Tuesday, August 25, 2015

True Spirit Movement Beyond the Self

The Pagan Druid thing I have been doing is based around being  True and Honest with yourself.
The Religion allows you to be who you naturally are.
You Naturally are a part of this World – Life – Cosmic experience.
You don’t want to Bullshit yourself or anybody else.
You are aware that you are observed by others ,
often hidden ,  all around us ,  within us as well.
Seeing how we act .
Hearing what we say.
Respect the Energy the Spirit that flows through us, that animate and move us as physical beings that temporarily house our Spirit Selves,  Our Dreaming Selves , Our Imagining Selves,   Our Creating Selves , Our Grateful Loving Selves.
We are much more than the form and shape of our Body.
Moving awareness, attention , feeling outside of the Self , Identity , Ego ,
leave it behind at special Times,           and let your Soul take a walk.
beyond borders
                                 Spiritual journeying
Silent unobserved ghost travelers              out of body experience
It is not the physical boundaries of beings but the interaction between.
It is not the direct and obvious cause and effect, but the indirect and seemingly unconnected appearing and vanishing.  influencing this World.
There exists a world where things can be subjectified and objectified , quantified and qualified, based upon inquiry, theory and reproducible results,  but to believe that it is antithetical to the immaterial Magical Soul of things is ignoring the observations and life experience of the peoples of our past, and a denial that the irrational and the absurd exist in this reality.Scientific discipline is a blocking out of possibility, a limiting of dialogue with the random and circumstantial, trying to trap the truth .deny the unknown.
                                        Reality as a fixed quality of Space and Time.
The technological progress of society has brought with it a disconnect from what is called primitive , superstitious or strange communication with other beings, or other worlds.Speaking with Spirits, Ghosts, Gods and Goddesses! even how we perceive each other, how we deal with each other, how “real’ is the relationship?
We are Visitors.
emanation animation
The here, there, and everywhere.