Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Territorial Viewpoint

The woods that was
I captured these images the Day of ritual conclusion of this Summer , now past.,
or passed,
Time gone bye, Grateful for what I have been given, Thankful for what I have. Missing what is gone.

The Trees in the foreground are on the Property I Privately own,a legal possession of  Mine for now.
The apparent apparition in the lower left is an armature for a sculptural lawn ornament placed in what remains of what was,      
“ A Gesture of Defiance” composed of local scrap, erected on twisted rebar, a monumental hand ,  now stands in My backyard.
A prominent pointer and profound play with placement , potential, possibility,permanence and presence of peaceful protest .
A persistent display of objection,  that went up on My side of the old stone wall ,after the trees came down on the other.
Borderline behavior
Communicating without words,  what cannot politely be said, Spiritual sign language, sensitivity short hand, made very large.
I need to secure the fore arm and base before applying a  Home made silt and straw stucco skin of local clay and grass this coming Spring.
I’m hoping to balance the hand at the wrist so it wobbles in the wind. .
an unambiguous message ,enduring expression of feeling, movement from the other side.
view point for the few with the special  view    
from a rustic ritualist conjuring the reaction ,response to violation,and wrong doing with Art and attention,humor over hostility,
Whose consideration should not be overlooked,
who’s place should not be looked down on.
Metaphysical meets Magical Metaphorical Miasma of the Moment.          Making
Here                                                                               Spirits of Place
Habitat is a combination of Living, and Non-Living things that make up a Home,
and the places between them
Property and privacy