Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Neo,Know, No,


After participating in a few rituals I was encouraged to form a” Druid Grove” by the groups founder.

The ritual of the group ,was to come together for an experience opportunity eight times a year.

The ritual was assembled by the founder and friends from bits and pieces of other groups rituals.

One of the most dramatic ways the ritual became “ours” is the way we were open to sharing the experience  with  people  of all sorts.

Perhaps because the “ community”, Cosmos and ritual reflective of “ all sorts of different beings” encompasses a more welcoming and accepting consensual reality.

The founder was a student of Magic and the occult , the people, the groups.

Their functioning   , the dangers real and imagined., popular metaphysics and Cult awareness

The most obvious Psychic safety tip, the difference between on and off, yes and no,

The traditional closed circle would be given a secondary egress , a clear and free exit.

It is more important to maintain the ability to reject something , than to be offered the opportunity to accept it,

When you lose the ability of expression of differing opinions, viewpoints you become fixed in the fabric of a manufactured perception, tailored reality.

The new Magic circle would not be a protective container externalized spatially,

but a connector to other dimensions assembled internally using our  ,                       Special Attention,                         Loving Interest                         Caring Awareness  this is what we as a group gather around,

This is our Sacred Center.

We have free movement to come and go in any direction, in our own fashion, but we wont trample on comfort, knowledge and blessing, It’s place, It’s space, It’s time and prominence  in our ritual activities.