Saturday, January 25, 2014

Perennial ,Pressure , Passion , and Purity



Response is Key.

The Heart of Communication,Communion,Community.Clouds


The responsiveness of pressure differences between bodies

The coming and going in waves here and there - hear and they're

Climactic and Climatic  tension and release

Climactic and Climatic

Responsive Environment. Social World, Dynamic dimension

Variations on Atmospheric pressure.and swelling and risingPreexistant Pattern

Winds and weather  patterns  preexist  Life on this Planet.

Most of the surface of the Earth is covered by that which was deposited ,

or transformed by its’ interaction with                 Animate    WATER.Animate Water

     Temperament                     and                      Temperature Sun excites Water

It is the Sun,  that excites Water,  and stirs the deep sea currents and the jet stream

 Qualities of Form

It is the Water’s Passionate relationship to temperature and light that display its differing qualities of form.motion in the model

The mutability that provides the motion for the models of spirits’ movement.Fluid change

It is the Sexy Shape shifter story that started it all.

From Sea to Sky and back, with its’ Lofty heights and incredible depthsme in middle

returning ,circulating

Streams flowing, currents converging.

An exchange of bodily fluids of unimaginable proportion and dimension

Seasonal Sanitation and hygiene may have been pagan purification practicesRolund My Magic Bus related to cleaning, sweeping, washing, polishing, shining and Sacrifice.The separation and removal, the work involved in giving something up.

Also the notion of Protected or Sheltered  Space and the effort or cost of upkeep and maintenance to avoid loss to the mix.   Exposure to the Elements    

Particularly domestic and sustenance concerns, the Home Order,

the Safety of the Live stock and Hearth.

The Things that need our attention and care.

Milk is Mammal Magic MannaSomatic Sunshine

It is Fluid energy, a Life Food

It is the big thing that makes us different than the cold blooded egg laying things of the world.

We represent a survival investment strategy in having  to produce fewer offspring but being able to nurture and express warmth to anotherSugar shack Steam

Milk has a special value and meaning as a potentially  precious gift that is a naturally externalized conveyance .

Fawn and Calf and Foal Know of the Nipple, People and Pigs as well.

Our Natural Nuzzling urge, We are responders, transmitters of energy, warm and caring.

A product of instinct and weaning .Sap Vapor Returned

We are learning, Hungry  Receivers before  developing any Self awareness or understanding.

Beings that are Nursed are trained or conditioned with food.

Humans have taken advantage of this knowledge in ways that other Mammals haven’t .

Domestication and appetite are part of animal husbandry,

Control by care,

It’s Not easy.

A lot of work Creating and  Maintaining, Protecting and Providing

But the mind that can churn cream into butter,craft cheese or yogurt can transform the fluid resource distribution of one species to our own.

We do have a fiery  and passionate heart in our breast.

A great  Regulator, circulator at our center and a suckling reflex of our  unremembered infancy.