Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Mothers of Things
Mother of the Sun
Mother of Light
Mothers of  Beings
Source of reverence
 before beginning before beginning before
relationship from reference
Life portals
Soul doors
Mothers of Movement
Mothers of Sound
Mothers  of Thought
Mothers of Time

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

-what sticks-

 a good turn deserves another
Seasonal Holiday  devotional gatherings = people making the best of things.
 what we bring to such occasions,  and what we take away,  is not always clear.

to honor what is natural,
to accept what simply is,
what is- real- is,

in a most artificial way,
 expressed in Human group Ritual action.
The common place sacralized with uncommon behavior .
Planning and expectations, preconceptions altering awareness,
individual direct experience is linked with peer learning,
 combined with appealing to unseen spiritual third parties
 social perception, spiritual conception,sacred dimension
Loose yourself-Find yourself
I carry on the Old- New-Old Pagan Tradition
To respect- reciprocate -reaffirm collectively that we are blessed nurtured and supported by powers , beings, spirits beyond our self knowing, and group understanding.
Habitualized Gratitude - Plainly Part of the People Puzzle Picture.

Long live the Tradition !

Thursday, November 2, 2017

gninruter dna gninrut

reverence observation discernment association awareness attention experiential context reference  
  narrative illustrating the ( not pictured)

So thankful for this image,digital file scanned and shared, it's information re prioritized,  the referencing of light and shadow upon form, taking shape, transformed
 with associated memories, My Wife,( not pictured), did not take this photo, as she was present,
 with our less than two year old Son , ( not pictured) ,
 in a sling against her breast, ( not pictured), at the Time..

Truth be told, I would have not been there, or a member of the organization at that time, if not for the man, second from the viewers left, who shared this image with me,  after the memorial. of the man on the viewers right.

My Father, (not pictured), who was present at my first official  ritual of the organization with the founder, second in from the viewers right  , was living his last Summer that year,
 He had left a print of his art , with the owner, ( not pictured) of the location background ,
 of the photo  , when I was with him, about forty years from now,
  twenty five years - from the time, the photo was taken .

Twelve years before, at the tenth anniversary of the festival event , that was to happen,
 for the first time, at the location, that I thought was my first time at , but,  turns out ,  it wasn't.
I was asked to do a drawing for a thank you, or birthday card to be presented to the
 location owner ( not pictured).
That was the first summer, that the group that I had started, (not pictured)--( Green Man Grove ADF ) was recognized by the organization as one of its branches, I was recognized as a senior druid.

Within the group, ( not pictured), that I had started, how I was recognized depended on,
 who you asked, as well as when you asked, and where you asked.

The process of perpetuating the encouragement of contribution can deprive one of the critical ability to chose and differentiate your own.....( not pictured)
welcome returning care attention cycle

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

turning and returning

photo by David Kling -  used with permission , gratitude and appreciation

 In respect,
 with regards,
 I had My Wife look up the photographer, to seek permission, to post the photo,
 shared with Me, by the Man, pictured , second from the left , after seeing him,
 at the Memorial, of the Man on the far right.

I am so glad , to have this image, of this moment,  of these People.
         A Keepsake of the occasion..
for those that find significance in the arrangement and context of groupings
I am third from right, fourth from left, as viewed on screen.
In real life , at the time , the organizations founder is standing in front- left of Me.
 Standing  on my right, the first to leave the organization,( among this particular group) .

peculiar priest picture people placement
posterity production proclivity pattern persons
paranormal  probability posture potential

As it turns out this image is the last I was to be at that Location.
The two Men on my left, viewed as right by the observer,
 the first,  and second , of this  photo group,  to Die, years later.

I had a  memorable one to one,  with both, unexpectedly,  after this photo,
 on separate occasions,  I bonded with them,  met their Wives
 oblivious to the level of Health struggle they were engaged in,
 thrilled that they remembered  me,  appreciated my work,  acknowledged my sacrifice.

We laughed about old stuff,  a tradition of sharing our Spiritual  Work with one another,
 often in the hustle bustle long distance festival gathering camp out ritual workshop - kind of way,   many faces to many faces.  ones upon a time.
Then a short time later...... a sudden shift in relationship,

 after the face to face,- one on one.    The Woman I had just  met,
 as the Wife of my organizations  conceptual clergy coalescence creation  crop,

 ( pictured above )

  was arranging and facilitating,
what would turn out to be,  the last communication between,
 My self and a person,
 who -  facing death,
 expressed an interest in engaging in a socially awkward,
 emotionally uncomfortable,  physically challenging, final exchange, with Me.

What a profound trans personally private  Gift.
The sharing of what is Real, contact , comfort,
 at least trying.
 a continuation of the tradition of showing the world how you care.
what you care about .
Naturally part of a cyclic life -spirit exchange.
Not so much about the content of what is shared,
 but, the way it is shared,
Authentic and genuine truth,  as it can best be articulated .
Life is too short for less.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The ways of Things

Photo by My Wife of a free floating buoyant colony of suspected filamentous blue green algae combined with some persistent diatomaceous funk in a flipped over sealed mustard jar on top of a upside down broken solar yard light as a pedestal.

How things take form,
How things come together,
Grow and develop,
Story relationships,  perspectives .

Photo by My Wife of the rear of My magic transportation devise in the form of a 71 VW type 2  painted prized and loved   sets    next to the puppet stage contained and covered next to the studio at the Home it brought Me to.moving protecting inside

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

selective sensation sensitivity sense secret

Special separate sacred safe secure space
slippery static social solitary soul syllabus
speak spirit speech,  see surrounding sojourn

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

memorial meaning monumental momentary maps movement

linked in space and time on many dimensions simultaneously

Where stand i ?

Perhaps there is a basic rootedness to be found in the movement of distant far away objects,
to sense and respond to perceived influence and inspiration.....

 at the center of all

Preserving the legacy and memory of contribution and sacrifice.
The Safe guarding of  life's Spiritual Work,
To see that it is not corrupted, wasted or miss-used.
Honorably Remembered,
Living on.
Beyond the combination of meat and mind that is the creator of any prayer,
 a strangely sympathetic sometimes synchronistic soul sound spirit sensitivity shared.
Love is not limited to the living.
Care and concern continue creatively in the compositions and constructions of culture and craft.
 Sacred Memory
What the Dead believe in,  is of as much,  or more importance than individual,  or collective popular opinion , of the current state of reality,  in this World among the living.
Technology teamed with the basic approve- dis approve, yes- no, happy- sad , up - down
A fenced in cage of characters, in an artificial landscape,
 a spiritual navigation reference,
 that is not about place connection and the revolutionary movements of Sun, Moon and Stars ;
 but connection control,  service accounts,  personal pocket power projector.repeater reproducer reflection reflex.

Earrach of Pittsburgh

You are here, and in many of MY Blog posts.
Just because you are Dead, doesn't change that.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

passing child of earth and sun

My Wife texted Me while commuting, of  the move from Hospital to Hospice, of My Friend,
 before I posted last to this blog, Hoping he might see it.

My Wife insisted that I repeat back to her the tarot card reading  I had shared with her earlier, that I had written in my sketch book/ journal the day before, from the first reading of a new "Tarot of Druids" deck I picked up on a college tour with  My Son.

My Wife was sending the reading to the Wife of My Friend, also a reader.
Apparently, He passed as I was going through the layout, the cards their position and meaning, not to worry about my wrong Irish name spelling for now etc.
The Seven of Cups,described as,inspiration- artistic success - desire to start over , the final card.

My Wife and I were going to pick up ceramic supplies and get three paintings and a print from a show that closed on My Son's birthday.
We had time to spare so we looked at the "hand made paint" studio and store next to the ceramic supply.
I bought a tube of oil paint labeled "Bohemian Green Earth."
My Wife was commenting about the special place that we went to dine next to the Rondout,
The Out of the Hospital restaurant.

My Wife received a text to call, when She checked her phone, after we had ordered the cold seafood  sampler and a couple of soups, I found out My Friend had died before the waitress came back.
We fed many hungry cute little sparrows with bread and oyster crackers in the outside dining area.

We were fortunate to spot a friend and gallerist of the Gallery we were going to, having dinner in the window of another storefront restaurant.
After picking up My four pieces we picked up some groceries,
I got a 2018 Almanac.
My Wife picked up a book from a free book table the library set up at the grocery store sliding door,
" THE TIMETABLES OF HISTORY, a horizontal linkage of people and events"

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

chronicling crepuscular comunications clairvoyant

A photo of my Son operating a prop time machine I made for his seventh grade play --- years ago.

There is something magic in presentation, exhibition and display.
something sacred in honoring contribution and collective collaborative creativity.
micro community creation
crafting communicative cultural conduits

special occasions
trans formative events

photos I had my Son take a few days ago,  maybe a week,
 of  the moss and micro mushrooms,
 under the miniature maple,  I planted many,  maybe five years ago,  maybe more.

The moss and lichen recently placed, the fruiting fungus a momentary manifestation of the hidden.
arrangement, composition unrevealed.

My personal pagan publishing print past part product paralysis, part paradigm prognosis.
courting commonality continuously creating club calendars of classes, celebrations,
Not part of the micro community hosting My Son has come to associate with those who gather for holiday ritual at his home,
 throughout his life,
 that was the partial back story of his parents pagan pairing,

The photos were taken with a hand held touch screen, wireless internet connected computerized communications devise that has been a significant presence in the environment of the times.

complex unseen relationships amidst the various developing beings that inhabit a given space at a given time,
the strange influence they have on one another, responding reacting growing.
playing with focus and attention, awareness and feeling.
What we share- how we share
common causes, crusades, missions, projects, rituals

creating an opportunity, an environment that encourages radiant expression,
What comes out of us.....  
a sharing of the shining -   Thankfulness,  Blessing   -  group core focus- Praise Gratitude
 the intent of fostering the undeveloped potential of individual talent by
the empowerment of the participant within the group
 consistent clever care company
An appeal to the  belief in the occasional unexpected connection to genius .

Before social media, before becoming a Father, before moving away from the micro community I had spawned,My Spirit was fed by the thoughts shared in a Grove newsletter, thoughts I would often share at holiday with those I was gathering with.
Beneath the Trees ended, but the Book of Sassafras began.

sometimes a scrapbook contains more than scraps, newsletters more than news, blogs more than blogs.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

of choice and chance

so is



Thursday, August 3, 2017

eye owe yew - and sometimes why

looking for the silver lining? 

the silver lining is watching you!

Some Druids made a, - Study Plan - Study Plan - Study Plan!
Some Druids made a, - Study Plan ,

it seemed the thing to do!

It thought it was a , School to Pray - School to Pray - School to Pray!
It thought it was a , School to Pray ,

where they made all the rules!

Some think it is a , Training Ground - Training Ground - Training Ground!
Some think it is a , Training Ground ,

To prove what they can do!

Learning is a, Sharing Thing - Sharing Thing - Sharing Thing !
Learning is a, Sharing Thing ,

not complex, - and- not- cruel!

Belonging is a Holy Thing!- a Holy Thing!- a Holy Thing!
Belonging is a Holy Thing!,

not being told- what-to-do!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

be well

above and below                            bring         balance                       the flow

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

tangible telesomatic temporal terrestrial tutorial

                                             beyond self                                     before I

outside of the individualized form,  that is thought of,  and recognized as Ones own.
 solid objectified physical being,  composed of rotating radiating exchange with,
the stuff that never was and always will be,
touched, influenced, made up by the abstract assembly,
nurtured by the unseen and unknowable,incomplete, commonplace, pervasive complexity.
unfolding within and all around , secret pathways ,silent sentient  sing- a- long,
salient sometime somebody.

 social spirit select  synthesis

 spontaneous parallel thought form wave  ~~~~

Group Mind

The main directional focus in group spiritual activity, meditation, ritual,
 is not self centered , not about you ,   self interest,   self improvement,  or being self conscious.
Loose the Ego!

Aspects of attention and social performance can draw the meaning of the sacred occasion away from the expression of gratitude and honoring of spirits .

Worship\ study groups that gather with a focus on individual progress or performance within the group  create a focus of attention and intention of events and activities and the expectations of the participants, A projected imperative for the collective effort and reason for being.
 Experience is directed. facilitating that experience becomes a mission in and of itself.
Tricky Business
playing with the offerings of others

Thursday, July 13, 2017

claim consumer culture contribution control contest continued

connective contrivance creativity  conformity
creepy command  committee conspiracy conscription

current concerns

Will my tender perennials be safe in the Priestly  Garden?
 or might they be molested and uprooted by trained Clergy Council Cadaver Dogs?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

closer to home

photo taken in front of house, by my Wife
It bears repeating,

The Real Magic is between...
 the response,
the reaction
Between forms viewed from the side.

The Secret is not in mastery and meaning.

Simply something with sensitivity, shelter, song.

conjunctions of binary pairings

perhaps too much emphasis on the vertical , with its associations with hierarchy

Spiritual relationships exist beyond our defined time and place for them.

 Our control of situation, action, intention, ceremony and symbolism is not what it is all about.

A more truthful,  and accurate,  observation of a subject , and its actions,  is made when,
 the subject,  is unaware of,  the presence of the observer.
The Secret is not in mastery and meaning.

Simply something with sensitivity, shelter, song.

photo taken in back of house, by my Son

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


                   Wonder and understanding are not opposing and competing states of mind.

                                                        all knowing  or know nothing

                                                          the mix of mind and matter,
                                                      a bundle of radiating  nerve fibers,
                                                              branching network,
                                                           related to spin and orbit,
                                                                   day and night.
                                                                 excited molecules
                              Does genius equal energy?  thought Fire? feeling the Sun?
                                                                    Life Force
Is individual  consciousness a momentary fluctuation of transitional passing pressure differentials?
electromagnetic osmosis- chemical reaction, ionic exchange,
depth and width , rate of flow,volume, density, conductivity, permeability,
questions and answers, tests and riddles, games and contests,compare and contrast
A juxtaposition of self and center ,interior and exterior.
belly button as independent power place.
personal connection to the Sun!
 passage from public to private,
turning and circling. glowing and warm,
Fire works within!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

adaptation and application,projected perceptive pathways

 %practice precaution%

the aim is to share a message of understanding, and relationship.

C                                            P
O                                            R
N                                            O
N                                            T
E                                             E
C                                             C
T                                             T
E                                              E
D                                             D

 I had picked up the two drop cloth runners , in the parking lot , of the hardware box store,  from the program manager,  after finishing the last class of the season.
It was a particularly charming second grade class, that I set up  the" unnatural nature trail".
This Year one of the " unnatural  objects", a VHS Tape,  was an object of questionable function,  some thought it was a game,   none thought of it as a recording of a film.

I lost the program director in the parking lot,  of the big chain craft store,  that has moved, but I had approved drawings,  of the message,  relayed from the education director,  that is the mission of the Sloop this Summer, or,  at least,  immediately after the annual, revival  music environmental festival, that didn't happen last year.
My Volunteer mission, to set up the two drop cloths,  to be painted at the festival,  engaging other volunteers,  to contribute to the expression,  at the tide line tent,  part of the working waterfront,
part of the temporary extended festival map of placement of events and  activities.

 The plan was,
The painted runners will be grommet and  doweled on board,  in transit,  on a reenactment voyage,  made to the nations capital by the organizations folk singing founder  in nineteen seventy.
where it will hopefully,  be run up the port and starboard shroud,  around the mast of the Sloop.
 again to emphasize,
sending a message,
 an appeal to the People that are the law makers and government of Place to See what we have to say.

 The Protection of Our Connections,
Defense of the complex interrelationships of living and non-living things........
As vague,subtle, nondescript or unknowable as they all may be,
They Are Important !
They Are Real  !

 Language is based on recognition!
 A simplified symbol code with corresponding associations.
The spacing between and around perceived sense awareness, attention and focus,
 arisen out of what We see,    what We hear,     what We feel.
    and what We don't.

Shapes and sounds that form letters that combine into words.

Simple frequent  = recognition =

variations and gradations, composition, spirit, meaning
The frequent repetition, the scale, frequency, cycles,spectrum.

 How the elements fit together in space, clusters, groupings

Anticipation of pattern distribution
Interpreters, participants of boundaries that are unnatural,
blocking out what we do not need to know, or want to see......
guided  and following rules of proportion and ratio,
 that promote division and extraction of meaning and worth.
looking for order
imposing structure and definition
Accumulating wealth, controlling power.

Lucky I did the lay out the one day it did not rain.

Crazy little red squirrel was unable to make it's regular rounds across my back deck,
 when I had the two runners taped down.
I am sure these were not kind sounds, or words of encouragement .
I may not speak the language,   but I get the message,

 Lucky My wife insisted I do the lay out - off site,  before the event.
%practice precaution%
Public performance problematic permanent paint
sign ~  making ~ reading
message mission memory meaning
The Trick to .adhesion and awareness
Clear Intention --------------  Spread the Word!
the thing itself is not  as important as what goes into it.
The preparation, plotting, planning, lay out and set up
 and charting
the leading
and the learning in leading.
to be part of the scene.
integrated and influenced, conductivity.

I had a couple of volunteers I particularly bonded with,
helping me with paint mixing, listening to me talk about,viscosity and porosity, application and surface, technique of dry brush, wet into wet, dribble splatter and bleed, fluid dynamics, selfless
 unidentifiable , contribution to the over- all affect;  our indirect influence , elaborate entanglement
 The predicted precipitation participated in a cooperative collaborative drizzle,
letting the message sink in.
We punched up the Letters,  with balance and symmetry in mind,  and pulled off the tape,
 cleaned up the area!
 Dry and delivered the next day , My Mission complete, crossing the red - orange temporary gate fence, I hear some vendors complaining as they pack up , about the closing act,  My Hero, the son of the iconic American folk singer,  and sign painter,  going on,  and on,  talking,  some twenty minutes before his next song.....


The River Sloop turned back from it's voyage when facing severe weather off the coast.

%practice precaution% 

Seen across the river,  from the performance,   of the Nobel prize winning ,   ( literature )   Artist, 
 that the Sloops,     folk singing founder,      is rumored to have threatened,     the cutting  of the electrical amplifiers  power lines,           to the Artists guitar,             with an axe.

Is the very same Artist My Wife and I last saw in the Big City,            in the Big Stadium before moving upstate ,                    the same venue,             that the Sloops folk founder had his Big Birthday concert fund raiser at,                                                                        a few years back
                                                                          The Artist!.
              Who did not say one word to the audience,                         at the premier concert, 
 of the re-purposed industrial Brick Yards,                                         turned upscale private arts venue,  just down the road,                                  and along the water,                  from where the folk founder,  now dead ,                                                                                                       then living asked Me,                                                                        " is it about high tide?" .
                                                                        a few years back.

The Artist ,                                                                                              who used to live in the Town, that has the name,                                                                 of the infamous Summer Music Festival, that had a Film made of it,                         featuring My Hero,        son of iconic American folk singer
      commenting about the state thru way being closed because of the enormity of the event. 

There was a strict no recording policy in place for event and performance ,
next to the river.
  that shares the name,
 with My Son,
 so soon after the Summer Solstice.
Heard from the stage,
No   Hello,    No    Goodbye,
No   Thank You

Traditions passed on

It is not the specifics of any particular combination of symbol sets that give meaning and value to the message, but the understanding and awareness it triggers in others.

you get the idea
school of thought

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

destination - destiny

Spiritual - Spatial - Navigation                   Special Trade Relationships                          

Sub- Sensory stimulation response- part of Life behavior.
Outside of questions of intelligence , awareness, domination.
Things seek comfort.
Things move over time,
Space perceivers
motion detectors

The distribution and spacing of individuals, clusters, groupings.....

stress placed on the population in decreased market opportunity habitats.
fracturing support networks, undermining sustaining institutions, organs, communities.

Reproduction ritual is an elaborate and costly effort and risk in display.
the critical phase in the generational existence of a individual life form,
 is not in the existence of the individual.

The continuance of a fertility association between the ability for a range of space to be able to provide sustenance and well being for the future generation.
a rate of exchange governed by climate and season.
It is not about thought , ideology, rational or reason.
agents and agency  influence and action ,

 Transceivers of terrestrial bound life response to extra terrestrial energy
Part of a extra dimensional distribution complex.
Community of indirect correlations,conspicuous coincidences,
curious coordination,creative continuity, communication craft.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

upward mobility ,achievement progress

observational awareness
 directional sense of where you are at -- where you have been
seeking to better the condition
improve upon the situation
perception and vantage point

I was reminded of the ( Kiss principal ), " keep it simple stupid "by the original Arch-Druid of the organized religious group he had founded, when I last saw Him, as He was living his last.

That was some time ago.
I knew him some time before that.

Group and Grouping
Perhaps the essential directive, in the habit,  of Neo Pagan Druid Ritual,
 that I have chosen to associate with over the years,
 is one of sharing and display of respect and appreciation,
We do not have to do it.

We Like to do it,    it brings us closer


A group formation or shape based on function,
 inspiration as opposed to obligation.
It is not about requirements,or being made to conform in word , action ,belief or understanding.
It is not about gathering in a singularity of rightness or truth and purpose.
 It is not about Domination.
It is not about membership.
.It is not about certainty.
Ownership or control.
Comparative competition,responsibility ,ranking or privilege 
Seeking institutional  recognition of superiority, advantage is not the way to encourage group

 Safety and entrapment

The Way Out



Free to care,  to focus attention and love,

 Free to come and go.

Voluntary Contribution
Gift - Sacrifice- offering


Monday, May 29, 2017

directional movement observed

                           How things stand now
                                                                               Look in depth