Friday, December 27, 2013

Blessing in disguise

sun rise round solstice

I make a study of Blessing,
I look for it in it’s many shapes and forms seeking to recognize  ,honor and respect it
I try to align my  Magical Being in practice with this word’s concepts in mind
Surprise at what is found to be held within the original meaning or  beneath the surface.
Beyond the parameters and expectations, a bursting forth  in an unanticipated way
An extending of Inner  and unwrapping of the gift
Believing it makes a difference.
An out pouring of what is most precious and vital is broadcast.
Exposed to the spectacle of the fall out , caught up in the unpredicted shower and spray
To feel it touch you,  stick with you
To be Lucky enough to be marked as a witness of the event, to be changed, moved, inspired.connected because of fortuitous proximity to another's Life , Some one else's Sacrifice.
Knowing it is possible to be uplifted by the actions of others in profound and long lasting ways,
It is in the indeterminable effect and Hope that some Good may come of it,
We can never Know how it works, fortunately we don’t need to.
To be Helped by unknown strangers and marvel at the thread of coincidence and circumstance that exist in the Spirit of good will.
A sympathy for a sentient sentiment. The Juice, or Sap of the Cosmos. Our current and charge
Love and Kindness are a language, an awareness that spans worlds and builds Trust
Unintended benefits and beneficiaries are part of the Ballads of Blessing and Bleeding
Not to ignore the  uniqueness, significance,and specialness  of the things around us and the time we share.
This ,Our Spirit love story,
to speak kindly