Thursday, December 17, 2015


Maybe it is all in My Head,.
Phantom antenna receiving signals.
This perception of revolutionary axial symmetry .
I think I heard it in lyrics of a song on the radio.

“We are not the Lock. or the Key,but the turning.”
intersecting gyres
The Painting I made is not My Idea.
It was inspired by the writing Of W.B.Yeats,
Who got the Idea from his Wife's automatic writing,
channeled from ascended Masters.
So, I guess It is Their Idea,
I wonder….
Is the Idea something that is not about beginning and end,
It’s qualities not expressed as a matter of definition and containment, ownership, but it’s movement from one to another.
A radiant Energy Vibration, a response
The Source of our thoughts ,outside of our Mind.
Our Awareness. a place outside of our physical skull.
We experience out of Body sensations ,normally in our waking routine

Our Attention ,Our Focus , Our Passion responding to the light of day