Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What it all comes down to


Food distribution

The Natural World does not need Human help or assistance.

It is vain and self centered to think that we can improve upon Nature.

Life does not exist to serve Man.

The Magic polarity of what is nourishing and good , or sickening and bad ,

is the basis of environmental response ,    all things eat something!

Food acquisition  is a claiming of something outside of the Self as ones own.

To eat something is to consume , take over , take in .

Finding food frequently involves the feeding habits and reproductive cycles of other Life forms .

The way things naturally Hunt and Harvest is the Spiritual prequel to Human Mythology.


Natural stone cup holding offering of bubbling beer

There are sensual triggers and response behaviors that are collectively reinforced and acted out as a colony orienting itself to take the best advantage of Space.

I do not know where the knowledge of what and how to safely feed comes from ,

in the vast and varied world of life,

in it’s many forms and shapes.

I do not know how the guts and roots have been informed about extracting nutrients , How have they learned to Harvest ? Claiming for the Body , digesting ,

considering the what , why and how

growing , living ,learning