Monday, October 26, 2015

Circumstance and context, children of children

Lichen on rock on cast metal patio table rose forms
Coincidences and consciousness,contours and curves compounding complexity,
Creative Culture concepts , conjunction, construction ,Celtic calendar curiosity!

For Me it is not about credibility collection, but continuity connection.
I’m not certain about the Paleo-Pagan New Year being the Seasonal Holiday for venerating the Dead,
As a Neo-Pagan Druid I’ve learned to Honor the Dead along with Spirits and Gods and Goddesses  every Holiday, every Day and Night, every time I Pray Aloud or to Myself.
My reverence and appreciation has grown far beyond concepts of Ancestors,
or “ My People”.
I have taken to stretching beyond the familiar or the favorites and seeing that,
all that are born are in possession of a Humanity.
All that have Died have shared in the Mortal Human condition, the struggle of life.
It is not the God like Qualities or the Heroic abilities that are acknowledged and emphasized but Our flaws and imperfections that characterize what We naturally are.
My reverence is not an idealization, but an acceptance of what is, of what was.

  This is not based upon ancient Pagan Beliefs or practices , but My experience in My lifetime, this is a new opportunity that was not freely available or promoted  generations ago.
Peoples lives are shaped by the conditions of their times.
Many of these conditions are artificially imposed, fashionable attitudes about what people are supposed to be, based around where they are from, what they look and sound like, concepts of Race, Culture,Class,Gender excuses for treating people as other, as less.
Ancient traditions that I hope to see Die in My Neo-Pagan now.
Social Justice may be a dream of the Dead, for their descendants.
Somehow this speaks to Me from the other side, part of the spiritual sense, the spiritual séance of the season, past and future, beginning from end. 

Moss and Mushrooms on hollow log, beginning, end