Wednesday, October 24, 2012



The Druid at the Door

I’m guessing that there is a sense of pain in cell division.

Growth is painful in general, and loss hurts us all.

Yet life is made up of great multiples of different things.

We have separate eyes and breaths but share the loss of a common feeling of time that was.

Humans are compassionate by nature, nostalgic by instinct.

We are loving things. We become inhuman if we don’t care.

People care for their dead in a way that the other living creatures of the world do not.

It may be the first of Human Art.

Inventors of Funerals.

The first artificial marks on the ancient landscape that remain are the considerate placement and arrangement of the Dead.

The defining act of ancient humanity,

Position and orientation are considered.

The wealthy commission specialists to design and build monumental tombs.

Slave cemeteries and Paupers’ fields are also found.

The ability to separate is the ability to set apart, or make sacred.

Divisions and Orders, distinguishing this from that, the good and bad.

Law and Justice, the spectacle of Public execution.The disgraceful display

Group recognition of Bad example, a common sense of just endings.

We are held accountable for our Actions.

A message of ending, or when the end is only the beginning.

treat others with the same respect you hope to receive.