Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What goes up , must come down

caterpillar turd tea in rain drop on fallen leaf

The last day of this last month was an odd extreme psycho- spiritual- Druid- emotional low for Me.

The sound of the logging truck , chainsaws , and a bulldozer on the northern tip of the property set me off away from my morning coffee.

I was upset , trying my best to be cool about what appeared to be a border incursion .

The Private Contractors were just on the other side of the old stone wall that divides My property from My Neighbor’s who lives above and behind my home.

Fortunately He was there to hear my appeals to stop ,  but to no avail……

I tried to ration and reason with him as a person who respects the lives of others and the spaces that we nurture and nurture us.

I don’t think I made any connection with this guy, My philosophies of appreciation , awareness and the accumulative individual differences we can make with our environment made no headway with his concepts of private ownership and assets.

He did not seem to grasp Our impermanence and the finality of killing life that is bigger and older than we are.

I knew He would not understand that there is more alive in a Tree , or group of Trees than the Trees themselves , Hosts of  complex relationships, communities , homes and habitats , Life generators  that have been at a specific place season after season to witness the returning migrations of birds and butterfly , the circling  Sun , Moon and Stars .

He didn’t seem to understand why I would be alarmed or upset,

I did My best to be non adversarial , and non threatening , It is a challenge to love thy neighbor , and try to promote a kinder more loving and caring world full of value and worth in the wealth of life, with a cultural economy that is based on extraction , With a  Common language and goal based on accumulating Money.

“ Nothing personal it is just the way it is.”

I am  especially sensitive , there is nothing I can do about it.

I did not tell My neighbor that I believe that he was going to roll his ATV over on himself going down his newly cleared slope , I spoke of the erosion potential , the run off and sedimentation of the Brook , overflow , water flow and climate change , I warned him about invasive species of plants that will take advantages of his changes in landscape.

He showed Me what he described as “ invasive” , proud of how he dead headed the blossoms of Milk Weed that grow on the edge of My property  and the private driveway.

I told him he was wrong , it was a Native.