Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quick as a wink , bolt of lightning

Thunder bolt

The Heavenly Missile and the Hand that hurls it.

Meteorology Mythology Magic

The very distant and seemingly unconnected are spanned instantaneously.

A great reach ,

Time and Space are jumped. telepathy , teleportation to the Eyes of those who had no clocks or vocabulary to describe the split second  a lightning strike was the combination of very sudden and super special.

The Dramatic Energy that comes down from the immaterial Sky to the solid Land is very different than the Fertile consistent regular.rays of the Sun shining each Day.

This was not the generous broadcasting of blessing evenly for all, or the radiating warmth and light with  vertical orientation,  and upward ascension of the Sacred Fire.

A unpredictable occurrence,   a directed and concentrated Energy  projectile aimed and thrown Down with an erratic flight to Strike,

There is an emphasis on specificity and Will in this Power, that is seen as the extension of the fertility and potency of a Storm God  in Battle,as well as an ability and skill to touch from a distance, perhaps something in the polarity and current between general  compassion and critically discriminating , the process of tuning in. A trans dimensional Cruise Missile with an Implied Intelligence directing and guiding it  from a Higher vantage point.

A  weapon

The Atmospheric discharge is connected with the energetic vitality of the exchange between above and below, a monument to  the moment and the movement ,at the speed of light.

Time flies.

Could it be that the Earths electro magnetic field extends below the atmospheric realm into the subtle energies of the subterranean charging the basic flow of ion exchange that is the fertility of place? powering the proto- moment time loop of the Micro- Macro- Multiverse Matrix?

Could it be that carbon emissions and climate change are related to Energy Production?

Could it be that agricultural fertilizer is an explosive indiscriminate energetic fuel to the Biosphere, It’s run off  feeding toxic blooms of Micro organisms in surface water?

Could it be coal dug from below the Earth , burnt at a power plant who’s smoke goes into the Clouds of the Sky, comes down as dirty acidified rain , tainting the Land and Sea? changing the the ability of life to grow,  while providing electricity so we can live?

There is an ancient relationship between the Urban and Rural environments.

The production and storage of cereal grains and armed protection , security ,defense.

Granaries are a place for the safe and secure accumulation of Wealth,

Fossil Fuels are Food , Food distribution is Energy distribution.