Thursday, December 31, 2015

to be continued

There is something going on when we compare Cycles, Seconds  Hours, Days, Years,
that creates an inner dimension as an internal abstract memory ,precise points of reference collected some where in the mass of grey matter behind our eyes.
 Space Vision, Star Gazer wonder, Constellation constructing , connecting the dots
Perception of Time forces a linear one way flow,that Our Life Experience is suspended in.
Path ways for energy-thought-feeling                          Spirit       transformers, capacitors

Sunday, December 27, 2015

transdimensional togetherness

Telepathic technology testing

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

influenced by the energetic field of a distant body

Star light
Touching us from impossible distances
How bizarre that we posses  an organ sensitive to the existence of some thing so far away.
That we can perceive it's  energy                .It's non physical self.
We spot it from it's action, it's path, It's uniqueness of movement,arrangement orientation.
Our Lucky Stars!

We know what it looks like to the eye,  but beyond appearance how does This long traveled visible light stimulate our mind-spirit-soul?
What is it that attracted the prolonged attention -observation collections of relationships that was Ancient Astrology.
Patient tracking of the movements of the lights. in the dark,over the nights ,months and years the consistent collection of that information. The focus, the attention,the caring , observational practice.
The reference and reverence, cult of abstract spatial reasoning with the untouchable other, often expressed concretely as monumental calendar landscape alignments
To go to so much trouble, to build  such elaborate collective repository of information on the activities of tiny lights  in the night sky, is devotional art representing what we can't physically grasp and hold on to.
 Our taking part in relative movement..part of a moving - living body that is part  of greater moving- living body moving,  mind blower,brain builder,psychic antenna tuner,connective consciousness nexus.
Not just an expression of patience and attention span but the overall awareness being developed in the Human nervous system, transforming us as a group with  astral influence, transmission from far  outside,beyond the known world, an intelligence from afar,. A model  made from in the mind,
 a seed from the sky.
What  weird signals from outer space drove the ancient cult of Time and Space, Cosmic clocks and Celestial Order?
Destiny and wishes..
leaders and followers
Communication and circulation
Cycles and centers

Self in Season..
what is stationary? what is still?
Inner cosmology reflective of the practice of observing the heavens
Odd and ungrounded
 like the Mistletoe
it is above us
over our heads
rooted in our being

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Maybe it is all in My Head,.
Phantom antenna receiving signals.
This perception of revolutionary axial symmetry .
I think I heard it in lyrics of a song on the radio.

“We are not the Lock. or the Key,but the turning.”
intersecting gyres
The Painting I made is not My Idea.
It was inspired by the writing Of W.B.Yeats,
Who got the Idea from his Wife's automatic writing,
channeled from ascended Masters.
So, I guess It is Their Idea,
I wonder….
Is the Idea something that is not about beginning and end,
It’s qualities not expressed as a matter of definition and containment, ownership, but it’s movement from one to another.
A radiant Energy Vibration, a response
The Source of our thoughts ,outside of our Mind.
Our Awareness. a place outside of our physical skull.
We experience out of Body sensations ,normally in our waking routine

Our Attention ,Our Focus , Our Passion responding to the light of day

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

People and Placement - My response, to the question ,about the ultimate disposition of Our founding Arch Druid

My friend the old head  

There is a split between the Personal  Spiritual communication- connection We Honor ,Work and Love,

and Our Habits, customs,practices, traditions and beliefs we learn and share with others.

Our Language, Our systems of understanding, World view, notions of reality,

Things that seem very intimate and personal to us, are in fact not Our Own.

It is not Our property, It is not Our Ideas,It is not Our discovery.

We, the living, only share,

  and know,     there is  Conflict in claiming.

Who is the Head of the governing Body ? are their thoughts , opinions ,

memories truly their own?

Can they speak for themselves?

To the best of My memory,The current Arch Druid Announced that he had received Material from the Widow of the founding Arch Druid,on one or two of it’s many E- lists.

Bone fragments of the Father of the Cyberhenge  and Author himself.

Everyone wanted a little piece of Him.

I composed a reply ,to the thread, in which I suggested that the “ fragments of the founder” be individually scanned ,bagged and numbered, named.

These pieces should perpetually  be considered the property of the Religious organization,

They could be shared, if safely kept, and unaltered. Like a Library Book,

enshrined relics for display. inspired by the temporary housing ,not the possession and ownership of the object.

There was no reply

I built  and fired two big porcelain skulls that could have served as containers, that would have nested inside a wooden Head of the Founder, that could have been a monument, if the Religious organization actually owned a piece of land to keep it on.

Our ability to Direct our focus  , Move our awareness,  Give of our attention,

is Life Sacrifice.

Keep your wits about you.

If I remember correctly ,The current Arch Druid posted that He had taken it upon himself to let  the remains go privately ,to some special ,scenic place, in some public park ,

somewhere out West.

There should be something on the organizations extensive Web site, The sort of sacred space  Our Own Druidism has invested in!

I don’t think any remains were deposited at the closing memorial for the Founding Arch Druid at the Gathering that hosts the Members Meeting.

That Place, Our Old Sacred Center seems to have grown from a recreational seasonal exhibit operator at a Neo-Pagan Theme Park. A place where the Religious Organization’s collected Hopes and Dreams have met the cool squishy Mud.

Lots of bodies ,lots of heads, in a clothing optional place of pilgrimage,home of the east coast’s biggest Pagan Party.

Playing , Community, Tribe and Family , Cultural Festivals,conventions and gatherings, Hosting,event organizing,Religious organizing, Hub of a larger Social Scene .

The Location and the Organization, Head counting, an emphasis on commercializing Festival , Vendor, Exhibitor ,Space. and competing for scheduling and attendance,Time and Traffic.

Again claiming

To possess, own and occupy are inherently divisive , extractive means of distributing  energy of the commons to the individual consumer.A comodifying of the Two dimensional plane,   The Land !       Mapping is recognizing artificial boundaries and divisions. Systems of Humans, not the order of nature, or life forces of the Earth,

It is about Human control, a renting of space from which you hope to earn a livelihood, or camp is an expectation. This is  not the collective pooled resource being celebrated or defended. It seems to have strayed from the Pot Luck Pagan , Stone Soup Spirit.of collective , collaborative, creative sustenance into a social economic system and strata.

A sense of “Special” and “Service”  that was more Market than Magic or Mystic.

It was in that kind of Environment that the organization’s Dedicant program was dreamed,decided and developed, The notion of getting or giving Credit.

Apparently the Organization has been renting a Shed that acts as our Museum for a number of years.

I think this started happening with the fourth Arch Druid,

who got Me back up to that Place , That Sacred Space,the last time over ten years ago

where I was Ordained as Clergy,

where I was anointed Chief Artificer, by the Founding Arch Druid ,Ten Years before that.

Where The Private Property Owner, the Founding Arch Druid and I made that a special spot.

It was not claimed for the organization

it was claimed for a function

A Sacred Depository , a Holy interface, a space that was not Ours to claim as our own. In the Earth Mother We Trust.

Now that the second Arch Druid, the Vice Arch Druid that the Founding Arch Druid turned the office over to, has developed  His Private Sacred  Space, the Gathering which hosts the annual Members Meeting may take place there, the Clergy retreat has for years.I slept on the floor of His Home, in front of the fireplace at the only Clergy retreat I have attended, many years ago where I was given a Stole embroidered with My name , contract manufactured by the current Arch Druid.

I learned from a on line-list poll on preferred dates for the next Clergy retreat, from  some newish Clergy who I don’t know.

She will not be attending the  next retreat ,as She has committed to organizing the main ritual at a private pagan,( invitation only) Gathering, that is taking place ,ridiculously near My out of the way home,  at the Center, that I am, an off site – on call instructor for their educational programs.

I doubt that the current Arch Druid may have pieces of our founder stashed away in his Sacred enclosure- Bed and Breakfast , that has a crowd sourced shrine to a liminal God concluding it’s drive for contributions.

He has just announced He will not seek a new term as Arch Druid, He will pass on the Arch Druids Sickle , held in it’s leather sheath ,I hand  painted, to a new Head of our organization , A new Arch Druid to be nominated ,elected and installed somewhere.

Where is the White Beret of the Founder?

Where does the Organization keep what it values?

Perhaps fund raising is the main function of a  not for profit religious organization as was suggested at the last board of directors retreat.

Praying at the Altar of Commerce?

Is that what a Professional Priest Does?

collect contributions for the cause?          pass the Hat around?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

To Overcome and Undergo

Overcome- Undergo

Space travel - shape shifting –Spiritual mobility - transportation in transformation

                         Para psychic gravy separation

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Territorial Viewpoint

The woods that was
I captured these images the Day of ritual conclusion of this Summer , now past.,
or passed,
Time gone bye, Grateful for what I have been given, Thankful for what I have. Missing what is gone.

The Trees in the foreground are on the Property I Privately own,a legal possession of  Mine for now.
The apparent apparition in the lower left is an armature for a sculptural lawn ornament placed in what remains of what was,      
“ A Gesture of Defiance” composed of local scrap, erected on twisted rebar, a monumental hand ,  now stands in My backyard.
A prominent pointer and profound play with placement , potential, possibility,permanence and presence of peaceful protest .
A persistent display of objection,  that went up on My side of the old stone wall ,after the trees came down on the other.
Borderline behavior
Communicating without words,  what cannot politely be said, Spiritual sign language, sensitivity short hand, made very large.
I need to secure the fore arm and base before applying a  Home made silt and straw stucco skin of local clay and grass this coming Spring.
I’m hoping to balance the hand at the wrist so it wobbles in the wind. .
an unambiguous message ,enduring expression of feeling, movement from the other side.
view point for the few with the special  view    
from a rustic ritualist conjuring the reaction ,response to violation,and wrong doing with Art and attention,humor over hostility,
Whose consideration should not be overlooked,
who’s place should not be looked down on.
Metaphysical meets Magical Metaphorical Miasma of the Moment.          Making
Here                                                                               Spirits of Place
Habitat is a combination of Living, and Non-Living things that make up a Home,
and the places between them
Property and privacy

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vintage Neo-Pagan, Meta- Mystical Magical Morphology of a reformed retro–Druid

Grown Home

Adaptive Aquarian Antiquarianism

The Ancients glorified violence, practiced Human Sacrifice, ritualized Killing,

Holy Bloodshed!     to make a point, to send a powerful message.

The original Paleo-Pagan Druids seem to have worked the gory spectacle as the deal making component of their relationship - understanding agreement.

Much has been made of the Guest – Host – Ghost , relationship connection without acknowledging the function of the Hostage as traditional  guarantee, or assurance.

Treaty , religious contract, something precious turned over to bind the agreement.

The Hostel and Hospital are words with the same root in hospitality and the  need for Shelter.

Most of the Mythic narrative is expressed as conflict and War.

Indo-European culture views contest and competition as Sacred.

The Arena,    The fight for the space .,  The Field of Battle,

bloody ownership, Slaughter and dismemberment, Food distribution,

the price of winning, zones of control, seating at the feast, and the hero’s portion.

Appeals for Victory .

Out comes and Glory

Cruel ,brutal and savage

Death by Irony

No Blood Sacrifice!

More than reclaiming, or reinventing the “Old Ways”

Neo- Paganism is about being a new form of religion.

Fear and Horror, Violence and Force have no place of honor in our practice.

There need be no shaming or shunning, hurt or terror, threat or punishment involved in our spiritual beliefs and practices.

.We do not exist to confront Spiritual hostility and aggression with like.

We avoid contributing to cycles of violence and cruelty.

No Human abuse!

Avoid harboring bad blood, vengeance, pay back,.Open your Heart

We are Free to Love and live as we chose ,clear of hate

Holy War Religions that promote Hate and intolerance , domination and damnation,victimization,martyrdom , enslavement are nothing new.

Old bad habits we can be liberated from, there is no need to perpetuate violence, marginalize and persecute as part of a Holy plan, 

There is no end of days polarization of our friend or foe, no final battle we have to fight.

Defensive or Offensive Magic is a manipulation that needs opposition for balance.

The Imagined Enemy, perceived                                or        The real threat .

Illusion, distraction,disappearing,cutting a Lady in half, pull a rabbit from a hat.

                                  Keep the Act clean.

No Scape Goats!                                     No Lynch Mobs!

                                    Lives are on the Line.


We are Lucky to be here, We Love Our Luck, We are thankful for Our Blessings!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spirit, Sanctuary,Sensitivity,Sacred,Secret,Safety,Soul, Story

Amalthea nursing Zeus

Odd origins and strange sustenance.

This painting of mine, illustrates a baby God Zeus nursed by a non- God  nanny goat Nymph .

A child of Mother Earth, hidden away in a cave from His Father Time, who wants to devour  all of his offspring.

He saves his siblings, sacrificing his sheltering source savior and security, It’s Hide the protective cloak , The Aegis, It’s Horn, in some stories The Cornucopia,  Horn of Plenty.

The Distributer of Blessing.

Authentic Paleo-Pagan Myth – some may think it a story,a part of some Greek imaginative fantasy!  or another thing on Wikipedia

I don’t think so,     some things are so intensely weird,

You just can’t make this stuff  up.

We know there were Ancient Priesthoods, and I don’t believe Their Temples and practices were pretend.They seem to believe that they were doing things  the right way.

Fear and Food,

Being hungry and frightened is an altered state of awareness.

A different spiritual disposition, ability of our Soul to respond with empathy and care outside of the self.

If Life experience is interrelationships and sensory perception,  then Our Feelings and understandings are rooted in Our Physical condition, Our personal circumstance.

Our Psycho- spiritual director or Moral Compass is not always seated in the rational philosophical Mind of thought and reason. but in a reactive preconscious, predisposition,

a result of the internal  structure of nervous system function and stimuli.

Outside of individual personhood.

Our Soul Flight, or Out of body experience, moving Spirit sense part of a predetermined passage, pattern,pathway process, We are all part of ,

an inheritance ,an instinct.

an intelligence before our own.

an appetite of our ancestors.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Between, before, behind, beyond, begin,beneath

Root custom


Face fears,

Future forms,

Fantastic findings.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Circumstance and context, children of children

Lichen on rock on cast metal patio table rose forms
Coincidences and consciousness,contours and curves compounding complexity,
Creative Culture concepts , conjunction, construction ,Celtic calendar curiosity!

For Me it is not about credibility collection, but continuity connection.
I’m not certain about the Paleo-Pagan New Year being the Seasonal Holiday for venerating the Dead,
As a Neo-Pagan Druid I’ve learned to Honor the Dead along with Spirits and Gods and Goddesses  every Holiday, every Day and Night, every time I Pray Aloud or to Myself.
My reverence and appreciation has grown far beyond concepts of Ancestors,
or “ My People”.
I have taken to stretching beyond the familiar or the favorites and seeing that,
all that are born are in possession of a Humanity.
All that have Died have shared in the Mortal Human condition, the struggle of life.
It is not the God like Qualities or the Heroic abilities that are acknowledged and emphasized but Our flaws and imperfections that characterize what We naturally are.
My reverence is not an idealization, but an acceptance of what is, of what was.

  This is not based upon ancient Pagan Beliefs or practices , but My experience in My lifetime, this is a new opportunity that was not freely available or promoted  generations ago.
Peoples lives are shaped by the conditions of their times.
Many of these conditions are artificially imposed, fashionable attitudes about what people are supposed to be, based around where they are from, what they look and sound like, concepts of Race, Culture,Class,Gender excuses for treating people as other, as less.
Ancient traditions that I hope to see Die in My Neo-Pagan now.
Social Justice may be a dream of the Dead, for their descendants.
Somehow this speaks to Me from the other side, part of the spiritual sense, the spiritual séance of the season, past and future, beginning from end. 

Moss and Mushrooms on hollow log, beginning, end

Monday, October 19, 2015



where has the summer spider gong?

Experience is more than a personal perspective,

an accumulation of sensation, emotion and memory .

There are the associations, the back stories and twisted plots ‘

The action behind the scene no one is aware of.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Problem of the purely positive, Predictions and predicament , Personal Pan-Pagan Priest of Populist plurality preferring pretty and pleasant, polite and peaceful

Transference and transmutation ,                               Flexibility is Key!
People miss the path or portal when they believe that,
Ritual, Group or Religion is about being recognized for the part that they play in it.
It is not about personal prominence, performance,progress,in the,
Ritual, Group or Religion .
It is not about pledging ,proving and providing, or the power you hold,
In Ritual, Group or Religion
Ritual portal posture,Fire
Position, stance, composition, arrangement, interrelationship induction .
Presentation, possibility,potentiated,                The Gates are opened!
It is Wrong to promote the popular belief that The Gods are how  we imagine them.
Things are not a product of our creative imagination, Fantasy ability,Dream visualization.
Things are what they are. regardless of our awareness or beliefs.

feed back
Things are not part of a Magic reality we wish for,
All things part of process,                                                     Everything Feed Back
Perceptions of permanence pass, personhood panorama, regenerative capacitors , complex entanglement , extra dimensional Life forces,emergent interior organization.
Etiquettes of Spiritual banquets,Manners of spatial feasts, habits of holiday gathering..
People who think the point is personal advancement distort the primary purpose with persuasion,product,propaganda.
Collections, councils, committees create concentric cages, containing, claiming compartmentalizing for a consumer / corporate culture where ,
The customer / share holder is always right .              an imaginary perfect place
Binding contracts, agreements,understandings,deals, transactions,rituals make the world go around.
Ritual portal posture,Tree
Our connection, our communion is with interrelationships
To Witness and Wonder at the exchanges, companionship that surround us.
The changing and growing forms and shapes, Our place within that process.
Our personal attention space, our ability to direct our caring.
Trading and giving, free to chose, able to see the value and worth of things as they truly are.
An appreciation of the material world that is not formed around market,or speculative profit  but a marvel of  making, composition, arrangement, alignments and context.
Spirits and Actions, light and dark
Rituals, Groups, Religions

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Neo,Know, No,


After participating in a few rituals I was encouraged to form a” Druid Grove” by the groups founder.

The ritual of the group ,was to come together for an experience opportunity eight times a year.

The ritual was assembled by the founder and friends from bits and pieces of other groups rituals.

One of the most dramatic ways the ritual became “ours” is the way we were open to sharing the experience  with  people  of all sorts.

Perhaps because the “ community”, Cosmos and ritual reflective of “ all sorts of different beings” encompasses a more welcoming and accepting consensual reality.

The founder was a student of Magic and the occult , the people, the groups.

Their functioning   , the dangers real and imagined., popular metaphysics and Cult awareness

The most obvious Psychic safety tip, the difference between on and off, yes and no,

The traditional closed circle would be given a secondary egress , a clear and free exit.

It is more important to maintain the ability to reject something , than to be offered the opportunity to accept it,

When you lose the ability of expression of differing opinions, viewpoints you become fixed in the fabric of a manufactured perception, tailored reality.

The new Magic circle would not be a protective container externalized spatially,

but a connector to other dimensions assembled internally using our  ,                       Special Attention,                         Loving Interest                         Caring Awareness  this is what we as a group gather around,

This is our Sacred Center.

We have free movement to come and go in any direction, in our own fashion, but we wont trample on comfort, knowledge and blessing, It’s place, It’s space, It’s time and prominence  in our ritual activities.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

propreoception, people practice precious pray play

fire of fall past passed
pillar of fire,  portal of power
Pineal persuasion , proper pagan public private precognitive premonition pure profound puzzle  pleasure participation permission passage
Voluntary Nature seems to be the central current cult , prerogative preference  premise
Freedom to say  no
What had once been held  sacred , separated from everything else as special ,
A Spiritual Economy based around scarcity and exclusivity
People have confused this with what is popular, convenient and accessible, Sold on the concept, The Connections and relationships between Selves.
Privacy and piracy  plundered and promoted by tools with magic powers of reproduction and distribution.
Periodic persistent  peculiar particular partnerships propagate 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mysterious assembly,connectors and dividers

I have been taking part in an effort to regularly provide Neo Pagan Religious Holiday Ritual.
The exercise  is intended as an expression of  gratitude, caring,bonding and association with what are broadly referred to as Kindred Spirits.
They are the object of  devotion. they have many names, they take many forms.
The relationship with this changing group of Spirits is the aim of the seasonal practice of worship.
The root concept at work is the free action of beings, agreement, understanding, sacrifice, without force, coercion,or deception
This is the difference between sincerity and obligation,the difference between expectations based upon words and thoughts and the genuine truth of the moment.
This is the reality that transcends time and space,subject and object, life and death.
the forest from the trees
We do not Know or command things because we give it a name or role.
People are not limited by the names they are called, or the stories told of them ,
Their identity and persona are not the possession of others.
The same is true of the Gods and Goddesses,Various Spirits and Things.
Respect that they have a Mind of their own, a will of their own, a life of their own, a destiny / karma of their own.
We appeal to a shared sense of origin, Family and Home,
Seeking Honest Dialogue outside of our self.
All of us are part of something bigger, all of us are more than we appear to be.
We are Spiritual moving changing.
This natural  World that we live on is connected to the other worlds and dimensions.
We are magic unknown
We are community unrecognized
the woods from the mountain side

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

assumptive autoscopic anomalies, aim adjustment ,non spatial navigation ,alignment awareness,anecdotal anatomy

Why do we speak of reorienting ourselves,  never seeking to disoccident?
Is this a  bias relic of Western civilization?
The way we promote right over left, light over dark, top over bottom, up over down.
fair over foul, favor over frowns.
We seek approval, We quest for legitimacy ,
Actions speak louder than words
speechless Bryan  at Bannerman Castle
The inconsequential and irrelevant are not either,    they are just misunderstood.
Maybe I am reading to much into this?
You have to feel it deep down in your non corporeal gizzard …. That’s just passed your invisible astral craw, and before your spectral phantom crapper.
Aspects of our spiritual digestive system that may not be familiar to us, but are part of how we function.
Does it agree with you? or do you agree with it?
How does appreciation change when there is a foreknowledge that the end is coming? the spirit food is about to pass and leave, the story is soon to be over.
Does this movement propel our ghosts and guide our souls?
Do we believe in it, or does it believe in us?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How others disappear from us ,remembering and dismembering,controlling variables , dominating nature

I don’t think it is an accident that there are so many people that find that randomizers , dice and cards,  are a special class of object, related to this mystical lucky connection to unseen others.
Something is going on with attention and intention,    Magic and a Human desire to be a Winner.

Of the stories of the Gods and not gods and others of the Pagan past are the tales of the many labors ,tasks.contests, struggles of a Child of a mortal human mother and the lord of the Gods,  disguised as the mortal woman’s husband.
The Queen of the Gods is opposed to the Child's birth or existence,
 it is not the parents that empower / challenge /  name the child turned Hero but this third party offended and angered at the inappropriate actions of others, the violation of proper order of relationship and respect.
The Queen of the Gods is not serving out divine blessing, encouragement or support but,  singling out an innocent for her wrathful attention, .making life hard on our half human hero.
I have painted him battling the river God who transforms from serpent to bull.
Our Hero defies impossible odds and outcomes not because of religion as a prescribed practice  of  honoring and  reciprocity with a greater , higher power ,greater order , sacred concord but a irreverent reaction  to hostility and meddling, a shower of discord and misunderstanding, ripping off the fertile horn before claiming Wife number three , His prize the Husband killer.
It is not a desire to join or bond or get closer to the heavenly  Gods for benefit or betterment  that drives the Hero but a relationship that is combative and adversarial, and not of the Hero's  making.
It is not a journey into the inner self ,
spiritual realm and it’s connection to the Cosmic,                                           reflective, passive and peaceful.
They are stories told of a half Human that was not afraid of anything,
that could do anything,      and did.
Contest of Achelous with Heracles,    Horn of Plenty
I suspect that the cult of the super Human may have surpassed the popularity of the Gods and Goddesses themselves in ancient Pagan times amongst the everyday folk..
The perception of life experience being a challenge, work ,fight preexists Mono theism or any theism,  The human mortal condition is more of a concrete worldly concern to living peoples than otherworldly beings rewards and afterlife , the material spiritual divide is too risky  a gamble  for mortal human in a world of flesh and bone seeking to wrestle right from wrong .form and substance, make sense of the world, and not be a loser                                        
The human vessel , the body as material container of our liquid or formless selves is the basis of notions of possession as well as private ownership and personhood.
The Half human, soulless  corporate entities  are commodifying the waters of life , bottling and claiming for the self, controlling  free movement and access to sell to the thirsty who can afford it.
Something in focus and attention particularly with the apparently logical , technical ,reductionist, divisive, material , consumer, disposable world view - illusion based upon
Anti- human ,Anti- magic, Anti- possibility
Things may seem easier to comprehend in black and white with strait lines and right angles but they are not more real , you have become accustomed  to wearing blinders,
a filter, a language ,a Human tradition of not recognizing
Things of unorthodox conception are  accidentally given a name.

Friday, September 4, 2015

How we appear to others


Sometimes it is not about nervous self awareness, thought,  anxiety ,

self conscious , attention , discipline, mastery , performance

We don’t control how others see us ,

judge us based upon our looks,

think they know us.

the shared stories ,

shape shifting

Lighting the fire Lughnasadh last

Monday, August 31, 2015

Apparitions manifesting

Receptivity and sincerity are the vital aspects of Spiritual  communion.
It is not our psychic speech but our magical listening ability that is the key.

Black Earth Tounge
This is not a matter of conjuring. calling ,controlling or creative craft.
It has more to do with being on the look out for what you can’t quite put your finger on.

Growing from moss and grass as soft as baby hair

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

True Spirit Movement Beyond the Self

The Pagan Druid thing I have been doing is based around being  True and Honest with yourself.
The Religion allows you to be who you naturally are.
You Naturally are a part of this World – Life – Cosmic experience.
You don’t want to Bullshit yourself or anybody else.
You are aware that you are observed by others ,
often hidden ,  all around us ,  within us as well.
Seeing how we act .
Hearing what we say.
Respect the Energy the Spirit that flows through us, that animate and move us as physical beings that temporarily house our Spirit Selves,  Our Dreaming Selves , Our Imagining Selves,   Our Creating Selves , Our Grateful Loving Selves.
We are much more than the form and shape of our Body.
Moving awareness, attention , feeling outside of the Self , Identity , Ego ,
leave it behind at special Times,           and let your Soul take a walk.
beyond borders
                                 Spiritual journeying
Silent unobserved ghost travelers              out of body experience
It is not the physical boundaries of beings but the interaction between.
It is not the direct and obvious cause and effect, but the indirect and seemingly unconnected appearing and vanishing.  influencing this World.
There exists a world where things can be subjectified and objectified , quantified and qualified, based upon inquiry, theory and reproducible results,  but to believe that it is antithetical to the immaterial Magical Soul of things is ignoring the observations and life experience of the peoples of our past, and a denial that the irrational and the absurd exist in this reality.Scientific discipline is a blocking out of possibility, a limiting of dialogue with the random and circumstantial, trying to trap the truth .deny the unknown.
                                        Reality as a fixed quality of Space and Time.
The technological progress of society has brought with it a disconnect from what is called primitive , superstitious or strange communication with other beings, or other worlds.Speaking with Spirits, Ghosts, Gods and Goddesses! even how we perceive each other, how we deal with each other, how “real’ is the relationship?
We are Visitors.
emanation animation
The here, there, and everywhere.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sensitivity, Hyper Sensual Judgment ,Auras


innocent fawn

Something in My Druid Nature has Me gravitate toward the subject of “transmission of Knowledge.”

                                           Tradition , Habit ,Instinct!

How does Mother Nature teach her children?                        How does Life learn?

What is being perceived? communicated?,What triggers an unconscious Alarm or Delight ?

 Bunny being bold

Acquiring Food coupled with avoiding being eaten seems to be the basic standardized  test of Life.

Blending in, or not being noticed is the norm behaviorally,A default setting to run away and hide when threatened.

The exceptions to this introverted response, are the extroverted projections of Self ,  to claim Territory, Breeding display , Defend the Home ,Feed the Baby, Suddenly There is the need to stand out and be noticed, to attract attention. An Energetic reaction.

There is a precognitive sense of  “being observed, or watched” that exists beneath any sense of self awareness or conscious instruction.

We are responding to more than the sum of our vision . hearing , smell , taste and feeling. We are not talking about the thoughtful reflection of memory, or the simplified editing of meaning and interpretation.Drawing from past experience,in a rational logical way.


porcupine psychic politeness

There is a instantaneous “ sizing up” of  the other. a snap judgment-threat assessment that is coupled with appearance and intent.

Before there is a sense of ones person, there is a sense of ones protection and projection.

A power we are all a part of and responsive to.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

of Sons and Daughters, space and place



A basic question, of where did  it, or that, come from?

When applied to our person we put a lot of emphasis on Parents.

The Idea of simple direct descent is very linear and comforting and somehow might be related  to the primary polarities of positive and negative , charge, response, reaction.

                     judgment and power we People are wired for it.

What is Fair?                        What is Just?

The emphasis is not on quantity of life , but the qualities of Life.

It is the act of Life support that is acknowledged as the vital sacred act of Human kind.

It is not about reproductive and productive offspring in some mechanistic socially reinforced industrial economic world view..

It is honoring the sharing and growing with the passage of Time together.


Time together

Family trees  and inherited karma  are a key component of the twisted branch of knowledge, the Comedy – Tragedy, Life Story , Free will – Destiny,   that is the origin of significance , the texture of meaning, the substance of legend, material for memory.

Our connectedness is often irregular and complex ,special uniquely adapting bridges of awareness.

Our sense of where we came from affects our sense of where we are at.

Where we have been influences what we may want to do,

Foster Father of this Corn

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quick as a wink , bolt of lightning

Thunder bolt

The Heavenly Missile and the Hand that hurls it.

Meteorology Mythology Magic

The very distant and seemingly unconnected are spanned instantaneously.

A great reach ,

Time and Space are jumped. telepathy , teleportation to the Eyes of those who had no clocks or vocabulary to describe the split second  a lightning strike was the combination of very sudden and super special.

The Dramatic Energy that comes down from the immaterial Sky to the solid Land is very different than the Fertile consistent regular.rays of the Sun shining each Day.

This was not the generous broadcasting of blessing evenly for all, or the radiating warmth and light with  vertical orientation,  and upward ascension of the Sacred Fire.

A unpredictable occurrence,   a directed and concentrated Energy  projectile aimed and thrown Down with an erratic flight to Strike,

There is an emphasis on specificity and Will in this Power, that is seen as the extension of the fertility and potency of a Storm God  in Battle,as well as an ability and skill to touch from a distance, perhaps something in the polarity and current between general  compassion and critically discriminating , the process of tuning in. A trans dimensional Cruise Missile with an Implied Intelligence directing and guiding it  from a Higher vantage point.

A  weapon

The Atmospheric discharge is connected with the energetic vitality of the exchange between above and below, a monument to  the moment and the movement ,at the speed of light.

Time flies.

Could it be that the Earths electro magnetic field extends below the atmospheric realm into the subtle energies of the subterranean charging the basic flow of ion exchange that is the fertility of place? powering the proto- moment time loop of the Micro- Macro- Multiverse Matrix?

Could it be that carbon emissions and climate change are related to Energy Production?

Could it be that agricultural fertilizer is an explosive indiscriminate energetic fuel to the Biosphere, It’s run off  feeding toxic blooms of Micro organisms in surface water?

Could it be coal dug from below the Earth , burnt at a power plant who’s smoke goes into the Clouds of the Sky, comes down as dirty acidified rain , tainting the Land and Sea? changing the the ability of life to grow,  while providing electricity so we can live?

There is an ancient relationship between the Urban and Rural environments.

The production and storage of cereal grains and armed protection , security ,defense.

Granaries are a place for the safe and secure accumulation of Wealth,

Fossil Fuels are Food , Food distribution is Energy distribution.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Anthropogenic adversarialism agriculture

crouching corn King?
People are more separated from Food Wisdom than any thing.
I find the combination mystery of Spirit and Body , the immaterial and physical to be the dimensional portal in this Life and Death Plain We occupy for the Moment.
The difference between what is Wild or cultivated , cultured or civilized is wrapped up in 
concepts of taming , control and dominance. Class Order
Todays technological and informational advances have left it’s most recent generation with less of a ability to feed itself directly from the natural life of this Earth.
The Planetary birth rite, the ability to grow your own food or Eat rite has been directed by artificial economic forces of what we feel we can afford and have time for.
The experience of attempting to struggle with self sufficiency and Making your own meals , the knowledge of combining ingredients, preparing, planning , creating!, and cleaning up is lost , That Magic , The inherited gift of survival is deemed to old fashioned , out of date, too costly to do yourself any more.
Our culture has promoted service professionals,Private purchasing of products.
Processed fast food , commercial brand labeling , competitive industrial practices
Economic expansion , Market domination , these have had an impact on how We People have Treated the Outside , the Land its Waters and the Sky as well as the devaluing of indigenous folk , Farm Labor, and Food Handlers .all are side effects of are psycho – spiritual dietary manipulation from the corporate overlords.
Having given away our wild ability to recognize the difference between blessing and cursing,wellness and sickness.We are domesticated beasts, trained by food reward, and psychic  discipline.
We are bred and fed for a process of servitude,as Managers of Livestock, raisers of offspring . Lords and shepherds.
We are trained in what,  and how , or why ,  to care .
I love Food, I have grown next to none of it .
I love Meat,  I have never cared for an Animal to be eaten.
I don’t want to think of myself as part of a multi-  generational cultural expression of deforestation to create pasture land, Property Development and resale ,Farming and not owning . Practices. Products, pesticides,fertilizers,Productivity and Profit ,   Progress! ,      so I try to unthink it ,  and wish it weren’t true.
I know it is real , but I can’t face it directly, it makes me uncomfortable
Sick in the stomach………… to look.

The 4 Sons of Esarg
Much is made of our Holiday Hero putting out the Eye of His Mother’s  over protective , controlling Father and winning the secret timing  of planting and harvest, but what about his other Grandfather who made the artificial silver Hand for the Old blemished Leader?
One Grandfather with a poison cursing gaze,-  the other the healing Physician, Brother of the Smith, the Cutter, the Fastener.                       The People of the Arts
Building and crafting making industry, The Gods of Learning and Skill,using Mythical technology to seek advantage over Others they were competing with for status, respect,.territory, wealth , Honor and Magic Cows.
Changing their World, Making a difference with their work. Environmental impact, Islands and People,       Friends, Families  and Foreigners, Foes and Food.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What it all comes down to


Food distribution

The Natural World does not need Human help or assistance.

It is vain and self centered to think that we can improve upon Nature.

Life does not exist to serve Man.

The Magic polarity of what is nourishing and good , or sickening and bad ,

is the basis of environmental response ,    all things eat something!

Food acquisition  is a claiming of something outside of the Self as ones own.

To eat something is to consume , take over , take in .

Finding food frequently involves the feeding habits and reproductive cycles of other Life forms .

The way things naturally Hunt and Harvest is the Spiritual prequel to Human Mythology.


Natural stone cup holding offering of bubbling beer

There are sensual triggers and response behaviors that are collectively reinforced and acted out as a colony orienting itself to take the best advantage of Space.

I do not know where the knowledge of what and how to safely feed comes from ,

in the vast and varied world of life,

in it’s many forms and shapes.

I do not know how the guts and roots have been informed about extracting nutrients , How have they learned to Harvest ? Claiming for the Body , digesting ,

considering the what , why and how

growing , living ,learning

Thursday, July 23, 2015

potentiation , primary perception , parabola ,prophesy,premonition

reflected limbs and leaves in the breeze
Casting Spells and making things happen is not the basis of My Practice , My Art.
Something in sensitivity , seeing and sharing , Sacrifice is.
I am not shocked or saddened that people  may find my Beliefs silly and superstitious or stupid, but I am blown away by how blindly accepted arrogant assumptions about  a Human self centered Cosmos are promoted amongst peoples of today. I am more of a seer than a salesman. habitually compelled to remind non believers of the unforeseen consequences of our actions, the importance of motive and intent , our unconscious behaviors , hidden wishes, implanted dreams.
This Summer I was intoxicated by the smell of this seasons Milkweed in blossom and bloom ,
Enchanted by the exchange and appeals taking place between life forms , plant and insect , fungus and animal, Sun and Rain……….the winds,  the breaths, the Souls
How can it be that this power of place is not perceived by the guy next door?
A human living so close to Me,  looking to improve his view of the distant horizon by cutting the woods that grow on his land.
How can it be that he is not under the same spell that charms the birds , the bugs,the  butterflies and Bryan?
Hall way window in the wind
On the first day of this Month I was reminded of another time of Personal Druid crisis,  involving land and People and Understanding.
I received a transcribed audio interview I had given to an Author Druid at a festival in nineteen ninety six.
I was to look it over ,  as it is to be  possibly included in a book to be published this Fall.
I was reading the interview of Me at this Festival at the same time that that the Festival  was taking place now ,  but at a different location.
what I said is awkward and vulgar in print , It may have been so in person at the time ,but without the the carnival like background of crowds of festival goers having as much fun as humanly possible it is a challenge to provide improvisational profound  Wisdom or a coherent answer.
I was responding to questions about myself , my Art , Work as Worship, or trying to get closer to something Other.       Inspiration from the Otherworlds. .Our Talents as Gifts , Our Sacrifices the way We try to give back.
In My closing remarks I reaffirm the realness of Magic relationships and caution the politics and people , programs and projects, proselytizing Paganism , Paganism as product.
I had recently been pulled from place losing My original proto-Nematon  ,( Sacred Grove ) a number of Sacred Trees I had gathered and grew with ,  gone from me forever.
My Worship group , The Grove of People I had led is described as defunct, ( later to  be re-funked , and yet later renamed.)
My religious Group gave up on it’s publication that I had struggled to save.
The Festival Organizers did not want Me to work on the Nematon location during the festival , the time that it was convenient to utilize volunteer effort,
The Druid Identity I had built up over the  past five years  blew a part , not from My relationships with spirits or the cosmos or destiny but from People, particularly My close spiritual community.
Much of what I hoped would be a supportive mutualistic effort seemed a competitive envious stage.
I haven’t been to that festival since getting My own Land .

Moment and meaning
Micro cosmic and Macro cosmic
Sacred Space / common ground
Parallel Paradox Polarization  Private and Public
I was in the Hospital last year about this time , first thinking  I was dying,  then being uncertain if I was Alive, or where I was , who or what was visiting Me , examining  Me , taking samples gathering information.
This was not popular  pretend pagan play , it was Personal Painful Pagan Panic.
My ability to care , or be aware of anything was seemingly taken over , I felt trapped in My own flesh.
Unfamiliar territory , strange place,        Body Mind and Spirit.
The realm of Human suffering  , seeking comfort , looking for relief , searching for an escape. surrounded by hurt and the hurting , need and the needing.
I missed My Family, Home , Cats and Gardens , the outside, or any view from a window.

 porta - portal of poly proto pan psychism
Pluto  passed and Pentaquark particles promoted , Pagan People places, problems , progress ,  possibility ,premise , Police and the Poor , Hate and Pride , Prisons ,symbols ,property ,protection,psychic People- Place passion.Philae lander pooped
From the fringe to the core , what is being communicated? exploring the dwarf world? the dark and distant out there and the immaterial particles of energy that span the gap of space time ? Is it really a Black and white or stars and bars? regionalism? Identity? ,Master or Slave? Place? Murder!
Are People being Psycho spiritually misdirected and manipulated in mass by portable media devices?or are We being freed?
Do I honor the spirits of the trees cut on My neighbors land by blogging about it?
What is in the intent of sharing ? making offering ? Sacrifice?
Ask the Milk Weed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What goes up , must come down

caterpillar turd tea in rain drop on fallen leaf

The last day of this last month was an odd extreme psycho- spiritual- Druid- emotional low for Me.

The sound of the logging truck , chainsaws , and a bulldozer on the northern tip of the property set me off away from my morning coffee.

I was upset , trying my best to be cool about what appeared to be a border incursion .

The Private Contractors were just on the other side of the old stone wall that divides My property from My Neighbor’s who lives above and behind my home.

Fortunately He was there to hear my appeals to stop ,  but to no avail……

I tried to ration and reason with him as a person who respects the lives of others and the spaces that we nurture and nurture us.

I don’t think I made any connection with this guy, My philosophies of appreciation , awareness and the accumulative individual differences we can make with our environment made no headway with his concepts of private ownership and assets.

He did not seem to grasp Our impermanence and the finality of killing life that is bigger and older than we are.

I knew He would not understand that there is more alive in a Tree , or group of Trees than the Trees themselves , Hosts of  complex relationships, communities , homes and habitats , Life generators  that have been at a specific place season after season to witness the returning migrations of birds and butterfly , the circling  Sun , Moon and Stars .

He didn’t seem to understand why I would be alarmed or upset,

I did My best to be non adversarial , and non threatening , It is a challenge to love thy neighbor , and try to promote a kinder more loving and caring world full of value and worth in the wealth of life, with a cultural economy that is based on extraction , With a  Common language and goal based on accumulating Money.

“ Nothing personal it is just the way it is.”

I am  especially sensitive , there is nothing I can do about it.

I did not tell My neighbor that I believe that he was going to roll his ATV over on himself going down his newly cleared slope , I spoke of the erosion potential , the run off and sedimentation of the Brook , overflow , water flow and climate change , I warned him about invasive species of plants that will take advantages of his changes in landscape.

He showed Me what he described as “ invasive” , proud of how he dead headed the blossoms of Milk Weed that grow on the edge of My property  and the private driveway.

I told him he was wrong , it was a Native.