Friday, July 31, 2015

Anthropogenic adversarialism agriculture

crouching corn King?
People are more separated from Food Wisdom than any thing.
I find the combination mystery of Spirit and Body , the immaterial and physical to be the dimensional portal in this Life and Death Plain We occupy for the Moment.
The difference between what is Wild or cultivated , cultured or civilized is wrapped up in 
concepts of taming , control and dominance. Class Order
Todays technological and informational advances have left it’s most recent generation with less of a ability to feed itself directly from the natural life of this Earth.
The Planetary birth rite, the ability to grow your own food or Eat rite has been directed by artificial economic forces of what we feel we can afford and have time for.
The experience of attempting to struggle with self sufficiency and Making your own meals , the knowledge of combining ingredients, preparing, planning , creating!, and cleaning up is lost , That Magic , The inherited gift of survival is deemed to old fashioned , out of date, too costly to do yourself any more.
Our culture has promoted service professionals,Private purchasing of products.
Processed fast food , commercial brand labeling , competitive industrial practices
Economic expansion , Market domination , these have had an impact on how We People have Treated the Outside , the Land its Waters and the Sky as well as the devaluing of indigenous folk , Farm Labor, and Food Handlers .all are side effects of are psycho – spiritual dietary manipulation from the corporate overlords.
Having given away our wild ability to recognize the difference between blessing and cursing,wellness and sickness.We are domesticated beasts, trained by food reward, and psychic  discipline.
We are bred and fed for a process of servitude,as Managers of Livestock, raisers of offspring . Lords and shepherds.
We are trained in what,  and how , or why ,  to care .
I love Food, I have grown next to none of it .
I love Meat,  I have never cared for an Animal to be eaten.
I don’t want to think of myself as part of a multi-  generational cultural expression of deforestation to create pasture land, Property Development and resale ,Farming and not owning . Practices. Products, pesticides,fertilizers,Productivity and Profit ,   Progress! ,      so I try to unthink it ,  and wish it weren’t true.
I know it is real , but I can’t face it directly, it makes me uncomfortable
Sick in the stomach………… to look.

The 4 Sons of Esarg
Much is made of our Holiday Hero putting out the Eye of His Mother’s  over protective , controlling Father and winning the secret timing  of planting and harvest, but what about his other Grandfather who made the artificial silver Hand for the Old blemished Leader?
One Grandfather with a poison cursing gaze,-  the other the healing Physician, Brother of the Smith, the Cutter, the Fastener.                       The People of the Arts
Building and crafting making industry, The Gods of Learning and Skill,using Mythical technology to seek advantage over Others they were competing with for status, respect,.territory, wealth , Honor and Magic Cows.
Changing their World, Making a difference with their work. Environmental impact, Islands and People,       Friends, Families  and Foreigners, Foes and Food.