Monday, January 13, 2014

Ambient Isotropy , Telluric Tautology, Sidereal Syncretism

 below the eye of the world serpent wyrd loom     

What is the Big Deal?


Why does everything have to be such a Big deal?

Part of a complex fabric, twisted and woven, intertwined and intermingled?

Lots of little deals!    each knot a binding,   an exchange agreement,    or understanding.

Each fiber placed and  pulled and given new form and meaning ,purpose and plan.

Individual  strands of thread are given,


and  Destiny!

There are no heroic tales of the struggles with  free will of the errant string .

We have a much more visceral Pagan association of insides and outsides,

with the guts of the world woven into a tapestry that we are inseparably  part of.

Our sense of Self is related to how we perceive that which is not self, or other.

Our Sense of comfort is all about the feeling of fit with our immediate surroundings or space.

  Our Body, Our Envelope of control and awareness,         yes,

but our butt as well,  Out of sight, out of mind  ,  our unthinking seat

We are mostly made up of a lot of unawareness,and we don’t have control of much.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Part of our Authentic Self.

You don’t need to be thoughtful, willful and compassionate about anything and everything.

You should recognize that you do embody that possibility

You have that magic power,

To use or not,

in between breaths

without thinking

Just for being here

A part of it all



One of the things I feel I can say with some degree of certainty is that things don’t often turn out  exactly as they are imagined or planned for, This holds true for Prayer and wishes too.

It is not all about Intent,

It is not about the judgment of success or fear of failure,

It is not a matter of targeting your goal and making that change.

It isn’t about your magic control or mastery of forces ..

It’s not about knowing what you are doing

It is realizing that we are doing

certain of the uncertain effects our actions have

  Not Knot Theory

There is a larger frequency and probability of undiscovered indirect effects of actions and Spirits on one another.

A certainty in the patterning and ordering nature of Things

The Cloth or the web,

Our references

The links and turns of connectivity that  are seemingly not random or accidental.

The singularity is not in the definition of boundaries and borders of one body from another.

Existence is not a spatial dominance contest about influence and proportions

It is  the quest within the question, to search out the Directing agents,

The Crafting Hands in the Making

The Spinners, the Weavers.

Not  to Beg and grovel for a better lot in life, Not to seek favor or advantage .

Wanting to be witness  of wonder and perhaps copy the creative Act

For those of us who find purpose in puzzle, and wonder in Art.a greater reward than acquisition and accumulation there is this….

The reaffirmation , of our ability to reach out and connect a new

We all share the same life line.

attachments, our relationships,

Our alignments

To seek Comfort, Knowledge, and Blessing


 outnot Knotwork border in theory