Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obligatory Wishing and Giving Valence and Volume

lfe immitating art immitating lfe immitating art immitating life
Familiar relations between relatives,
Why do some  patterns develop and remain through out life times?
Shapes and Boundaries

What do you find in your Stocking?
Normally your foot.

Result Anticipation Magic is all about Out come.
A Tacit Expectorary Induction
Wishing and Wanting and Praying for things to turn out         Your way.
Self interest is not only your own motivation',
but the belief that
everything  behaves in it’s own self interest
Humbugging!                Deceptions of the Shadow  Men,            with their Bogus Souls

Humbug on milk weed
People are Flimflamed  and Bamboozled with the question of , what  do you want?
Promoting a disingenuous sentiment based on what you want to hear
There is a break between the personal and the popular,
between the Want and the You
A crisis induced response that is not Natures Familial relativisms of what is…Need
But a Human imaginary construct of what we desire to be real and made manifest.
It is a illusion of thought, a societal expectation yet it is real.
Custom and Costume, Holiday Pressure, and performance Anxiety
Forgetting that it is not in the wanting,and wishing
but the Comfort of the Fitting with our Surroundings,
This the Spirit of Peace.