Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Circumambulation and Circumstance, Centrifugal Coriolis Coefficient

Dawn light on dormant Trees
To knowingly complete a Circuit ,
Round a bout reassurance in Relationship and Reference
Movement oriented with others ,     compared,     Measured
A habit of orbiting as Honoring or Understanding.
Different vantage points, changing perspectives
Drawing something out of us,a sense of  shared vision
Having been around
We think we have seen it all
looked at it from all sides
A Relative frame work of peripheral knowledge
circling power.
What we look up to
What we look down upon.
What we look out for
What we expect to see,
Religion of Revolution ,  Practice of Turning
Sun wise days and years
Moving around our Focus in a respectful way
Posture,Approach and Attitude,
Spirit Journey, Energy Travel, Magical Communication
Where am I in Life?  How did I find my way here?
Accounting in the seasons of our existence, and the spin of serendipity.
We affirm our bearing
Trusting in an unseen force that holds things.
A principal of Order that protects from the out of control.
An Agent of Caring
Hope and Renewal
Source of Dawn Glory