Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Endings

island of women

Story  is the  root of  My tradition.

It is nice not to have to claim a special relationship with the Gods or the Cosmos.

I don’t have to profess my knowledge or share my Holy insights as part of a contract with the people and their Souls and the Afterlife.

I don’t have to have direct experience of the subject, I certainly wont  claim to control  or own it, or force others to accept it as truth.

I am in the Ancient habit of Story.

I listen to story, I see story, I think and believe in story.

It may be a simple reflex of memory and a desire for resolution ,

to long for Happy Endings

I think that we conceptually jump to conclusions, and focus on desired outcomes as part of our Minds way of editing and linking  episodic information for recall.

We find comfort and relation in Story

There is a strange emotional experience when a story ends.

It feels to me as if Story itself has Life,Spirit or Soul.

Something else entirely is happening with the Story's retelling or sharing,It’s recording and distribution.

Before the clerics and scribes made their reference materials the object of their integrity and devotion there is a reverence for Story and Memory ,associations with Recall and Rebirth or Reanimation.

Storytelling,Enchanting, connecting to another is magic of influence that continues after the authors’ Death.


We are our Stories, and the stories of others





Friday, December 27, 2013

Blessing in disguise

sun rise round solstice

I make a study of Blessing,
I look for it in it’s many shapes and forms seeking to recognize  ,honor and respect it
I try to align my  Magical Being in practice with this word’s concepts in mind
Surprise at what is found to be held within the original meaning or  beneath the surface.
Beyond the parameters and expectations, a bursting forth  in an unanticipated way
An extending of Inner  and unwrapping of the gift
Believing it makes a difference.
An out pouring of what is most precious and vital is broadcast.
Exposed to the spectacle of the fall out , caught up in the unpredicted shower and spray
To feel it touch you,  stick with you
To be Lucky enough to be marked as a witness of the event, to be changed, moved, inspired.connected because of fortuitous proximity to another's Life , Some one else's Sacrifice.
Knowing it is possible to be uplifted by the actions of others in profound and long lasting ways,
It is in the indeterminable effect and Hope that some Good may come of it,
We can never Know how it works, fortunately we don’t need to.
To be Helped by unknown strangers and marvel at the thread of coincidence and circumstance that exist in the Spirit of good will.
A sympathy for a sentient sentiment. The Juice, or Sap of the Cosmos. Our current and charge
Love and Kindness are a language, an awareness that spans worlds and builds Trust
Unintended benefits and beneficiaries are part of the Ballads of Blessing and Bleeding
Not to ignore the  uniqueness, significance,and specialness  of the things around us and the time we share.
This ,Our Spirit love story,
to speak kindly

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obligatory Wishing and Giving Valence and Volume

lfe immitating art immitating lfe immitating art immitating life
Familiar relations between relatives,
Why do some  patterns develop and remain through out life times?
Shapes and Boundaries

What do you find in your Stocking?
Normally your foot.

Result Anticipation Magic is all about Out come.
A Tacit Expectorary Induction
Wishing and Wanting and Praying for things to turn out         Your way.
Self interest is not only your own motivation',
but the belief that
everything  behaves in it’s own self interest
Humbugging!                Deceptions of the Shadow  Men,            with their Bogus Souls

Humbug on milk weed
People are Flimflamed  and Bamboozled with the question of , what  do you want?
Promoting a disingenuous sentiment based on what you want to hear
There is a break between the personal and the popular,
between the Want and the You
A crisis induced response that is not Natures Familial relativisms of what is…Need
But a Human imaginary construct of what we desire to be real and made manifest.
It is a illusion of thought, a societal expectation yet it is real.
Custom and Costume, Holiday Pressure, and performance Anxiety
Forgetting that it is not in the wanting,and wishing
but the Comfort of the Fitting with our Surroundings,
This the Spirit of Peace.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Circumambulation and Circumstance, Centrifugal Coriolis Coefficient

Dawn light on dormant Trees
To knowingly complete a Circuit ,
Round a bout reassurance in Relationship and Reference
Movement oriented with others ,     compared,     Measured
A habit of orbiting as Honoring or Understanding.
Different vantage points, changing perspectives
Drawing something out of us,a sense of  shared vision
Having been around
We think we have seen it all
looked at it from all sides
A Relative frame work of peripheral knowledge
circling power.
What we look up to
What we look down upon.
What we look out for
What we expect to see,
Religion of Revolution ,  Practice of Turning
Sun wise days and years
Moving around our Focus in a respectful way
Posture,Approach and Attitude,
Spirit Journey, Energy Travel, Magical Communication
Where am I in Life?  How did I find my way here?
Accounting in the seasons of our existence, and the spin of serendipity.
We affirm our bearing
Trusting in an unseen force that holds things.
A principal of Order that protects from the out of control.
An Agent of Caring
Hope and Renewal
Source of Dawn Glory

Friday, November 29, 2013

Auric Field and Stream Forms, Foreshadowing , Hydrocarbons and Ectoplasm

It was impossible to capture the vaporous emanation with a camera.
Unable to shoot into the light,
Requiring a dark background
Giving it something to contrast against.

It doesn’t look the same, It doesn’t feel the same.
It’s silhouette reveals  movement but lacks the depth of field of vision that give the Spirit  its dimension

It is not the light or heat or glow of plasma  that are obvious and vital, essential aspects of the soul of life
it is the breath.
The moving atmosphere.
The respiration of space
The spirits occupying place.
expressed outwardly  as shape.

Particles suspended,excited
Moving with a liquidity ,curvilinear contours of subtle temperature differences.
Flow and twist and spin in a Pranic Pantomime.


A pine incense stick over  irregular stocking warn Hemlock floor boards in my trippy house.
The wood grain and knots  a chronicle of the Weather and Life of a hundred years ago.
The carbon pulled from the air and fused into solid form by the Tree.
The tendril of smoke composed of similar material freed  from its’ fixed form by fire
The wood is the host for the guest.
the guest of our Body is our Ghost

Apparitions of a presence.
A Being , A connection
A moment I asked My Son  to Photograph
Spirits existing amongst us,around us,within us
Moving ,
Sharing our Spaces

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sparkle Shine in Shadow Shape of Substance , Form from Frost twinkle and transition


frost and shadow

There is a unique clarity to crystalline structure, a punctuality and Order expressed in fixed, frozen and rigid form . What is between the physical body and the vaporous mist that invisibly withdraws from the warm light of the morning sun?

The Frost clings to the shadow,

A timely grounding of the atmospheric in relationship to energy

Minutely reflective and refractive surfaces or planes.

Prisms, Drum heads, Sails

Catching wind,bending light,resonant transient

Dusk Moon 4 clouds


Water and light are both travelers.

Responding to one another

altering course

Waves and currents

Cycles of frequency,

Vibration or excitement ,a buzz, beat or rhythm .

More than Meteorological Mysticism 

There are Specters in the Spectrum


We love their shine

dusk moon above branchs

The light I see from the Sun setting Sky, enough to tell the difference from branch and Tree from cloud to Cloud

I get a sense of objects and reality

distant energy stimulating inner imagery


I cannot tell how far away the things I see are.

There is more than  the Energies of Light and heat involved in these Atmospheric analogies of Spirit and Water.

There is also Gravity.

A   Feeling

Weather is Emotion

Self portrait in Raven mask reflected in hallway mirror

There are plenty of energies we are unable to sense,know or hope to understand,.

We got lucky with Fire.

And there is People Power of many sorts and kinds


The electric power that is lighting this screen and sharing these images and thoughts now, Where did it come from? How does it effect us?



Raven head on tree, Cerridwen Mullien delta T

Where does Energy come from? Life and Fossil fuel, Atmospheric activity?

There is  deception about connections

Our feelings about comfort, are mirrored by interior atmospheric moods

Psychic weather we hope to shelter or insulate our selves fromRaven mask on tree out back

Hydrological sense adds up.Sun and winds and falling rain

It is not a simple matter of temperature and climate, Carbon and Cash.

It is about inner warmth.How close are we to the Energy.,and our sensitivity and responsiveness to it.

Fire is a consuming process ,its light and warmth have a source,

A Place that it originates from.

What we call fuel is a Home,

or was a body  of some living thing or collection of things mostly vegetable that lived for Sun and Rain.

Smoke and spirit fly and drift as clouds

A load suspended in the sky above, with a destination of precipitation

Released before Returning

Ending before beginning

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kinetic Traditions of Traction and Transit, Portents, Paths, and Portals



Movement and Dimensionality , Divisions of Space are a continuation of the ways we get around,and hope to get ahead.

Our steps, our contact with the Earth.How we make our way, The choices, direction,speed,Style and Fashion.,

Our Shoes are a metaphor of Life's Journey, and the traveling nature of Spirit and Time.

My Son is sporting the High Top Converse and the tails of a Trench Coat in the upper Left. My Wife's Crowley Tarot below him .

We are part of a culture that has a Retro- traditional, appreciation, respect.

A gratitude, trust and love for what fits, and works for us.,

My Left foot is in the lower right in the sacred Space of Our ritual of Summers end.

A Holiday that is not about the now,but the endless then that we emerge from .

It is about the passing and the passage.

A special magical Time of unknowing, between Worlds

Unaware of the impressions we may leave behind us.brunch%20with%20a%20couple%20of%20computer%20guys%20(8)

The patterns we follow or the ones we trail behind.    

I wanted to walk in the shoes of long ago this Summer, and I did.

I marveled at the life that grew from the sole of My Hob Nailed Brogans, Uncharacteristically oblivious to their effect on my crafted domestic interior.

The floors of my Home will never be the same.


Myriad countless depressions, points of contact,pressure, strain and weight leaving the marks, indentations on the soft woods grain,

An interruption of the plane or flow of what had been.

A journal of pace, A connect the dots Diploma of dynamic diameters

A map of My meandering That may spell out the old Druid favorite “ Walk with Wisdom”

A million Sacred Centers of My Making some how not revealing themselves to my hyper aware vision , till the shift in seasonal light.

Constellations on my floor

Between the dew and frost is the shape of being.

We are Change and changing.

Masking and Dancing to some ancient Agronomic Clock.

Troops of disguised door to door travelers.

Eccentric costumes of our own assembly.

We relate to one another from a different perspectives or vantage points.

Our form as a moving pattern as seen from a distance over Time is a real thing forever beyond knowing.

We can be aware of the certainty of culture as a shaper of how we perceive the world and our place in it .

We may not have the kind of impact on our surroundings that our culture has prepared  us to look for and value.Our foot prints are what we leave behind.

Some how there is a unseen record of our activities .A compressed mark we leave on the fiber of Cosmic Order  that is related to our own directional sense and what is right.

Differences we make that we are unaware of that have a causational relationship to the space and tone and forms around us.

We are significant, in a small but integral way.

Our actions  make a difference.

Surroundings      Respond

Our Thankfulness for what has been,

Helps us to recognize and better appreciate where we are and what we have.

our extra-dimensional impact,part of a twisty intertwined symbol family .

Bigger than We can Imagine

Broader than We can Believe.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiration from Expiration,Regenerative Reflex




I am a Neo-Pagan, A New- Pagan, A Now- Pagan.

Meaning that I am Free to Explore My spiritual relationship with the Worlds as I choose, in My  Own  Pagan Fashion.

Part of a Mystic Vanguard that Acknowledge That Much of the Old ways seem to have been Horrible.

Some things should not be repeated,or played with or profited from.

Just speaking about them can draw their  attention  and feed their Being.

Evil Folkways do exist.

They may be Dead and left behind and hidden by our Ancestors for Good reason.

We can never Know

we are not meant to see, the covert slight of hand,

The subtle pass off From Overt distraction, The moment has been taken.

The pulse revealed,the exchange has taken place, it is a beat

Presto- Change-O


Transformation, Transportation

Beyond the originator

New from Old is NaturalIMG_6787

We are part of that

Currently engaged in a spiritual World of discovery.

Ancient Belief is not as important as direct experience, and current practice.

We are Here to Worship as we are , while we are here

From blossom  to fruit to seed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Enter Strange but true a post title






The one thing that I am continually re-learning is that things are not as simple as we were lead to believe.

Our  Beliefs are an interesting construction of symbolic relationships,

Part of My Experience has been that’

All of the subjects that I am passionate about Knowing,

All of My Beliefs about a Subject,

May be wrong.

Often this makes me Love it even more.

So it is with learning ,discovery, and curiosity.

Wisdom and knowledge are accumulated sediment effected by temporal turbidity.

Every thing is more than it seems to be

We are part of the Hidden Potential that is everything.

Interrelated with unseen influences in an ever weirder and more complex  dialogue with the  Now.

On closer examination all subjects become more detailed.


As boundless as imagination may be conceptually and magically,

Truth is stranger than fiction

time and time again.

consistent oddities 

asynchronous couplings

chains of causation 

That have meaning in Our Life, Some how to some one, we wont Know.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deciduous Dichotomy Directional Dogma

photo (2)cicada%20exoskeleton
What we choose to leave behind or what we try to cling on to.
We are confronted by cultural notions of progress. growth and development
We are introduced to a world view and survival plan  before we Know ourselves or hope to understand our potential in interacting  and experience in this life.
This is not the way of the wild, or the logic of Nature, but a crafty construct of persuasive language in a characteristically Human way, a social one, a generational one,
there are truths that are shared  with other beings of the Earth.
The living breathe
and grow UP
Looking to the Sky for Truth, and view.
It is for the most part a very atmospheric, sun ,sky, rain , time keeper, teacher from above,
The preference for the dawn and the day or the sequential ordering of thought.
When does this or that reasoning become a binary response, or primal switch of the unintelligent world within and without.
The draw of the expanding horizon.
Perhaps we mature and ripen in our own time,, in our own way.
Out grown constraints of awareness are left behind if they don’t serve us.
Much of My Neo Pagan Druids Progress is not motivated by a certainty of knowledge and control  over things,and how they come out.,
but by the commitment to try not to repeat known errors, or falsehoods, avoiding what was known to be dangerous, destructive or wreck less.
It is a path that has direction.
It builds upon experience,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

weird attractors


What are the things that bring us together?

Un aware of the other side of the Window looking in.


taking advantage of light to capture something to fill an empty inside


When does prayer become the same as wishing and wanting?

When is it about seeing yourself as part of unexpected things?

A curious reflection and reaction of Minds and Missions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The movement of Souls

Life is a coming and going affair.

Who and what we meet and experience are a product of the  now and then.,

Souls and Animating Spirits of all Manner of things converge  and intermingle with time and space.

The shared awareness of a fresh breeze and the setting sun.

Having Chance encounters  with fellow voyagers as we make our way.

We need not be worried about a destination to recognize that the journey has been taking place, is taking place here and now. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Shapes Between Us


Persistent illusions of surface mass and hidden content and worth in the order of things.

How we are taught to size things up .

exert our influence .

Limits to comparative reality, mechanistic behaviors  and logical outcomes.

There is a stark difference between honoring and loving what is for what it is,


Expecting your  Outcome or result to be in a specific form.

Religion as recipe

Regulation and uniformity are not a guarantee of reward  .

An Amazing Thing that We are Believed to have our greatest beauty and worth within .

Our Outside Shapes are compared in discreet and overt ways.

What we look like, what  we do?

Our sphere of influence,zones of control, rankings and ratings, demographic detailing

Never in history has a tool been made that has so greatly effected humanities sense of it’s self . and how it  see’s itself fitting in.

I feel something more than fashionable conformity in outside appearance taking place

The Importance  of our Digital appearance our Electric shape and it’s ability to be recognized and accessed has changed cultural and societal structures and orders.


This tool has had a great effect on spirit and people. and sharing in a spiritual, from the heart way.

,,Immediacy and simplicity , Judging a book by it’s cover is what is being sold as knowledge .

More than ever the tool is what we look to to relate to where we are and what's going on

Collectively we think we are real super smart and have it all figured out,

we know it all and how it all works., How things stack up currently in cyberspace .

Yet we know that it is not the way of things,

, not when there is wood to split ,

and stack,

and space ,

and store,

and move again

and stack again

and burn

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Micro-celebrity in an age of Hyper individualism Pre- cognition and Retro active Causation

I painted this watercolor when I was eleven.
Spukhafte Fernwirking is the descriptive term of Albert Einstein.
Micro Celebrity is a term Isaac Bonewits shared with Me..
I am deeply entangled in a Magical existence, We all are.
How we recognize ourselves and our environment is somehow related to time and space, Our changing surroundings connected to our changing interior.
Conscious and coincidence.   

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Applications of virtues



I had been Senior Druid of the Grove I had founded maybe five years with little success in finding a replacement or a competent stand in.

I had shut down the grove formally with the group on Lughnasa, only to have them ask me to restart it for Samhain

This I did , as a reluctant unappreciated leader,only to find Myself , Home-less and Grove-less in a  month.

After a grove Yule that wasn’t, without Me,

I was asked to lead again to keep the grove alive.

I agreed to do this in a limited capacity,

It was at this time that a collective program was being shared amongst Groves that included  nine virtues as a principal part of our religious beliefs and practice.

3 of 9 virtues

The virtues were a component of a package that was bundled together to be the beginning of a formal spiritual training or schooling.

I had been developing my own Ideas over the years as had many of my Druid friends,

but this was to be the official system of Our Druid Organization

It was the Organization that made sure  we had all the aspects of our training that other religions do.

Our virtues were further distinguished by referencing the three functions or castes  of indo -European society.

While I am willing to indulge intellect and imagination in our  exploration of Druid Spiritual Fun.

Issues of Class and Society are not to be play acted.

Indo- European models are not complete or functional without slavery.

Perhaps it was this, and the odd notions that virtues were coupled with vices, that  put me off on taking virtues on, as what my religion was all about.


It was a challenge to moderate a discussion group of Dedicants about Their feelings and thoughts about these nine virtues or any others as it was very personal and objective and students want to offer the answer they believe the teacher wants to hear.

Or in this case the course was devised around what the student has to say,

or wants to be.

This marked a very stark divide between the motive and intent of a Druid worship group seeking to honor a spiritual presence,

and  those seeking to be heard and acknowledged  by a study group.

This seemed to accentuate the difference between Druid as Priest/mystic and Senior Druid as the facilitator of a study program group.

I did not understand it at the time but I sensed that the Organization had become a Brand, the study program its product, and groves the outlets, a consumer oriented approach that perverts vocational concepts from being descriptive of the work done to the fantasy of expectation and desire for outcome.  A paradox of profession and confession,

getting hokey with my folky

6 of 9 virtues

I encounter the virtues again a few years later.

I was part Of the first group of Priests Ordained by the Organization .

The second group were all of the Senior Druids of Groves of the organization.and Study Program.Students.

I was then expected to complete and submit for review the Dedicant  Program and its’ essays about the nine virtues .

By this time the program had produced a couple of crops of virtue loving essayists who just didn’t think it was fair that I hadn't written anything about what was so fundamental to our Organization.

I was again struggling with producing the required expression  on a number of levels.


It lacks a genuineness and inspirational nature that I associate with my Spiritual Brand of Druid

It felt coerced or contrived on my part,

not the real love, real deal, real thing I try to stay true to.

My Kindred Spirits were not urging me to write these essays, they were supplying Me with other tasks.

Informing Me.

I did not want my voice to be one that was critical of the program.

I did not want to be used by the critics of the program or the anti-clergy crowd.

I did not see our duty to codify our training of each other as vital as kindness.


Years later I paint cards of the nine to draw and read as omens.

I treat the words like beings in and of themselves as well as within us,

Things to live by or through. We need to be careful of what we embody.

Urged to use them as a Priest, Struggling to compose with them as a Bard, I have a found their use as a Seer.

I have to say that it is not a good practice to use virtues as part of judgment of others, Including their level of Mastery in a Program or Vocation.

Others may feel it is important and enriching doing it,

But It is not my thing, and it’s not what My religion, My Priesthood is about.

I am not a Priest of a Program,

perhaps a Priest of process.

A process that has been very public for over twenty years.

I am not closing the door on the Program by pointing out that I don’t like how it is being used in the Organization.

I am not  claiming to be a master or knowledgeable of the program or to have any experience with it as an accepted and understanding insider.

I am A Druid with my Arts. and many Muses.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Poet~Prophet & Private~Profit




Harvest is a claiming .

With Triumph there is Tribute, Tax,or Tithe.

With Domination there is Domain and Dominion.

We  have been conditioned to think this is the cost of ownership, a business expense,

Mastery instead of Mystery.

The House rules


Order gets it’s cut.

It is not the only game in town, and life is not about being a played.

Life is Work, and struggle, there is no getting around that.

It’s often not easy, but sometimes it is.

Difficult and challenging situations  are what we are built for.

Opportunities for our Genius to break free.

To be Heroic.

We don’t have to sell out.

We can protect our common wealth. from the invisible Hand .

Market values are not social  ones. The Fair is just that,there can be no thievery .

It is important to honor your Muse for her gifts,

and not manipulate them in service to

another master.

I don’t know if volunteer not for profit groups have a future in a corporate economy.

Share holder expectations, guaranteed return on investment, are not forces  that move the Earth,or govern the World.

Our share of the harvest changes with the luck of the season,

some are better than others.

A crop circle

There is no expectation for what we are owed for our service.

Value and credit have a spiritual worth.

It helps to gather with love, respect and gratitude.

It hurts to feel like a commodity,in a commercial scheme

A consumer who is not a not a whole being.

Bargains and Business , Trade and Treaties.have an extra dimensional aspect.

Agreements, understandings ,contracts,oaths,couples.mergers

Where is the fidelity, loyalty,Trust?

Where is the heart and Soul?

There is no burden of spiritual Debt or Original Sin in Neo Pagan   Druid Belief or Disbelief.

Lucky for us!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Proxy Pagan Praxis Placebo

At our most simple level we feed from place.
We find sustenance from outside of our selves.
We find our living from our surroundings.
We also feed from one another,
Finding comfort in the act of sharing, and security in a common aspect of living.
Everything feels  good .
Doing it’s thing .
It is enriching and inspiring to be part of Nature.
It is important to Me to share my feelings with Out of Doors
With the Insects and weather,
With sticks and smoke,
With dirt and stars

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our voice

Our Voice is the energy of our Vibrating breath being transmitted beyond our being.

We have a good deal of control as to the content ,tone and qualities of our expression .

We should be aware of  our effect. IMG_5956

We may not be the source of our own creative spiritual voice or soul.

It shines through us, when we let it,

We are the Moderators ,of passage, conductors of thought, learners of language.

Resonant boxes, sound makers and story tellers.

We shape and craft our surroundings as part of a greater conversation and song.

Choosing our part in how and what we wish to share.

Controlling as best we can what comes out of us.

Finding humor and humility in surprise outbursts of discovery.

Don’t make demands of your Audience, it is the world.

there have  always been unseen listeners.  It isn’t all about Being heard.

The loudest or longest doesn’t win.

It need not be a competitive participant driven ,popularity poll .

  • It is not about social manipulation and influence.
  • It is about inner truth and honesty.
  • Author and authority to what is authentically our own sound.



Communication begins with a recognized response .before the conversation can begin.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

out of this world


molds growing on the sole of My Hob-Nailed Brogans.


Making  Me think of the molding of My Soul.

The shape of our Spirit form and how our concepts of Self inhibits or expands our understanding and exploration of our own Psychic composition, and living function integrated in the larger body of the Whole.

The diversity of expression of form and color,endless subtlety

The fruiting of individualization from a community  within a community with unique structures, and individual Identities.

I’m not sure where I pick up this stuff, Unaware of what grows on me

Something that I had passed over, that stuck with me, taking on a life of it’s own.

Finding Opportunity in My company.

Awaiting the right time. the right conditions to emerge and bloom.

The invisible collective emerges to elevate the next generation

Millions of children, genetically differing from their parents and each other.

They have attained a unique personhood, because our life paths crossed.

sharing this space and time, 

The paths of our ancestors, and the destiny of spores,

witness ,wonder



Perhaps this is too intimate and personal a thing to share with all the World?

To admit that I find Beauty in taking part  in this dance of Beings .

So many partners

Reflected below the surface, Glass Catfish and Ghost Shrimp

, A couple of the critters I keep ,

Teachers in transparency, with little to hide

clearly sensitive, curious and hungry.

Friends that I regularly feed, They appear naked except for the eyes and antennae , mouths and stomachs.

They also display openly the hidden symmetry and order of inner organization that make up their bodies.

They prefer to live in groups when they make their way in this world.

They have a lot to show us about getting a long ,   for see- through creatures

Too revealing a Pet? Our Life journey is a movement.

The things we touch with our passing as well as the things that have touched us.


Partners from out of this same World.

Different but not Foreign, Strange but not Alien.

We share the experience of Now

What it is to be.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Doggy Bag of Druid ritual


There are some basic understandings I hope sink in with the regular habit of Neo-Pagan group worship.

An important one is not the ritual event but what the people take home with them.

What do we internalize and take on as domestic practice?

I  often serve up more than can be digested immediately, or perhaps it’s in the nature of the subject, or object.

We can’t get it  all at once ,at one time.

Like breathing or eating, we space it out, we break it up, and take it in.

We as living beings are composed and surrounded by a host of spirits.

We by choice and intent  with action feed Beneficial Spirits.

We are also empowered to clean ourselves and our surroundings of hostile agents.

We have Beneficial Spirits who aid us in the places we can’t reach.

This is all profoundly personal and private self discovery as well as aspiritual hygiene practice to be doing next to people you may not know.

It is even weirder when you think that you are alone,

as if in the presence of a stranger.

Imaginary Friends of child hood, places and times , relatives 

Our lives fingerprint is an amazingly unique story  of synchronistic connections ’Fate, Luck , Destiny .

Yet, we are cosmic emanations , born of this Earth

We are naturally part of  the bigger picture, made of the same stuff.

Special and significant in our integration in a much larger body with a will and awareness of its own.IMG_5453

Monday, July 8, 2013


I found myself taking part in an Action,

A Do –it  Fellowship.

We would worship  in the open

IMG_5700IMG_5701The threads of connection community worship gatheringsIMG_5702Perhaps there is more to it  than the structured organization documentation requirements


Maybe it’s more of a family thing.        Instinctual  protective reaction

We are destined to grow out ofIMG_5704

I am part  of the Old ADF generation that needs to be able to respectfully distance themselves from projects and programs that I don’t fully believe in and stand behind.

My path is not designed by committee, or approved by a council .

I Try to love the world as it is

I believe I am