inside of junction and conjunction.

Sequential beings, with the ability to couple and relate in limited ways.

Part of a continuance

An intersection.

Like us.


We share a turning World.


What about

The broken link, the bent nail, the shattered bowl?

A reminder of our mortal condition? Our transient nature, Impermanent.

Death is a disappearing.                                   Where did it go?

Is there a Junk Yard Valhalla? After Life reward for Everything?

Where do forgotten Treaties go?

Failed Efforts, missed opportunities and second chances?


Are People responsible for the spiritual life of their creations?

Slipped away, spirited out, no one will ever know. Separated and Laid to rest.

Liberated and set Free to move on to another plane

where a Ghost reunion may await us.