Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spirit, Sanctuary,Sensitivity,Sacred,Secret,Safety,Soul, Story

Amalthea nursing Zeus

Odd origins and strange sustenance.

This painting of mine, illustrates a baby God Zeus nursed by a non- God  nanny goat Nymph .

A child of Mother Earth, hidden away in a cave from His Father Time, who wants to devour  all of his offspring.

He saves his siblings, sacrificing his sheltering source savior and security, It’s Hide the protective cloak , The Aegis, It’s Horn, in some stories The Cornucopia,  Horn of Plenty.

The Distributer of Blessing.

Authentic Paleo-Pagan Myth – some may think it a story,a part of some Greek imaginative fantasy!  or another thing on Wikipedia

I don’t think so,     some things are so intensely weird,

You just can’t make this stuff  up.

We know there were Ancient Priesthoods, and I don’t believe Their Temples and practices were pretend.They seem to believe that they were doing things  the right way.

Fear and Food,

Being hungry and frightened is an altered state of awareness.

A different spiritual disposition, ability of our Soul to respond with empathy and care outside of the self.

If Life experience is interrelationships and sensory perception,  then Our Feelings and understandings are rooted in Our Physical condition, Our personal circumstance.

Our Psycho- spiritual director or Moral Compass is not always seated in the rational philosophical Mind of thought and reason. but in a reactive preconscious, predisposition,

a result of the internal  structure of nervous system function and stimuli.

Outside of individual personhood.

Our Soul Flight, or Out of body experience, moving Spirit sense part of a predetermined passage, pattern,pathway process, We are all part of ,

an inheritance ,an instinct.

an intelligence before our own.

an appetite of our ancestors.