Wednesday, August 12, 2015

of Sons and Daughters, space and place



A basic question, of where did  it, or that, come from?

When applied to our person we put a lot of emphasis on Parents.

The Idea of simple direct descent is very linear and comforting and somehow might be related  to the primary polarities of positive and negative , charge, response, reaction.

                     judgment and power we People are wired for it.

What is Fair?                        What is Just?

The emphasis is not on quantity of life , but the qualities of Life.

It is the act of Life support that is acknowledged as the vital sacred act of Human kind.

It is not about reproductive and productive offspring in some mechanistic socially reinforced industrial economic world view..

It is honoring the sharing and growing with the passage of Time together.


Time together

Family trees  and inherited karma  are a key component of the twisted branch of knowledge, the Comedy – Tragedy, Life Story , Free will – Destiny,   that is the origin of significance , the texture of meaning, the substance of legend, material for memory.

Our connectedness is often irregular and complex ,special uniquely adapting bridges of awareness.

Our sense of where we came from affects our sense of where we are at.

Where we have been influences what we may want to do,

Foster Father of this Corn