Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mysterious assembly,connectors and dividers

I have been taking part in an effort to regularly provide Neo Pagan Religious Holiday Ritual.
The exercise  is intended as an expression of  gratitude, caring,bonding and association with what are broadly referred to as Kindred Spirits.
They are the object of  devotion. they have many names, they take many forms.
The relationship with this changing group of Spirits is the aim of the seasonal practice of worship.
The root concept at work is the free action of beings, agreement, understanding, sacrifice, without force, coercion,or deception
This is the difference between sincerity and obligation,the difference between expectations based upon words and thoughts and the genuine truth of the moment.
This is the reality that transcends time and space,subject and object, life and death.
the forest from the trees
We do not Know or command things because we give it a name or role.
People are not limited by the names they are called, or the stories told of them ,
Their identity and persona are not the possession of others.
The same is true of the Gods and Goddesses,Various Spirits and Things.
Respect that they have a Mind of their own, a will of their own, a life of their own, a destiny / karma of their own.
We appeal to a shared sense of origin, Family and Home,
Seeking Honest Dialogue outside of our self.
All of us are part of something bigger, all of us are more than we appear to be.
We are Spiritual moving changing.
This natural  World that we live on is connected to the other worlds and dimensions.
We are magic unknown
We are community unrecognized
the woods from the mountain side