Monday, January 20, 2014

Supportive Relics

Trestle Bridge from Memory Gap

One of the many discoveries I’ve made in Neo Paganisms’, New ways of looking at Old ways has been a new appreciation of our Multiple ,and often, Transitional Spirit Helpers.

Causing Me to wonder….

Does our personal crisis act as a call to Protective Beneficial Spirits?

Are the Security  Blankets and favorite Toys of our childhood

Our companion Spirit relationship?  Shrines,  a contract of caring.

Is this an out growth of  our sense of Familiarity,Favoritism,and projected desire?

Or do things reach out and touch us? specifically?, help us? in special times in our life?

Does Need itself, summon ,and cause to assemble, a certain type of creative, formative, building and bridging and blessing, Healing?

Spirits  with a function and identity of mending,and joining, that some how allow us to keep on?

The seemingly impassable becomes a thing of the past, 

Deductive reason and mechanistic logic, they are in fact inventions.of ours.

Our methods of sizing up the situation and spanning the gap.

Reducing things to there most simple symbolic form for our convenience and understanding is not only inaccurate it is rude and selfish.

Things aren’t Individual because they will themselves to be.

There is a Bonding and assistance from the outside and the inside.

Take notice that the Sky is propped up, All Life is Nannied .

Things are full of unseen contributors, and invisible sponsors,

A Great and Vast Inspirisy ! of collective conjecture and collaborative Creations.

Spirits every where , the inorganic Beings around us are in on it too……

Uniform Monism is not integral or apparent as a singular organizational principal of production or creativity.

Instead we have an eccentric diversity of forms of life, and no explanation as to why we grow and behave the way we do.

Necessity and invention do not seem to be coupled in explanation for the differences in everything.

There is a predisposition for variety and novelty, Yet things do not atomize into random static.

The ways of things are not chance,  there is wisdom in the garbled,and truth in the nonsensical,There is a place in the cosmos for the irrational and oblique.

Accept that the unknowable exists, and appears to like being that way.


All Things are helped along,

Paths cross, orbits are altered. Things are copied, stolen or eaten,

Transformed into more and more elaborate exotic stuff,

An enhanced variable psychic stickiness with a taste for the dramatic and colorful……..Seasonal…….Local….Expandable and expendable

Fertile foundations for growth. Material for Art


Our sources of comfort are nothing to feel bad about,

They are not something we outgrow.

They should be recognized and respected, honored in memory and act,now and then.

Along with the Helping Spirits and the spirit of helping. The feeling of  a caring presence If only in memory, is the Belief in the magic of nurturing and the difference it makes in the World.

It is in the closeness that we feel whole

The People, Pets, and Places,

The Pillows, the Paths, the Play.

The Helpers along the Way