Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How others disappear from us ,remembering and dismembering,controlling variables , dominating nature

I don’t think it is an accident that there are so many people that find that randomizers , dice and cards,  are a special class of object, related to this mystical lucky connection to unseen others.
Something is going on with attention and intention,    Magic and a Human desire to be a Winner.

Of the stories of the Gods and not gods and others of the Pagan past are the tales of the many labors ,tasks.contests, struggles of a Child of a mortal human mother and the lord of the Gods,  disguised as the mortal woman’s husband.
The Queen of the Gods is opposed to the Child's birth or existence,
 it is not the parents that empower / challenge /  name the child turned Hero but this third party offended and angered at the inappropriate actions of others, the violation of proper order of relationship and respect.
The Queen of the Gods is not serving out divine blessing, encouragement or support but,  singling out an innocent for her wrathful attention, .making life hard on our half human hero.
I have painted him battling the river God who transforms from serpent to bull.
Our Hero defies impossible odds and outcomes not because of religion as a prescribed practice  of  honoring and  reciprocity with a greater , higher power ,greater order , sacred concord but a irreverent reaction  to hostility and meddling, a shower of discord and misunderstanding, ripping off the fertile horn before claiming Wife number three , His prize the Husband killer.
It is not a desire to join or bond or get closer to the heavenly  Gods for benefit or betterment  that drives the Hero but a relationship that is combative and adversarial, and not of the Hero's  making.
It is not a journey into the inner self ,
spiritual realm and it’s connection to the Cosmic,                                           reflective, passive and peaceful.
They are stories told of a half Human that was not afraid of anything,
that could do anything,      and did.
Contest of Achelous with Heracles,    Horn of Plenty
I suspect that the cult of the super Human may have surpassed the popularity of the Gods and Goddesses themselves in ancient Pagan times amongst the everyday folk..
The perception of life experience being a challenge, work ,fight preexists Mono theism or any theism,  The human mortal condition is more of a concrete worldly concern to living peoples than otherworldly beings rewards and afterlife , the material spiritual divide is too risky  a gamble  for mortal human in a world of flesh and bone seeking to wrestle right from wrong .form and substance, make sense of the world, and not be a loser                                        
The human vessel , the body as material container of our liquid or formless selves is the basis of notions of possession as well as private ownership and personhood.
The Half human, soulless  corporate entities  are commodifying the waters of life , bottling and claiming for the self, controlling  free movement and access to sell to the thirsty who can afford it.
Something in focus and attention particularly with the apparently logical , technical ,reductionist, divisive, material , consumer, disposable world view - illusion based upon
Anti- human ,Anti- magic, Anti- possibility
Things may seem easier to comprehend in black and white with strait lines and right angles but they are not more real , you have become accustomed  to wearing blinders,
a filter, a language ,a Human tradition of not recognizing
Things of unorthodox conception are  accidentally given a name.