Friday, January 3, 2014

Toroidal telepathy , Axiomatic homeomorphism

Between the lithosphere and the magnetopause there is a lot going on, too big to get your head around.

Trying to keep it down to Earth,
I don’t find the question of existence of this or that, to be as interesting as coexistence.
It is not the understanding  of the operation, but the cooperation I find everywhere and in everything that make Me wonder.
It seems like things are just more active and diverse than they need to be.
Nothing is simple
Every thing displays an energetic relationship with its’ surroundings, that is not entirely passive.
For some Magic reason
Things work
It is not the action but the interaction, the glue that binds reality together.
Within and without there is a organizational nature and process that we are all part of.
In the mix.
Contained,enclosed, extended vortex,inside and out,round a bout .
form and formless,not in the process of change  its  self ,
but the willingness or desire for …..Exchange…… and Symmetry .

bowl submerged
new tracks in  fresh snow
Action and Balance are parts of the same loop, or hoop of Being.
A continuous surface that fold in on themselves harboring an unanticipated dimension.
Space and Spirit and Presence

occupancy, volume,Form, Material substance, energy, heat and weight, load transfer , direction, velocity
An exponential expansion of exotic coincidentals engaged in opportunity enhancement
Bare foot , or paw in snow,
Each track different,
A different foot or toe or time or temperature
A moment within a moment
capturing movement
Why would something as impermanent and unthinking as impressions in a thin blanket of powdery snow have so much information, subtlety,and detail ?
Such a responsive world,with so much to say.