Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancestral Debt


feast hall

Our lives are not totally of our own making, we are part of language and social behaviors we did not personally invent or chose.

We are born into it. We are not the source of our own response, it is deeper than our conscious will and sense of self.

The currents that are channeling humanity and human existence on this planet are not the same as the forces of nature.

We are part of the ruling ambitions and plans of the Wealthy dead and what they wanted to live on and last. It has to do with Empire and Legacy and what lives on Forever.

Artificial spirits that feed on people and their labor. immortal Revenue generators.
Man made monsters that don’t respect the value and worth of man hours as much as capital returns.

profit run amuck.

Commodification and speculation are not natural phenomena like tides or seasons.

Markets are not a function of natural selection and don’t behave like a natural environment or living community.

Where is the Hero? The Human Hope?

Mighty Dead, Great People, Ancient Wise is this Our inherited legacy?

There is not that much distance between our hearts and our Ancestors.
We are essentially made out of the same stuff.

We try to do the right thing, or at least remember to avoid doing the wrong thing, committed to Human connectivity and continuing generations.

We are witness to the death of a great age of Man.
Industrial society has reached the limits of the globe. Wage slavery will be coming to an end soon.

Money is in intellectual property- owning ideas, patented life forms and taking energy from every corner of the earth.

How do the dead feel about this?

Is this what life was for? Was this progress?

Are we to feel responsible for pride and shame that we bring to our associations with one another?

Do we owe an ancestral debt?
Is it to
try to do good and make the world a better place?
Afford a moment of silence, in tribute to the passing of a person’s life?
or to contemplate the meaning of our own.