Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sensitivity, Hyper Sensual Judgment ,Auras


innocent fawn

Something in My Druid Nature has Me gravitate toward the subject of “transmission of Knowledge.”

                                           Tradition , Habit ,Instinct!

How does Mother Nature teach her children?                        How does Life learn?

What is being perceived? communicated?,What triggers an unconscious Alarm or Delight ?

 Bunny being bold

Acquiring Food coupled with avoiding being eaten seems to be the basic standardized  test of Life.

Blending in, or not being noticed is the norm behaviorally,A default setting to run away and hide when threatened.

The exceptions to this introverted response, are the extroverted projections of Self ,  to claim Territory, Breeding display , Defend the Home ,Feed the Baby, Suddenly There is the need to stand out and be noticed, to attract attention. An Energetic reaction.

There is a precognitive sense of  “being observed, or watched” that exists beneath any sense of self awareness or conscious instruction.

We are responding to more than the sum of our vision . hearing , smell , taste and feeling. We are not talking about the thoughtful reflection of memory, or the simplified editing of meaning and interpretation.Drawing from past experience,in a rational logical way.


porcupine psychic politeness

There is a instantaneous “ sizing up” of  the other. a snap judgment-threat assessment that is coupled with appearance and intent.

Before there is a sense of ones person, there is a sense of ones protection and projection.

A power we are all a part of and responsive to.