Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dead reckoning, traditional hindsight


We are often unaware of what attracts us to things, yet we have a direct knowledge  and certainty of what we find unpleasant, or turn away from.

Why do we sense that we don’t really appreciate something till we are confronted with it’s absence?

Is it the Eyes ability to sense light

or the shadow that  give definition order and form to what we see?

Or imagine we see.

I find that the beginning in ending is the source of story telling,

and story telling is the origin of a special class of folks with a special reverence  for truth.

There is something in the recognition of passing, the distance, the void of what was, that pulls us into the magic of memory. 

The nature  of Afterthought and the relationship of hindsight and insight.

Turn and re-turn,  Member and re-member , Tell and re-tell,  Call and re-call

Perhaps a perceptual loop that presents preference for the reflex or habit of perpetuating patterns ,We are Mimics, before we are tool users or language masters.

we are carriers of  tradition of re-cognizing . Accessing meaning from experience.

Engaged in process of reflect and review and relate that is  a ancestrally passed on perception of the world, and our part to play in the Here and Now. 

more important than the active recording of all  that is_

Is the unconscious editing  that we do.

Our Aim, the judgment to select, being right and true, the strait and level playing field, plainly speaking,and honestly searching.

Learning from our mistakes may be the key to wisdom in the nature of our thought full selves,Can there be understanding without error?Knowledge without surprise?

What is intelligence without wonder? memory without appreciation?

We should have awe for our genius .

Helping us to take careful aim, giving us foresight and reflex that is directive and relative

A reaction to the now, interpreted from the experience of many  then,

Few things remembered ,most forgotten ,more unnoticed.

This is the way of things,people,stories.

In Hero worship

There is something in the reanimation of the spirit of what has passed, of it’s life, awareness or attention being pleased or invigorated by reverent sharing of inspiration drawing from it’s  life stories.

Believing in the ability to communicate with the dead or speak with spirits is Older than the worship of Gods.

Writing has its  magical origins in the  Art of drawing’

  It  later became associated with word and language magic of storytellers.

Both are  defined by the breaks or absence in space, that enable us to separate the this from that, discriminating letters,grouping words,,beats, notes, dots and dashes the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

representations arranged and ordered becoming a doorway of thought and emotion.

mnemonic memory aids, channels of communication depending  on the pause , the rest, the other.

Is this the vacuum that must be filled by our effort to care or understand?

Is this the gap that necessitates invention? creation?

What inspires us to fill in the blank, and be afraid of the dark.

Pulling at a desire to  see how things will unfold,

So it is,

our best judgment, and the advantage of distance and perspective is in knowing

how things work out has a lot to do with how we  have viewed  things.