Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancestral Debt


feast hall

Our lives are not totally of our own making, we are part of language and social behaviors we did not personally invent or chose.

We are born into it. We are not the source of our own response, it is deeper than our conscious will and sense of self.

The currents that are channeling humanity and human existence on this planet are not the same as the forces of nature.

We are part of the ruling ambitions and plans of the Wealthy dead and what they wanted to live on and last. It has to do with Empire and Legacy and what lives on Forever.

Artificial spirits that feed on people and their labor. immortal Revenue generators.
Man made monsters that don’t respect the value and worth of man hours as much as capital returns.

profit run amuck.

Commodification and speculation are not natural phenomena like tides or seasons.

Markets are not a function of natural selection and don’t behave like a natural environment or living community.

Where is the Hero? The Human Hope?

Mighty Dead, Great People, Ancient Wise is this Our inherited legacy?

There is not that much distance between our hearts and our Ancestors.
We are essentially made out of the same stuff.

We try to do the right thing, or at least remember to avoid doing the wrong thing, committed to Human connectivity and continuing generations.

We are witness to the death of a great age of Man.
Industrial society has reached the limits of the globe. Wage slavery will be coming to an end soon.

Money is in intellectual property- owning ideas, patented life forms and taking energy from every corner of the earth.

How do the dead feel about this?

Is this what life was for? Was this progress?

Are we to feel responsible for pride and shame that we bring to our associations with one another?

Do we owe an ancestral debt?
Is it to
try to do good and make the world a better place?
Afford a moment of silence, in tribute to the passing of a person’s life?
or to contemplate the meaning of our own.

Saturday, October 27, 2012



Fairy Mound

Mortality Awareness Drama, how do you wish to be remembered?

Human morality is something that is an inseparable aspect of our being, living or dead.

We all know how it’s going to end.

sharing that is good and decent is much different than that which is stolen.

Those that have lived before us are to be respected as beings with feelings,
who struggled and suffered to live here.

We cannot deny what we share with the nonliving people as beings who experience in a Human way.

Our spirits are closely related.

We are immature Ghosts. they are our closest spiritual kin.

We will leave our bodies. We are part of part of an intergenerational chain of being with those that have lived before us.


Human Love bridges the voids of time and space, life and death.

It is part of our package of personhood.

People of all places and times recognize signs of simple respect as the first step to a building of understanding or insult.

Good intention, making Peace, Do not disturb. Know where you know you are intruding uninvited.

Mind how you act, the dead may be observing.

Judging and meddling in our lives from time to time.

There is an implied continuance in our affects upon this world.

a wake that we leave in our passing, an effect on things around us that we are often un aware of.

Humans have time release magic.

Sensitive to the communication, the response, the Others.

the caring and respect given. Teaching us what it is to be human.

Those that have gone before us, Neighbor and Stranger.

Our lives are ours to live as a gift from a lot of people.

What we care for and how we care is as much a generational habit as it is a feeling of what is right and wrong in our hearts.

Cultural expressions of Good and Bad have been sponsored and linked to the same wealthy patrons of memorial funerary practices.

.A struggle between free will and destiny.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



The Druid at the Door

I’m guessing that there is a sense of pain in cell division.

Growth is painful in general, and loss hurts us all.

Yet life is made up of great multiples of different things.

We have separate eyes and breaths but share the loss of a common feeling of time that was.

Humans are compassionate by nature, nostalgic by instinct.

We are loving things. We become inhuman if we don’t care.

People care for their dead in a way that the other living creatures of the world do not.

It may be the first of Human Art.

Inventors of Funerals.

The first artificial marks on the ancient landscape that remain are the considerate placement and arrangement of the Dead.

The defining act of ancient humanity,

Position and orientation are considered.

The wealthy commission specialists to design and build monumental tombs.

Slave cemeteries and Paupers’ fields are also found.

The ability to separate is the ability to set apart, or make sacred.

Divisions and Orders, distinguishing this from that, the good and bad.

Law and Justice, the spectacle of Public execution.The disgraceful display

Group recognition of Bad example, a common sense of just endings.

We are held accountable for our Actions.

A message of ending, or when the end is only the beginning.

treat others with the same respect you hope to receive.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Links and Chain



links and chain


A paradox in polarity

The wand turned in on itself,

Opposite, ends coming together, meeting in the middle.

A sense of closure and security, potential in agreement

A Joining, a contract, a ring, a binding, a hoop come full circle.

Containers and fasteners are more than objects, they are ideas.

They have purpose, a reason for being, a function that they fulfill.

An agenda of holding. Opening and closing. A cyclic nature. They are born with will.

.A spirit of their own, with an outside and an inside of junction and conjunction.

Sequential beings, with the ability to couple and relate in limited ways.

Part of a continuance

An intersection.

Like us.


We share a turning World.


What about

The broken link, the bent nail, the shattered bowl?

A reminder of our mortal condition? Our transient nature, Impermanent.

Death is a disappearing.                                   Where did it go?

Is there a Junk Yard Valhalla? After Life reward for Everything?

Where do forgotten Treaties go?

Failed Efforts, missed opportunities and second chances?


Are People responsible for the spiritual life of their creations?

Slipped away, spirited out, no one will ever know. Separated and Laid to rest.

Liberated and set Free to move on to another plane

where a Ghost reunion may await us.

Monday, October 1, 2012


We are always spiritual, all moments are spiritual.
We may not be aware of it, or feel differently about a particular experience,
but the potential is there to evoke a sense of cosmic connection,find comfort, seek blessing.
I think of ritual as habit,
Group ritual is People magic, no way to avoid that, It's in our language and thought, part of our person.
The spirit world is a social world.
the Habit of coming together and sharing extends beyond the human practice,
It is rumored to have been learned from the Gods themselves .