Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vintage Neo-Pagan, Meta- Mystical Magical Morphology of a reformed retro–Druid

Grown Home

Adaptive Aquarian Antiquarianism

The Ancients glorified violence, practiced Human Sacrifice, ritualized Killing,

Holy Bloodshed!     to make a point, to send a powerful message.

The original Paleo-Pagan Druids seem to have worked the gory spectacle as the deal making component of their relationship - understanding agreement.

Much has been made of the Guest – Host – Ghost , relationship connection without acknowledging the function of the Hostage as traditional  guarantee, or assurance.

Treaty , religious contract, something precious turned over to bind the agreement.

The Hostel and Hospital are words with the same root in hospitality and the  need for Shelter.

Most of the Mythic narrative is expressed as conflict and War.

Indo-European culture views contest and competition as Sacred.

The Arena,    The fight for the space .,  The Field of Battle,

bloody ownership, Slaughter and dismemberment, Food distribution,

the price of winning, zones of control, seating at the feast, and the hero’s portion.

Appeals for Victory .

Out comes and Glory

Cruel ,brutal and savage

Death by Irony

No Blood Sacrifice!

More than reclaiming, or reinventing the “Old Ways”

Neo- Paganism is about being a new form of religion.

Fear and Horror, Violence and Force have no place of honor in our practice.

There need be no shaming or shunning, hurt or terror, threat or punishment involved in our spiritual beliefs and practices.

.We do not exist to confront Spiritual hostility and aggression with like.

We avoid contributing to cycles of violence and cruelty.

No Human abuse!

Avoid harboring bad blood, vengeance, pay back,.Open your Heart

We are Free to Love and live as we chose ,clear of hate

Holy War Religions that promote Hate and intolerance , domination and damnation,victimization,martyrdom , enslavement are nothing new.

Old bad habits we can be liberated from, there is no need to perpetuate violence, marginalize and persecute as part of a Holy plan, 

There is no end of days polarization of our friend or foe, no final battle we have to fight.

Defensive or Offensive Magic is a manipulation that needs opposition for balance.

The Imagined Enemy, perceived                                or        The real threat .

Illusion, distraction,disappearing,cutting a Lady in half, pull a rabbit from a hat.

                                  Keep the Act clean.

No Scape Goats!                                     No Lynch Mobs!

                                    Lives are on the Line.


We are Lucky to be here, We Love Our Luck, We are thankful for Our Blessings!