Friday, December 18, 2015

influenced by the energetic field of a distant body

Star light
Touching us from impossible distances
How bizarre that we posses  an organ sensitive to the existence of some thing so far away.
That we can perceive it's  energy                .It's non physical self.
We spot it from it's action, it's path, It's uniqueness of movement,arrangement orientation.
Our Lucky Stars!

We know what it looks like to the eye,  but beyond appearance how does This long traveled visible light stimulate our mind-spirit-soul?
What is it that attracted the prolonged attention -observation collections of relationships that was Ancient Astrology.
Patient tracking of the movements of the lights. in the dark,over the nights ,months and years the consistent collection of that information. The focus, the attention,the caring , observational practice.
The reference and reverence, cult of abstract spatial reasoning with the untouchable other, often expressed concretely as monumental calendar landscape alignments
To go to so much trouble, to build  such elaborate collective repository of information on the activities of tiny lights  in the night sky, is devotional art representing what we can't physically grasp and hold on to.
 Our taking part in relative movement..part of a moving - living body that is part  of greater moving- living body moving,  mind blower,brain builder,psychic antenna tuner,connective consciousness nexus.
Not just an expression of patience and attention span but the overall awareness being developed in the Human nervous system, transforming us as a group with  astral influence, transmission from far  outside,beyond the known world, an intelligence from afar,. A model  made from in the mind,
 a seed from the sky.
What  weird signals from outer space drove the ancient cult of Time and Space, Cosmic clocks and Celestial Order?
Destiny and wishes..
leaders and followers
Communication and circulation
Cycles and centers

Self in Season..
what is stationary? what is still?
Inner cosmology reflective of the practice of observing the heavens
Odd and ungrounded
 like the Mistletoe
it is above us
over our heads
rooted in our being