Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Problem of the purely positive, Predictions and predicament , Personal Pan-Pagan Priest of Populist plurality preferring pretty and pleasant, polite and peaceful

Transference and transmutation ,                               Flexibility is Key!
People miss the path or portal when they believe that,
Ritual, Group or Religion is about being recognized for the part that they play in it.
It is not about personal prominence, performance,progress,in the,
Ritual, Group or Religion .
It is not about pledging ,proving and providing, or the power you hold,
In Ritual, Group or Religion
Ritual portal posture,Fire
Position, stance, composition, arrangement, interrelationship induction .
Presentation, possibility,potentiated,                The Gates are opened!
It is Wrong to promote the popular belief that The Gods are how  we imagine them.
Things are not a product of our creative imagination, Fantasy ability,Dream visualization.
Things are what they are. regardless of our awareness or beliefs.

feed back
Things are not part of a Magic reality we wish for,
All things part of process,                                                     Everything Feed Back
Perceptions of permanence pass, personhood panorama, regenerative capacitors , complex entanglement , extra dimensional Life forces,emergent interior organization.
Etiquettes of Spiritual banquets,Manners of spatial feasts, habits of holiday gathering..
People who think the point is personal advancement distort the primary purpose with persuasion,product,propaganda.
Collections, councils, committees create concentric cages, containing, claiming compartmentalizing for a consumer / corporate culture where ,
The customer / share holder is always right .              an imaginary perfect place
Binding contracts, agreements,understandings,deals, transactions,rituals make the world go around.
Ritual portal posture,Tree
Our connection, our communion is with interrelationships
To Witness and Wonder at the exchanges, companionship that surround us.
The changing and growing forms and shapes, Our place within that process.
Our personal attention space, our ability to direct our caring.
Trading and giving, free to chose, able to see the value and worth of things as they truly are.
An appreciation of the material world that is not formed around market,or speculative profit  but a marvel of  making, composition, arrangement, alignments and context.
Spirits and Actions, light and dark
Rituals, Groups, Religions