Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Endings

island of women

Story  is the  root of  My tradition.

It is nice not to have to claim a special relationship with the Gods or the Cosmos.

I don’t have to profess my knowledge or share my Holy insights as part of a contract with the people and their Souls and the Afterlife.

I don’t have to have direct experience of the subject, I certainly wont  claim to control  or own it, or force others to accept it as truth.

I am in the Ancient habit of Story.

I listen to story, I see story, I think and believe in story.

It may be a simple reflex of memory and a desire for resolution ,

to long for Happy Endings

I think that we conceptually jump to conclusions, and focus on desired outcomes as part of our Minds way of editing and linking  episodic information for recall.

We find comfort and relation in Story

There is a strange emotional experience when a story ends.

It feels to me as if Story itself has Life,Spirit or Soul.

Something else entirely is happening with the Story's retelling or sharing,It’s recording and distribution.

Before the clerics and scribes made their reference materials the object of their integrity and devotion there is a reverence for Story and Memory ,associations with Recall and Rebirth or Reanimation.

Storytelling,Enchanting, connecting to another is magic of influence that continues after the authors’ Death.


We are our Stories, and the stories of others