Thursday, July 23, 2015

potentiation , primary perception , parabola ,prophesy,premonition

reflected limbs and leaves in the breeze
Casting Spells and making things happen is not the basis of My Practice , My Art.
Something in sensitivity , seeing and sharing , Sacrifice is.
I am not shocked or saddened that people  may find my Beliefs silly and superstitious or stupid, but I am blown away by how blindly accepted arrogant assumptions about  a Human self centered Cosmos are promoted amongst peoples of today. I am more of a seer than a salesman. habitually compelled to remind non believers of the unforeseen consequences of our actions, the importance of motive and intent , our unconscious behaviors , hidden wishes, implanted dreams.
This Summer I was intoxicated by the smell of this seasons Milkweed in blossom and bloom ,
Enchanted by the exchange and appeals taking place between life forms , plant and insect , fungus and animal, Sun and Rain……….the winds,  the breaths, the Souls
How can it be that this power of place is not perceived by the guy next door?
A human living so close to Me,  looking to improve his view of the distant horizon by cutting the woods that grow on his land.
How can it be that he is not under the same spell that charms the birds , the bugs,the  butterflies and Bryan?
Hall way window in the wind
On the first day of this Month I was reminded of another time of Personal Druid crisis,  involving land and People and Understanding.
I received a transcribed audio interview I had given to an Author Druid at a festival in nineteen ninety six.
I was to look it over ,  as it is to be  possibly included in a book to be published this Fall.
I was reading the interview of Me at this Festival at the same time that that the Festival  was taking place now ,  but at a different location.
what I said is awkward and vulgar in print , It may have been so in person at the time ,but without the the carnival like background of crowds of festival goers having as much fun as humanly possible it is a challenge to provide improvisational profound  Wisdom or a coherent answer.
I was responding to questions about myself , my Art , Work as Worship, or trying to get closer to something Other.       Inspiration from the Otherworlds. .Our Talents as Gifts , Our Sacrifices the way We try to give back.
In My closing remarks I reaffirm the realness of Magic relationships and caution the politics and people , programs and projects, proselytizing Paganism , Paganism as product.
I had recently been pulled from place losing My original proto-Nematon  ,( Sacred Grove ) a number of Sacred Trees I had gathered and grew with ,  gone from me forever.
My Worship group , The Grove of People I had led is described as defunct, ( later to  be re-funked , and yet later renamed.)
My religious Group gave up on it’s publication that I had struggled to save.
The Festival Organizers did not want Me to work on the Nematon location during the festival , the time that it was convenient to utilize volunteer effort,
The Druid Identity I had built up over the  past five years  blew a part , not from My relationships with spirits or the cosmos or destiny but from People, particularly My close spiritual community.
Much of what I hoped would be a supportive mutualistic effort seemed a competitive envious stage.
I haven’t been to that festival since getting My own Land .

Moment and meaning
Micro cosmic and Macro cosmic
Sacred Space / common ground
Parallel Paradox Polarization  Private and Public
I was in the Hospital last year about this time , first thinking  I was dying,  then being uncertain if I was Alive, or where I was , who or what was visiting Me , examining  Me , taking samples gathering information.
This was not popular  pretend pagan play , it was Personal Painful Pagan Panic.
My ability to care , or be aware of anything was seemingly taken over , I felt trapped in My own flesh.
Unfamiliar territory , strange place,        Body Mind and Spirit.
The realm of Human suffering  , seeking comfort , looking for relief , searching for an escape. surrounded by hurt and the hurting , need and the needing.
I missed My Family, Home , Cats and Gardens , the outside, or any view from a window.

 porta - portal of poly proto pan psychism
Pluto  passed and Pentaquark particles promoted , Pagan People places, problems , progress ,  possibility ,premise , Police and the Poor , Hate and Pride , Prisons ,symbols ,property ,protection,psychic People- Place passion.Philae lander pooped
From the fringe to the core , what is being communicated? exploring the dwarf world? the dark and distant out there and the immaterial particles of energy that span the gap of space time ? Is it really a Black and white or stars and bars? regionalism? Identity? ,Master or Slave? Place? Murder!
Are People being Psycho spiritually misdirected and manipulated in mass by portable media devices?or are We being freed?
Do I honor the spirits of the trees cut on My neighbors land by blogging about it?
What is in the intent of sharing ? making offering ? Sacrifice?
Ask the Milk Weed.