Tuesday, September 15, 2015

assumptive autoscopic anomalies, aim adjustment ,non spatial navigation ,alignment awareness,anecdotal anatomy

Why do we speak of reorienting ourselves,  never seeking to disoccident?
Is this a  bias relic of Western civilization?
The way we promote right over left, light over dark, top over bottom, up over down.
fair over foul, favor over frowns.
We seek approval, We quest for legitimacy ,
Actions speak louder than words
speechless Bryan  at Bannerman Castle
The inconsequential and irrelevant are not either,    they are just misunderstood.
Maybe I am reading to much into this?
You have to feel it deep down in your non corporeal gizzard …. That’s just passed your invisible astral craw, and before your spectral phantom crapper.
Aspects of our spiritual digestive system that may not be familiar to us, but are part of how we function.
Does it agree with you? or do you agree with it?
How does appreciation change when there is a foreknowledge that the end is coming? the spirit food is about to pass and leave, the story is soon to be over.
Does this movement propel our ghosts and guide our souls?
Do we believe in it, or does it believe in us?